Detective Busby

One cold night in April 1964. I Jim Busby detective I was sent by the the Police to find out something in bay 21 in Cork City, it sound like someting fishy was going on, so I get to bay 21 and there is a big cargo ship there it said imports from England. so I go in and I see this man waking alone and we stared talking.  I said hello there sir ,I have one question when did it arrive I said he said it came two days late I said what is it he said I dont know I open the box it was a bomb

Week 29 were is jim

RUN RUN shouted Jim, RUN. I ran as fast as I could, Jim who I will never see ever again . It was a misty night I could not see down the street, I got home sacred and terrifed . The next day the sky was crimson red I went out looking for Jim . At 11:00 am I looked  where me Jim and I were last night, he was not in there. At 1:00 I go to Jims house, no one was there at 5:00 I gave up. I went to the graveyard  to  see my grandad and as I was walking to the car I looked over to the gave and I heard a cry for help and I frantically legged it…to be continued



Week27 athletes club

Hi my name is jimmy,I run for the local athletics club down in the Rsc  in Waterford I have four friends Bob , Tony  , Keeley and Andy. We are in a big cross country race  today and Bob is very scared and I have butterflies in my stomach. Keeley was feeling sick  inside about who was out there Tony and Andy were fine then the big race came me and Andy were a little bit ahead. Keeley  and Tony  although they ran quickly ,they were still not making enough progress in the end me and Andy came 1st and 2nd Keeley came 3th tony came 4th we all went home feeling like winners





the 4 yellow masks

It’s late at night, my name is Josh and by the way I am a spy. On my usual mission I normally wear my special spy gear but unfortunately tonight I left headquarters without it my plan was thin and will be hopeless without it.  Tonight I have a big mission, there is a huge gang going to rob the biggest jewellers in town.  The gang all wear yellow masks to hide there faces.  When I arrived at the shop they had already broke it.  There was a tiny circle in the window, and a few of the shiny jewels had gone and 4 yellow masks on the ground….. to be continued.

2small men 1 tall women

In 1990 lived 3 big man thay had sons one was called Jim The  2nd man had a son his name was Eugene the 3rd man was unlucky he got a daughter her name was Mad usa. When  madusa was younger  she looked at her mother and she turned to stone. Madusa married a man called jimmy, 2years larer  madusa turned poor jimmy into stone I liked him but Madusa hated him all she wanted was his money the lived in a castle far away .  The guards saw the prince in this state the guards were socked Madusa was on the throne that means madusa is Queen.

Snake eyes

Saturday morning I cycled into the local pet shop. I liked to go to see all the aminals especially the snakes. At the back of the shop under the big clock was the deadly red eyed snake, the pet shop owner was cleaning out his cage, I was delighted to watch. When the owner went to put back the snake he was gone. I turned and ran out of the shop and peddled home like a bat out of hell I was so relieved and then I found out he was on the back of my bike i jumped and threw him off


WK16: Caught Red Handed

The waterford times    Caught red handed.  Last night  a dangerous robber robbed  hallmark jewellery shop.  The shop was closing one of the shop  workers were locking the doors ,when a hand grabbed her from behind and pushed her in . She couldn’t see his face as he wore a mask he had a gun a toy gun but the worker didnt know the difference .The robber tied up the worker as he was stealing the Jewellery but she managed to press the alarm the police came in a flash.The police caught the robber  red handed thanks to workers quick thinking he is behind bars now where he belongs.

WK15: Order 55

In the beginning we see order 55 in action there in battle against aliens. The aliens are tring to take over earth . I am the leader of order 55  my name is Joshdagon. My mission is to send the aliens back to were they came from. It was noon the weapons were full if slime and we were ready to go. It was a fierce battle, order 55 won the battle and the aliens lost the fight and returned to there home based. However, when I returned to my home base my mother nearly killed me for having slime all over my clothes

WK13: Flynn’s Zoo

Hi I’m Matt Flynn I love my ZOO,Its a family business I love it so much .We have tigers, elephants ,monkeys and a lot more .The ZOO means a lot to me and heres my story about my Grandad and the zoo. My Granddad was late one night it was 10 pm to be precise. He was doing a x-ray on a tiger,the tiger sadley passed  away, 2 minutes later the two robbers got into the ZOO. They were just about to get away but then suddenly the tiger was alive. One of the robbers said the tiger was blocking our escape and the cops came to save the day the tiger lived for 6 more years.

WK12: Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory

Hi I’m  jimmy and I am one of the lucky  kids to win the the willy Wonka competition I got one of the lucky golden tickets. My family and I are on our way to the chocolate factory for a special tour . As we enterd through the golden gates we hurried into the factory .we were met by energetic umpa lumpas. There was chocolate everywhere there was white ,Brown and even red and green chocolate. We went through a chocolate rainbow on a battery powered boat in a chocolate river we also had a nutella sandwich for lunch i am fortunate to have won it ………..

