Wk29: The Zombie chase

One time. A dark misty night. No one in sight. A girl with crimson hair was wandering through the graveyard. When she was walking through this dark, spooky graveyard she heard a noise. It sounded like growling. Next minute she turned behind her,  there was a zombie that popped out of a grave, she shouted. She started frantically running, running and running till she was out of the graveyard. The girl with the crimson hair was on the news, and said she will always remember this day. Now all the zombies have been extinct, and this could never happen again.

WK 18:Medusa The Snake Lady

Once upon a time there was a lady called “Medusa”, she had a power that she could turn people into the stone. One day a family of three were waking down the road.


There  was a dad, mother and a son they were a happy family. But soon it was to be broke, Medusa saw them walking down the road and said ” This is my moment ” She ran at them and used here powers to turn them into stone.


The family saw her and they were shocked but in no time they were stone. Now the family are a monument outside a school.

Wk 16: Donald Rump The Hand

Once in a world of hands there was an election and one of the people getting elected was called, Donald Rump he was a mean man. He somehow won the election everyone hated him. The Mexican hands were shocked that he was gonna build a wall blocking them from Handmerica. Donald Rump went on to be racist to other hands and playing golf. Donald Rump soon tried to build a wall (but failed), the Mexicans were happy and entered Handmerica every day. Donald Rump got really mad and moved to a different country where he could relax. Goodbye Mr. Rump

Wk 15: The mystery tube

Once there was a boy called ‘Boy’. Anyway boy was a adventurous young boy. One day Boy found a huge tube leading to a building, he decided to climb inside. In the beginning of the tube he saw cobwebs, later on in the tube Boy saw toys. Soon he reached the end where there was a door, it was open he went inside and so lots and lots of money Boys dream of being rich had come true. He went home and told his mam, she was so happy and they decided to buy a new home for the family.

Wk 11: John Doe

One day a mysterious figure appeared. No one knew his name so they just called him “John Doe” Which is someone that’s anonymous. This figure came to the woods for a walk but people saw him and approached the figure ran away they chased him, They soon got him and saw what he was wearing, It was a big black rope thing with a hood. The people pulled his hood down and saw nothing it was just a hole. The figure got up and they ran for their lives. The figure chased and chased them until boom screams… They we’re never seen again

WK 10:Plan To Steal The Cookies From The Cookie Jar

One day four boys in their room called Johnson, Jimmy, Alfred and Billy we’re making a plan to steal the cookies from the cookie jar. Billy said that first we could wait till night and they all agreed, next Johnson said secondly we could get a lift from someone to get us up on the counter top again they all agreed. Now the plan was done once they got the cookies, But the Jimmy said “but where will we hide it all” everyone said under the bed of course. The next night they did it They did not succeed they we’re caught by their parents.

WK 9: The Friendly Ghosts

One night in the U.K. people where al crowded up in a shopping district Buying stuff and taking pictures. But soon mysterious see-through people started popping up, It turns out they we’re only going shopping too. People we’re very scared but the ghost’s said “We are friendly don’t worry” Then the people started to calm down. The people wen’t back to what they we’re doing and so did the ghost’s. Soon the ghost’s disappeared and people stopped shopping and taking pictures, then wen’t home. Then throughout the night the lights we’re off and no one was to be seen. The ghost’s would come back every night to shop.

Week 4: The Dog Who Jumped Out The Window

Saturday the 7th 1960, a man named Bill Went to the pet store.Bill went to the pet store to get a dog, so he opened the door of the pet store and straight saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses.He picked the dog up and brought him to the counter.He paid the girl at the till and ran home with the dog, he also bought a bed on the way.When Bill got home he put the bed down, then put the dog down but the dog didn’t go to his bed the dog thaught he could fly so, he ran upstairs jumped out the window.The dog sadly fell to his doom.The End.

The Professor’s Challenge

One night, in a dark, scary laboratory was a scientist.He wasn’t the usual scientist instead of a white cape he had a purple one and he wore no shoes.Anyway this scientist was actually only called a professor and he also had a crocodile called Bob.One day Bob was going for his daily stroll and fell into a river of nuclear waste,When the Professor saw he came running and took him out.The next day Bob was all twisted up the Professor was sad.The Profesor said to himself “I have a difficult challenge up ahead”anyway what lies ahead of this Professor and his crocodile…..

The Mysterious Bucket Of Marbles And Beeds

One time there was an investigator called Bob,He had a strange mission to go to a mountain that a had strange bucket at the bottom.He got this mission when he was in his hover car driving on the road very odd time but he accepted,anyway that was two days ago and he is going to the HQ Of Investigation now.Bob is at the HQ Of Investigation he fell over someone and left straight away because he was embarrassed .Now bob was on his way to the mountain,so when he got to the mountain he had to check it out it was filled with marbles the strange thing though after he was never seen again……………