Week 5 kakles

Mrrussellsclass news service

in the river Suir people found a man dead with his legs  sticking up people believe that he got murderd uterus tink he was a drunk idiot. His family is very much sad they said that he was getting milk and going to to downs to get a number 9 whisky. If it was a murder the most likely people are Ben loly2 and kan.the man is having a funeral a lots of people are sad love lollipop



Week 5 ting

my ting is soft and cuddly lots of babies have them. It was given to me when I was a baby. it looked like a bunny and some people can not sleep without them.i love them so I can’t sleep without them .my cousin loves it too so we all know that there is a so cute I love them so much they in different shapes and sizes like POOP bears bunnies and apples it starts with T and ends in Y can you just get it

Kevins story

In a since laboratory tests found a dangerous beads But they put it in a lamp In 10 years they accidentally broke the lamp they got suits to protect them used a shrink ray so they could fight them .the beads just got out of the lamp wen they got their it was a big long battle of evil with wanting blood war it was just painful punches they won

Humen will never die