WK 17: The guy who needed to get to work.

Once there was a guy who really needed to get to work. He woke up and saw that it was ten minutes before his work started.

He got dressed ran down stairs took a piece of bread and left. He cycled down the road, but then a big red snake came out of nowhere he jump of his bike and ran.

The clock was ticking he had only two minutes left. He rushed and rushed and rushed, he eventually made it with ten seconds left. He ran up to his office and there was his boss waiting for him there.

WK 12:The Robot in the white tuxedo

One time in a lab there was an energetic professor who made robots. He was working on a new project called “Robot 362764”. This Robot would wear a white tuxedo and be powered by a battery. While the professor was making this creation he would eat a sandwich every hour. The next day the creation was finished the professor hurried out of his bed ran down stairs into the underground lab and saw him moving he was delighted. He jumped around the place like a mad kangaroo and the Robot just watched. But soon the Robot fell down and broke. The professor just stared and left. He never returned

WK7:Not Really A Haunted House..

Hi I’m Jimmy and my friends told me about this really weird haunted house that no one escapes, I said il go inside. The next day they brought me there, It was dark,spooky and it was in a forest. I entered there came across the kitchen it was empty, I left straight away. There was stairs I walked up them and found a bedroom, there was a chest it was already open I looked inside there was a gold necklace but I heard noises and as the door slammed, I knew I had to get out quick I ran ran ran till I was out, Turns out it was a cat.

WK6.Murder Report

Hi I’m Isaac and I’m back with The Irish Independent. there was a murder scene in someone’s backyard pond last Monday.

Police say that they found a rope next to the Pond and a knife in the bottom of the pond next to the man with his legs sticking out of the pond.The man had wellies on.

The man was stabbed then drowned to death says the police.There was some witnesses who were walking past and looked over his fence to see and they all said that ther was no sign of a man.

Well that’s all for this report We hope to get more information soon.


WK5. My Most Treasured Item

It lies in a cage. it has a water drip and a food bowl. It’s small and fat with stubby legs a small nose and whiskers. This things love to run in a little spinning wheel and loves food especially nuts and cabbage. It’s fluffy and smooth. It’s name is Mr. Whiskers because he has lots of whiskers also it comes out sometimes I just have to keep it safe cuddled up in my arms because my other pets might try eat it. This item is very precious to me and if I lose it I will be very sad.


The Dumb Knight And The Big Mountain

This story starts with a Dumb Knight.This Dumb Knight was so dumb he could hardly even walk.One day the Dumb Knight was taking a stroll and found a big Mountain he said to himself “so what lies ahead of this big mountain”.He walked up a bit of the Mountain the fell back down again,then it happened again,again,again,again and again until finally he made it to the top!He rolled down the mountain hit a couple of rocks on the way but made it down.He saw lots of gold at the bottom he was delighted but then a meteor came down and crushed him.The End.