The red umpalumpaWk18

Once upon a time there was a red army called the upalumpa army . So in Australia there was a war in Sydney. So on the 31st  war stared. There were fighting over the plastic in the sea. The 3 leaders picked the squad. So 5 red umpalumpas killed 5 with a nife. The war ended. On the  6th of July .Later on the god of the sea. Then they tried to kill him. The God killed the umpalumpas. Later that day they died. The rest of the umpalumpas died. So the umpalumpas killed the god of the sea.                             The End.            To be countinued

A Risky Journey. Wk2

Today is the day that my class and our teacher will climb Mount Mauve. The path was really tricky. It had huge holes and big in its way. The mountain was never climbed before and we hopefully will be the first ones to climb Mount Mauve. The Legends say that a fire breathing alligator lives and protects the peak from anyone who tries to claim the peak. Luckily the alligator was sleeping. We all got to the peak and celebrated quietly. The alligator woke up and we had to run down the mountain as fast as we could.