The end!!! By Lennon

1971 , Bombs every where. So many people were suffering it was horrible. One corner you turn they’re would be people starving the other would be guns and bombs. They were no where to hid. It was like hell terrifying is not even the word. There were kids running and…

In the flash of lighting  I saw a girl came and stopped it all finally. She was a goddess and every one was save finally. No more wars no more fights no more bad stuff. But that was years ago and this is now.

Mcdonalds gone ???by Lennon

The true story about McDonalds. For all of you who don’t know what McDonalds is,it is a world famous restaurant. McDonalds were getting their new upgrade , where they would get a kids area. It was 10 o’clock, when the manager was locking up but a robber had snuck in silently.When the manager locked the doors the robber *stole the secret receipe. The burger with all the knowledge the greatest thing alive [well it’s a burger it’s not really alive , back to the story]. The robber went to grab it when ahh  an alarm went off and the robber turned into a human news paper!!!!!!

Jim the drama queen by Lennon

It was world eating day ,this is the day  where people from all around the world compete in a compition who can eat …….. the fastest.

The first contestent is Jim from Waterford , Ireland. Here he goes , time starts ……… He started and oh he’s finished. Oh wait there’s a problem he’s cheated.He threw the food under the table . Lets talk to him *now! “I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting” Jim said.

The show manager said “he was a bit of a drama queen is’nt he!!” The show endeed and Jim was disqualified it was not good news for him.

Ally’s story by Lennon

It was a lovely day for Ally because she was going to see her granny on the moon. She was walking into her class in school and she said “Teacher I won’t be in tomorrow “. The teacher said “why are you going to the moon or something ” Ally said back “yes I am how do you know”. The teacher said ” WHAT ” and Ally said “I know”

Ally went to the moon the next day!!As she got out of her spaceship she stood in green slime GREEN TOXIC SLIME. It was too late because the slime dripped through the suit and it was over!!


The weird wall!! by Lennon

Connor and Ryan were going on a holiday together, but , they did not know it was a magical holiday. When Ryan was packing his mam came in and said “we are going on a holiday with your friend Connor ” Ryan said “I KNOW!!!!” Ryan’s mam ran out of his room.”Get ready we’re going soon hurry” Ryan’s mam shouted half way down the stairs.

They went to the train station and Connor’s mam said to Connor and Ryan “go on through the wall “. And they went through the wall and came straight back out but they were on a different planet and could not go home!!!!

April fools by Lennon

On the 1st of April A.K.A April fools day. A beautiful young girl dog came in to the city and loved me…

A hard person named Mr.Pineapple A.K.A by hard I mean he hated people and was hard on people. He came into school and was wearing a Hawain pants and a camera and brown hair instead of white. Back to the dog it was a joke for the village with fake bombs on it. Everyone was worried and all a long a man was controlling a robot dog and until it just broke. It said “I am a robot APRIL FOOLS DAY.

Me as a teacher by Lennon

“BEEP BEEP”my alarm went off at 6:15 I said “another day of school”. I was heading in and it dawned on me that I forgot my lunch. I ran back home and rode my bike back to school. I was in school when one of the boys came over and asked “teacher can we do art”. I replied “do you know what we will” ; The thing is I kind of planned to do maths but I’ll leave it off. I got home at 4pm and thought that was a disaster day. The art was the thing that messed it up; But how can something so tiny affect the day.

To own 100wc by Lennon

I’m goimg to tell you a quick story of why I was always last coming out of school. Every day people would be making fun of me because I studied and did extra work in school. But it was for 1 and 1 reason only. I would go in at 7:00 am and come out at 7:30 pm and I would do that constantlyI would go to school on Saturday and Sunday and be there for hours and hours.And it all led up to one thing i was to become the owner of It was  my all time dream so that is why I am always last out at school….

Te Feti and The Giant by Lennon

In this park 200 years ago..A Giant tried to steal a Te Feti’s heart and  got it…And Te Feti turned into a LAVA monster. Now Te Feti is locked in a jail under the ground and now every now and then her hand will pop out of the ground.

And now the Giant is back , Te Feti rose and ordered a fight. They were fighting for years and years. Te Feti said to the giant “all I ever wanted was to met the one” . The Giant and Te Feti got married and they both froze and now Te Feti’s hand is there…..

The bad day by Lennon

Photos were being done for the school year book today. It was 9:16 and I was ready for school. I was taking a selfie when my dog named Joko was trying to get in with me. Then my dog was running around and took my phone and put it into her food. I was heading to school. Where did my dog leave my phone. When my dog got my  phone made me look like a bin covered in muck. My mam put me in the bin thinking I was crap. Then I was sent to the dumb and phone .

The murderer is? by Lennon

I was here in this strange house. In this house 150 years ago there was a murder. Me and my little sister were going in. We were in the corrider of murder. It was my mission to find out who did it. And suddenly all the lights went out and my sister fell to the ground. I was so scared. All of a sudden a man came out of nowhere. I saw that face before…. It was mine, all those years trying to find out who the murderer was. Then a girl just like my sister appeared and she was carrying a knife…….what was going on?

It’s over by Lennon

This was it , the day came. The junior Olympics was starting.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. The gymnasts were called out , my first apparatis was floor.I love floor and did great. One hour Later. My second piece was bars….. It was my go and I jumped on the bars and boom the bars broke. I fell on my back  the noise was SO loud it was earpercing and hurt alot. I was knocked out….

When I woke in the hospital I looked to my side , there was a wheelchair waiting for me .I knew that was not good. I don’t think i’ll be doing gymnastics fo a while……

The storm by Lennon

It was a deep dark stormy night and there  were 13 fishermen out fishing. One said “there is a storm supposed to be coming” and the rest said ” a don’t mind the news they’re just saying that the stop you fishing” and the the storm hit them. Boats were flying everywere…..

