Wk 18 the steal back

One day ther  was a family of three the family’s names are Jon Mark and Ava. But this family had a power to turn to stone Jon was only 8 they where all secret agents that worked for the f.b.i they got a call to go on a secret mission this was Jons first time. They had to infiltrate the made man named Zach and his henchman Andy. So the family of heroes used ther ability to turn to stone to steal back the warlord biggest diamond they fond Zach and Andy. So they defeated them and got the diamond back.

Wk 15 The evel baby

In the beginning this was a normal baby but after eating nuclear baby food he had a terrible transformation he was green he was enormous . Ther was a hero who had been watching waiting for a worthy of fighting he burst through the broken window and saved the mother.The next thing he did was fight the enormous baby who had bottle. He was inger but he would not give up and finely he won and the baby whent back to normal the mother was delighted to get her son back.

WK11: The phantom

The phantom is a mysterious  clocked figure.  It hunts at night it has been 100 years since any one has seen it. This boy shall we call him the boys name is Jack he can seal demons. So one day Jack gos hunting for the phantom usual the phantom appears at 8:00pm and is always near shops. Armed with this knowledge Jack fond the phantom black clouds of smoke poring out of it Jack fires his demon sealing power the phantom fires its sole steling black magic. They both collide but Jack is stronger and wins the duel and seals the phantom.

Wk 10 The really gullible robbers

The alarm went off the robbers had bean cought paws the two robbers are named Jef and the other is named Nik and before you think my name e Jef no!!!!. Ok Jef and Nik are super gullible as you probably already know from reading the title they have tuns of gold at the moment Nik said but where would we hide it all hide what THE GOLD. Oh at are bunker they ran out side and buck it to ther base aka home but on the way they got cought. Anti-climactic I know right you where probably expecting a grand ending where the robbers win.

Wk9 The day I saw a ghost through my camera

I’m Jamie and I am a photographer one day I was taking pictures in Paris and saw a ghost and I was terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They seemed interested in my camera my camera suddenly started to fly away. I chased my camera into a dark alley ware a glowing magnifying glass. I then released I was looking at the lens of truth it let’s the welder to see ghosts I used it to see the ghosts that had stole my camera. I instantly recalled who they were it was Adam and Josh they had come to kill me…………

WK7: Dr nuke

Doom! Dr nuke had set off one of his bomb but be for it could me Jamie and Dr nuke ran out the doors and as the door slammed I knew it would be a tough fight. Dr nukes diabolical plan was to set off a nuke in the middle of London but I have no intention of letting that happen. I traveled to his secret base and turning the nuke off. So I am going to set off I’ve finally arrived and are going to stop him. He had started the count down 10 9 8 7 I have got to stop the bomb suddenly the bomb stopped and I tide Dr nuke up. I saw a mysterious figure fly away.

Wk6 The news

Hi I’m Jamie and I am here with the latest news. Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland on 16/10/17. Hurricane Ophelia was the biggest hurricane to hit Ireland in 50 years. Unfortunately a man was walking home when he was swept off his feet and thrown into a river and drowned. His name was Mark. His wife and daughter were horrified when they heard. Witnesses say the rapids pulled him under. His funeral will be held on Saturday. He will be cremated and spread  around the world. All the people could see was his boots and jeans.

Wk5 My precious

They are very annoying.  When I do my homework they take my bucks and I have to chase them to get it back. They have lots of toys that make so much noise. My nan and granddad always give them sweets so ther e hipper after that. When one of them has a toy the other screams for it. They reck my head the only way to escape them is to put my couch in front of my door. They go to bed at 7:00pm and they get up at 6:30am and they love my dog.

Wk 4: The dog who wants glasses

Ther was a dog and his owner. The dog was always trying to get the owner  glasses, but the owner was always wearing them. So one day the dog ran away. He went from shop to shop. Then he saw a shaded man the dog barked at the man the man ran. The dog followed the man to a museum. The man was trying to steal the monalesa. The dog bit the man the man screamed the police arrived the man ran the dog bit the mans legs and the man fell to his knees and a pare of glasses fell On the dog and the dog was wearing glasses.

The incinerating bucket

One day a boy named Tom broth a bucket in to school. He dropped it he tried to pick it up and was incinerated. The other cids whached in terr the bucket lay there for years. Until a boy named Jack picked it up and was not incinerated all the cids though he was the devel he turned around and the cids looked at his face and he was the devel he chased he cids he incinerated 11 cids. 7 remain they came up with a plan to kill him. They cornered him with a stake nife and killed him and the bucket was left for the sicel to start again.

The monster in the cave

There is a boy named John. John lived near a cave, one day he heard a noise. He wanted to venture in. So John gathered his friends. They went to the cave; so what lies ahead of them. They entered the cave, bat’s flew out of the cave. They walked forward and heard growls John used a flashlight and saw a monster. The monster ate one of the children, they ran out of the cave. They told their parents but no one believed them, not one of them ever went back in the cave again.

The End