Week 18 the red head army

It was one normal sunny day in Australia.it was around 12.00am Australian time .there is a big giant amry full of red head approaching Australia.Around 10 minutes later they were in Australia ripping and destroying building,cars,bus,and everything else.if someone didn’t   Stop them the whole country of Australia will be destroyed.so five minutes later there was a huge army of police all  around them everyone that lived in Australia thought the red head army were caught but then . The read head army stoped destroying and turned to fight against the army of police.there was a huge battle in the middle of Australia but the police one and the red head army were defeated THE END


The circus

Once apon a time it was 5.00pm and there was a circus on in tramore in Waterford city. it was called fossils circus.  tickets were running out fast.so go get your tickets fast before there gone.I heard  one was the  act is the gorilla jumping up and down on trampolines trying to catch bananas in there mouth.its starting now the first act is the clown he was juggling water balloons and he catch one of them and it broke and spalash in his face everyone laughed. the next act was a yellow pretty gorilla jumping up and down on trampolines trying to catch bananas in his mouth. everyone laughed so that was fossils circus THE END


Fancy football match wk2

It was one sunny Friday morning and there was a football match on between  tricky tackles vs mauve fc .  And this was to see who wins  the league .and there was a school at the match and the teacher name was Mr Brown and the game had kick off and there was a smuap next football pitch and the ball went into the smuap and one of the players jump into the smuap to get it and there was something in the smuap and it bit him and he sreamed  ahhh there a alligator in the smuap and it bit me and he climed out in pain The End