WK7: Pooopy

I wock up in my room above a bar in Waterford city in Waterford in Ireland for English people Ireland is similar to England. Eny way I went to the hall met my brother in there and went into the bathroom as the door slammed I knew he was going to do a poo . Then mum came and sead love you for ever I sead ok I ran to school when I got to school I was happy l played with my friends in the yard I had of fun so that’s my lifeĀ 

Week 4: Superdog

Every night has been protected by a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. His name is lolk he had a sidekick was a cat with knickers. Her name is Mon. They flew to awa base. Awa is evil. They flow out. Mrrussellsclass came and said what and left awa and said nothing until the base blew up. “I blame you lolk and mon he siedĀ  hated them [awa hated them] . no no no no no no no no seid awa.awooooooooooooooooooooooooooo seid lolk as they ran in to the nigt

Kevins story

In a since laboratory tests found a dangerous beads But they put it in a lamp In 10 years they accidentally broke the lamp they got suits to protect them used a shrink ray so they could fight them .the beads just got out of the lamp wen they got their it was a big long battle of evil with wanting blood war it was just painful punches they won

Humen will never die