All the saliors woke up in a forest. A magic, purple fox was waiting for them she said “do you want to have a bit if fun” the saliors said excited ” why not”. Then the magic fox gave the boats wheels so they could play bumper boats while they were there. They played for hours and hours till they had to go home……

Leah’s dream by Lennon

Leah was eating her dinner and talking to her Mam and Dad . She had   carrots and steel for her dinner. You see Leah was a weird child but she loved carrots. Carrots were her number one piority and her Mam and Dad kept telling  “her one of theses days you are going to become a carrot”. When Leah finished her dinner she went to bed. The next morning came and she was the colour mauve. She felt strange and just like a carrot. She was tearful. She hid under her bed. Then she just woke up and it was all a dream.

The food storm by Lennon

At the start of March in 2095, Ireland decided to have a parade. A witch named Brenda was watching them plan this. She loved food. She taught of a plan to make it rain on the day of the parade. It came to the day the clouds started to get darker. As the weather changed , they noticed something was wrong with the clouds  then, burgers and chips rained from the sky then it stopped and started rainning ice cream ,chocolate syrup , golden syrup ,cones and flakes everyone loved it , it was fantastic and then the witch and the government got together

War of 2025 by Lennon

Once in a world far away a war started in Ireland , in 2025. America was starting to flee away to Ireland. A girl named Caoimhe was in Ireland at the time. She was 12 years old and was coming home from school , and then “BOMB” a bomb went off and blew up a house. Caoimhe said to herself “what should I do??”. Me Caoimhe’s friend then another bomb went I looked in front and behind which way should I go??? I decided to run to Caoimhe. We ran as far away and got to the dock and got on a ship to England…..

For 2017 by Lennon

What is Lennon hoping for???

In 2017 I hope for peace and more people living and no wars.We would all be happy if we all got peace.In 2017 I hope for a better season in gymnastics;One of the biggest things is for a coaching season for me;In 2017 I hope to become a better gymnast and a better child this year;In 2017 I most of all hope for peace , no fighting and not as much arguements as people have now a day. Imagine if there were no wars Thias story was writen from my heart please no wars by Lenon this is what I really hope for.

Dog/Wolf ?? by Lennon

I was outside playing with my friends.It started to get dark and a  person who we didn’t recognise came up the street. We started to follow him and could see his shadow against the wall in the green where we play. As I turned it changed shape. The shadow continued to change and it looked like a werewolf. We all ran for our lives. My  mother came out to see what was happening. We screamed” werewolf run”. Mam said “dont be silly thats the neighbours new dog”. When we turned we saw the dog but I don’t belive it was the same dog/wolf!!!!

The strange crocodile by Lennon

It was 7:05 am when I just woke up my mother was calling me 4 to 5 times a minute.  When I was putting on my orange uniform I went down and ate my cereal (corn flakes). I was reading the newspaper and saw on the wide front cover a crocodile had escaped. When I was telling my mam she collapsed. Within 5 minutes she awoke and I went to school.  Just as I got to school the crocodile started to eat me. I was terrified so I started to sing and all of a sudden the crocodile let me out and he said I was a really good singer.

The mysterious wolves by Lennon

There was 4 wolves in a field , they were digging a huge hole and then one of them said ” guys where are we going to put the” and then the leader said”shh we don’t want anyone knowing about this”.When they finished they covered the hole with branches. The next day the wolves came back to find the branches were moved. So that night the wolves waited to see who was moving the branches. To their surprise it was a snake and lizard, and they took what was in the hole. But where were they going?? And what had they taken???

The scary house by Lennon

Once upon a time there was a boy named Bobby. Bobby and his Granddad were in the woods and Bobby discovered a house . Bobby and his Granddad went over. Bobby’s Granddad looked in and saw dancing  skeletons saying scary words. Bobby and his Granddad tiptoed in gingerly , however  Granddad saw a skeleton that  grabbed Bobby and brought him to a room and there was a yellow ouija board in the roomThe skeleton locked the door and shouted to him raise the dead! Somehow with a remarkable effort Bobby managed to escape this evil skeleton.Granddad was so happy to have Bobby back safely. 

The shapeshifter by Lennon

It was 1891 Leah and Cian were playing and then they fell into a hole.They fell 100 ft under ground and when they awoke they found something with a note that said shapeshifter. They saw the machine and it was open. Behind them was a boy , Leah had a crush on him , they became friends. The boy’s name was Bill. Bill had a secret that he was the evil shapeshifter . They were at school and he turned into a huge spider and was as big as the school. Leah and Cian had a book with spells so they looked in the book and found one it said” beware for swear let the magic be everywhere”.The shapeshifter was trapped in ice forever after.

Rugabear by Lennon

Once in the winter there was a boy named Ben. Ben was 9 years old. Ben’s parents had brought home a new rug that day. It was a cold day and Ben was lying on the rug in front of the fire watching telly. The material felt like fur and it was warm. All of a sudden the rug started to move and two paws surrounded Ben and pulled him into the middle of the rug. The rug was really a bear and had come to life. Ben was really scared. He screamed for his mam. The bear jumped back with the fright. He just wanted to play.

Dan’s strange teacher by Lennon

One day in Dublin there was a boy heading to school. His name was Dan. Dan saw his teacher  and  his teachers name was Mr.Russell, he was pink???He thought to himself wow he  is cool. Breaktime came and the teacher was eating a giraffe and Dan was shocked. He just ran out to the playground.He quietly called his friends.”Have you seen Mr.Russell” he said. They all went to the canteen to see for themselves. There was Mr.Russell sitting at the table   eating a giraffe and drilling pieces of wood together to make a spider for halloween.  The boys looked at each other and said “how strange”.