WK 8:Going to the circus!

Mum and I are going for a day out.We have not gone out for a day in a long time.Mum said that we can go where ever I want. I have never gone to the circus so that’s where I want to go.When we got there things looked like not right. The tent was brown and white not red and white. We got our seats and the show started.Straight away a clown kicked a ball. He took out a red balloon. The hole tent went black.Then we heard a big dash of lightening and the lights turned on.There were very frightening people standing  in the middle of the circus.

Wk 7:Wizard school

“Time for Wizard school,”Mum shouted! “OK “said the two boys sadly. The boys got on the train to Wizard school. There was two hundred people going to this school, but the boys did not want to go. The first class was language class.” We got to speak a dumb Wizard language”,the 2 said crossly. Someone came up to them and said,”this school may be bad now but you just wait”. We’re sorry but who are you. Don’t matter because magic class is next. “Welcome children “said the headmaster. You see this black cat and now you don’t. Poof. It was gone.” Eh but where did it go?”she shouted. Don’t know.

Wk 6:Mums birthday.

It was my mothers birthday. It was her 30th.My father, brother ,sister and me are going down town to get her big cake. My father said ” lets get that laptop  that your mother has been going on about. Ok. Everyone went but I stayed back to go get the cake. It was a red velvet cake with white chocolate cream. I picked it of course. My favourite. I walked in to the cake shop. I asked for the cake but the said nothing. I took the cake ,started to walk home. It was heavier than I expected. Then I tripped and dropped the cake….

Wk5:Strange creature.

There was a UFO spotted in the sky by a person in America named Dave.Some people thought it was fake,some thought aliens were gonna take over the world.It never moved and then a flash of light hit the earth.Every one ran over there quickly.People faces were shocked to see a really tall creature.People taking pictures and the very tall creature said who are you people.Where am I.The news reporter said that we are humans on planet earth.Where are you from creature.I am from a different Universe.I live on a giant planet there called third planet.I live on the Third planet and we are aliens.He killed everyone with laser gun.

Week4:What’s wrong with the rocket.

The astronauts  of the rocket station  are getting  ready to go to mars for the first time.There are three men.Harold,Alex and Jim.There  most experienced people for the job and there very excited to be the first ever people to walk on mars.Now it’s time to go.There loading the fuel in to the rocket.There all ready now.Ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two,one.Lift off.Wait a minute.They did not go anywhere and that’s my story. I remember that time when everyone was excited. I remember when it just would’t take off.Everyone was confused.Some were shouting at the tv.It was so funny.I knew they wouldn’t take off,but we still don’t know what was wrong.

Week 18 the red head army

It was one normal sunny day in Australia.it was around 12.00am Australian time .there is a big giant amry full of red head approaching Australia.Around 10 minutes later they were in Australia ripping and destroying building,cars,bus,and everything else.if someone didn’t   Stop them the whole country of Australia will be destroyed.so five minutes later there was a huge army of police all  around them everyone that lived in Australia thought the red head army were caught but then . The read head army stoped destroying and turned to fight against the army of police.there was a huge battle in the middle of Australia but the police one and the red head army were defeated THE END


The circus

Once apon a time it was 5.00pm and there was a circus on in tramore in Waterford city. it was called fossils circus.  tickets were running out fast.so go get your tickets fast before there gone.I heard  one was the  act is the gorilla jumping up and down on trampolines trying to catch bananas in there mouth.its starting now the first act is the clown he was juggling water balloons and he catch one of them and it broke and spalash in his face everyone laughed. the next act was a yellow pretty gorilla jumping up and down on trampolines trying to catch bananas in his mouth. everyone laughed so that was fossils circus THE END


Fancy football match wk2

It was one sunny Friday morning and there was a football match on between  tricky tackles vs mauve fc .  And this was to see who wins  the league .and there was a school at the match and the teacher name was Mr Brown and the game had kick off and there was a smuap next football pitch and the ball went into the smuap and one of the players jump into the smuap to get it and there was something in the smuap and it bit him and he sreamed  ahhh there a alligator in the smuap and it bit me and he climed out in pain The End