Week 4: Jimmy and Timmy

Jimmy was a nice 9 year old whiwas helpful and genourous.He went to saint Ashley’s school,one day his mam asked him to go to get bread in the local supermarket,while on his journey he met his friend Timmy. They walked with each other when they arrived they saw a break in.when the police arrived all they saw were Timmy and Jimmy.the police brought them to juvenile for 3 years Jimmy and Timmy were sick of it so they decided to make an aeroplane 1 year passed.It was finished they done it that night when it wouldn’t take off the were so annoyed and were kept in prison for 3 more years.

Week 3 Vain Barry

Barry was a fit man for his age he was 57.He loved the bicycle he loved the people looking at him cheering him on.he was vain and desperate.he had 7 followers on instagram his wife Mary and his family.but all Barry posted was him doing tricks the police warned him to ride on the yellow lines.Greedily he wanted more followers.it was a early Saturday morning and Barry went out on the bike with his 30 year old phone.He thought there would no traffic so he went out and got rolled over by a truck and his instagram was taking down due to health and safety reasons.