WK11: The wood man

On day I was Down town it was 10 o’clock all the shops were closed .There was this wooden man ,he was right in front of me he went hello he said I dint answer. I walked away from him I hid from him I looked behind me he was there I ran for my life .I ran to the only shop that was open I ran in the shopkeeper said what are you for sir ,I said shhhhhhhh he’s coming but he was the shopkeeper I was in big trouble he got me and now I am his main servant

WK10: The Spellbound Robber

One cold Monday I  came in and I was the first one in school even before the TEACHERS. But I saw someone in the distance he had mask he looked like a robber, I hid were he could not see me . He had a massive  bag, it looked like a bag of spelling books and I could hear him say,”where would we hide it all and then he laughed ha ha ha”.  I knew his plan, our class were going to have a spelling contest the next day,the robber must be from the rival team. I ran told Mr Russell and he saved the day. The next day we would  the spelling competition.

WK9: Are we human

On Saturday me and my Grandad went to see Jesus Christ Superstar I really enjoyed the show. Athough it was a bit horrific and bloody we enjoyed it. We were last to leave the theatre and when we got outside, I saw the most unusual site. It was like in a dream all I could see was headless people walking around, other people had half bodies. They were different even though they looked human some I even recognised from being at the show maybe the theatre was full of ghosts…who is to know maybe I’m a ghost… whooo!

WK8: The Wicked Woods

On Sunday me and my family went to the Wicked woods in Waterford.  There was a flame from the bon fire and then there was a big pool of blood and there was zombies swimming in it.There were ghosts dressed in all white .Then there was a big owl and a dog and a huge skeleton.Me and my sister love to celebrate Halloween it’s so fun. Halloween is different and thats why I love and at the end we went out with a bang literaly with fireworks. I loved The Wicked Woods it was so funny people dress up I would go again tomorrow


I love  my dog he’s name was Blaa. He was the best dog in the WORLD . One day me and my dog went for a walk down on the Key in Waterford so we were walking down on the rocks and we saw a boat and my dog went in it I had to follow him.I didn’t know but  the boat was owned by a SKELTON !!.He’s name was Skelton big bones.I was looking for Blaa and as the door slammed, I knew I was in for a rollercoaster ride.I tryed to open the door it was locked how was I meant to get out !! The door knob turned I closed my eyes and in silence I prayed…… to be continued



WK6: The one that got away

My name is Russell the reporter and I report for  the Deise News. My news story today is about a man named Stanley he loved to fish as a hobby. On Sunday  I witnessed Stanley lose a well deserved WINDFALL, literally, Stanley had the first prise in his own hands after landing a huge fish called the big whopper. People have been trying to catch it for years but failed finally Stanley after a huge battle caught it as Stanley lifted the big whopper up to celebrate winning €1000 .The BIG WHOPPER jumped and knocked Stanley and himself back in the river as you can see by picture evidence poor Stanley will be wet, penniless and fish less.

wk5 bros for life

The item that is precious to me has 2 legs each, there is two of them I have them since I was 3 that was 8 years ago and I still have them to this day. There up in my room where no person goes. They mean a lot to me because my dad won them in Tramore. My dad probably spent a lot of money to win them more money than they worth, which in my mind makes them more valuable to me. I was with my dad the day he won them it was like winning the lottery what are that ??

Wk4 The dog who was loved

One day lived a dog,It’s  name was supper pug he lived        In a house in England he was the best dog in the  world and ever night he went on a mission .3years on he got to big so they had to sell him the dog was starving at this new place he had never seen this before.Ever time they say and the dog was wearing glasses the Supper  pud car was there and he went to fight Mr Potato man . Hello supper pug I will kill you he shot the supper pug . Supper pug fell to the ground to be continued





The Mad Professor!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time lived a mad Professor, his name was Professor Purple Pants, his plan was to take over the Suirvalley railway train and crash it in to Waterford city. He waited until the train was full with passengers and tied up the train driver, he hopped into the drivers seat and went full steam ahead. There was a difficult bend ahead and the train twisted around it so fast professor purple pants went flying into the river Suir. The professor was fuming he shouted help there’s a big crocodile in here as his jaws opened and bit him on the bum….The End☺

The Magical Bulb

It is 2am everyone in the house is fast asleep, the toy box is shaking and rattling, the top opens and out pops two csi agents Eugene and Jimmy. Eugene lassoed a rope around the light bulb, both the agents grab the rope and swing like monkeys across the room.  Suddenly there is a loud crack, the agents fall to the floor followed by the light bulb which smashed into millions of tiny pieces. Eugene stood in shock while Jimey lay in a sea of green marble balls. The bulb was broke but all the smashed coloured glass glowed like a million glow sticks…………….to be continued



The run away pig

Bacon was a pot bellied pig he lived in a pen on Ballybricken. Bacon escaped from his pen because of all the children poking at him. So, what lies ahead of Bacon he ran down Patrick’s Street, his owner chasing him with a pitchfork, he passed De La Salle school to cheers  from the children they yelled “run bacon run”. Bacon ran on to the bus and sat next to a priest and he said “oh holy pig ” and he blessed himself.  The bus drove the pig back to where he started. Bacon was home safe and sound from then on Bacon was loved by all .