Week 4 Leon’s Story

Long long ago in America there was a meeting from the Man United football team people from Ireland were getting flights over to America  the people people of Ireland where so excited about one thousand people started getting on the planes so they could meet the man United football team one plane one plane would not move so the pilot really tried and tried when it just wouldn’t take off it took off

Week 3 The Greedy Boy by Leon

One bright Saturday morning there was a boy called Sam. Sam was a greedy boy. He said to his mum “you better get me a tablet, Xbox and a bicycle for my birthday.” His birthday was in 2-days. 2 days later he was desperate about getting a bike. He really wanted a bike. He got his bike! He was so so happy. Next day his mum warned him not to lose his bike because it was €800. His bike was yellow. 10 minutes after he lost his bike. He told his mum he blamed his name for buying him such a good bike. His mum bought him a new bike and he greedily took it.