Week 4 Epic Wars

One war day there was a jet taking off when it just wouldn’t take off because it was out off power then there was a giant dinosaur. It was Godzilla. He was about to use an atomic breath. Because he thought it was dangerous. Then there was King Ghidorah the space dragon and Rodan. Then soon Mothra appeared and used her magic powers the explode King Ghidorah and used her wings to make Godzilla use atomic breath on Rodan. Then Mothra went home. And the monsters appeared and bowed Godzilla as king and Godzilla lived happily ever ever ever after

Week 3 Robot Ape vs Apocalypse

In the year 1962. There was an island called skull island. And another island called monster land. On skull island there was a giant ape called Robot Ape. And on Monster land there was Apocalypse. One day in Tokyo in Japan it was a lovely day in the yellow sun. And a man was riding a bicycle. He was warned because there was traffic. It was kind of desperate about this traffic. Then there was a boy eating chocolate greedily. Then Apocalypse and Robot Ape tumbled right into the ocean but Apocalypse survived and went back to monster land happily now.

Week 2 Godzilla Final wars

Godzilla was the mutated dinosaur and the king of the monsters. Then One day in a building there was a statue  then a minute later it was coming and it was gigan. Gigan then busted out of the building and used his laser eyes. Then one night a yellow light went to the sky and it was Mothra. The Mothra flew over the ocean then died then for the rest of the day Godzilla fights against multiple of creatures including an up right standing Zilla. Then he and his son head right back to the bottom of the lovely ocean.