Week 5 The war of Giants and Aliens

It’s was the year 5667.When the war against giants vs aliens began. A giant look up at the sky and saw hovercrafts floating  down towards the ground.

Startled he  yelled “enemies coming”. All of the giants went towards to the  hovercrafts.

The giants all  went as a group to do more damage to the hovercraft. After 2 years of the war the giants had won.

It took 4 years to rebuild all the damage that the aliens done.But in the end the giants live happy for the rest of there life’s.




Week 4 Gab and the Aerplane game

It was a horrible Sunday for Gab.Gab was playing FORTNITE in his room with his friends.When suddenly his internet turn off he rage with anger.And went to his mom room And said”WHERE IS THE INTERNET!”.His mom said to calm down And said”I turn off the internet so you can try this game out.It was a aerplane game Gab try it out. Gab was getting more mad because the game didn’t let him take off but when it just wouldn’t take off .Gab got more anger he mom was laughing because it was a fake game The End.

week 4 The boy and the aeroplane

Onces opon a time there was a boy that loved aeroplane games. Every day after school he would come home. And do his homework and play aeroplane games after he was finish homework. But on that prediculary his internet was so bad that the plane couldn’t take off. So when it just wouldn’t  take off he went on a wild ranpage. He’s mother tried to calm him down but she wasn’t’ successfull. Soon the father came home and was successfull of calming the boy down for going on a rampage he was never allow to go on the game again.

Week 3 The boy and the bicycle

Once a pon a time there was a boy that was desperate to buy a yellow bicycle for him self.So he can go to school by bike because he was tired was walk half a mile every day.And because he was tired of hearing he mom saying ‘’I warned you never talk to strangers’’ everyday. So the bike that the boy whated was 150euro.And he rasied 100euro so he got really close and really greedily so one day a man drop 50euro and the boy stole the money but what he didn’t know that was he’s dad so after he bought the bike he got grounded.