Week18 horror attraction part 5

So the pale woman scratched me in face and there was a big bloody black mark on my face.So as fast as i can and slammed the door.And ran upstairs into my bed.About a year later I decided to go back in the basement and the scratch was almost gone away.So I took a deep breath and walked in and now there were multi-coulered men and they were standing looking me in the soul.One of them was whispering a weird ritual of some sort.I was shocked that the ritual that statue was saying was about me.I quickly ran out of there and again slammed the door.The next day I had school.Lateron we had to evacuate the reason why was shocking

Week 16 horror attraction part 4

So I opened the door of the basement and there was a empty room with a pink bicycle.I was determined to go in but there was bubbles coming from behind me oh no I said I forgot about my bath I rushed up the stairs opened the door to the bathroom and I got flushed away. Ugh I said so I got changed and back down to the basement and went in it was very dark now I mean dark you could throw light in it get sucked up I touched the bicycle and that ghost was behind me kind of embarrassing to say but I wet myself she came in and it scratched my face to be continued.

Week9 horror attraction part 3

I look out into the hallway with my flashlight and what I saw was bloodcurdling.it was a woman with a pale white face with blood all over her and a mouth the size of her body .sitting down she saw me and screamed so loud my ears were bleeding .she started walking closer and closer so I locked the door minutes later she was gone. I went down stairs to investigate she looked like the person in the painting in the hallway .and on her lap was a little girl. the light was on in the basement I went down into the basement. Down the creaky stairs to the door woundered what was behind the door