WK30: The Surprise

It was the 25th of February 2018, a week from my birthday. I invited all my friends and my relatives to my party.

A week later, I woke up then got out of bed. As I came downstairs, I got startled by the sound of “SURPRISE”. Everybody I invited were there to celebrate my birthday.

It was a great party. People gave me presents. We had so much fun.

After the party ended, a package from the post. I saw the package. “When did it arrive ? ” I said to my parents. They said “It came when the party ended”. I opened the package and I saw the new Fifa 19.

WK29: The Fricnight

One scary night, I went to a crimson fair. When I got to the fair, I was frantically excited to go on the Fricnight. It was the scariest place at the fair. I had to pay 2.00 to go inside the Fricnight.

When I was inside the Fricnight, I saw lots of spooky stuff like a grave, bats, ghost and e.t.c.

After that, I had to overcome a quest to get out of this spooky,misty Fricnight. Luckily, I overcomed it.

Next, I went to the exit to get out of the Fricnight but it was locked. I shouted for help and luckily I got out of there.

WK28: The Unfinished Statue

Once, there was rich man named Mike. He wanted to build a statue of himself in the forest. Mike called a group of builders to build the statue for him.The builders took 2 weeks for them to build the wooden statue.

After the builders built the statue, a colourful woodpecker came to the statue. The woodpecker pecked the statue then the statue fell down. The only part left of the statue, was its legs.

Next, Mike came back to the forest to see his wooden statue. By the time he got there, it was a mess. Mike wanted to build another but he thought to himself it’s be a waste of money to build another one. 

WK27: The Running Competition

One sunny day, three brisk,thin boys named Fortune, Collins and Excel entered a running competition for their school.

The next day, they went to the competition. There were 4 courses of the competition. Fortune, Excel and Collins failed the 3 courses of the competition so they were down to the last course.

The last course initiated and they were last place. Although, they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress because they didn’t work together.

Next, their P.E teacher hollered out “Work Together”. Fortune, Collins and Excel harkened to the P.E teacher so they won the last course.

After that, they got back to school with their medals on their neck.

WK26: The Bike Competition

Once, lived a thin,tiny girl named Danielle. She’s a very good cyclist so she signed herself up for a bike competition. 

When Danielle got to the competition, the other cyclists said to her that she was tiny and it was hopeless for her to win. It hurt Danielle’s feelings but she put the hurtful words aside then she focused on the competition.

Next, Danielle was on the ramp with her shiny yellow BMX bike to do her bike skills. She was done lot of great bike moves and luckily she won the competition.

After Danielle won the competition, the cyclists who said hurtful words to Danielle, apologised to her.

After that, Danielle went home being ecstatic.


WK19: The Police Trap

Once,there was a devious man called Tommy. Tommy is a person that steals shiny things from the museum.He never gets caught.

On dark night, Tommy went into the museum to steal gold coins in a treasure chest and when he ambulated into the museum, a perilous trap came in front of him but he overcomed it.

Next, Tommy went to the treasure chest but he didn’t know that the police set a trap for him. He got the and caressed the coins then a burly cage fell upon him.

After that,the police came and put Tommy underground then he said “Where’s my cloths?”, the minite he said that it came down thaw drainpipe and that was the end of Tommy.

WK18: The Grisly Princess

Back in the 1800, an amiable prince called Prince Charles told 3 audacious vigorous men called Francis,James & Strongbow to go to a lofty tower where a princess lived and she was guarded by a atrocious dragon.

They got to the tower then they defeated the dragon without putting a finger on her.

After that, the men ran up the tower as briskly as the could then they saw a door. James,Strongbow & Francis opened the door and saw a grisly non-kissable princess. The Men said “You’re blinding my eyes. I think you want to kill me” in a doleful voice.

At the end, the princess’s ugliness killed them. Nowdays there’s a terribly-drawn statue of the 3 men in Waterford,Ireland. IT’S NOT TRUE !!!

WK17: The Elongated Stretchy Toy Snake

On the 1/3/17 (which is me and my mum’s birthday), my family and I were lingering for the clock to reach 3pm. When 3pm stroke, my family and I cycled on our red lustrous bikes to the bicycle race. Luckily we made it before the race started.

After the race started, my family got seclude by the robust wind. I was all unaided 4 miles away from the finish line.

As I was cycling, I saw a elongate stretchy toy snake then I had an idea. It was to bring my family together holding the elongated toy snake.

I cycled as brisk as I could that The Flash couldn’t catch me.Next,I saw my family one by one and everytime I see them,, I always tell them to hold the stretchy toy snake.

After that, the finish line was very tight but we won by the bend of the toy snake.


WK16: The Hand Robots

Once, there was a amiable and crime free town called Napier. In the town, there were lots of ecstatic talking hands.

One day, a hand called Caleb made a hand robot that he could fit in it. The next day, Caleb used the robot to rule over Napier and he succeeded.

1 week later, Napier was eradicated. There was a destitute hand called Lincoln that had astute older twin sisters called Madeleine and Jasmine. Lincoln wanted to stop Caleb from making the town worse so his sisters made Lincoln a much robuster hand robot than Caleb’s.

The next day, Lincoln and Caleb battled in their hand robots near the Town’s square. First, they started to shoot missile at themselves then Lincoln stroke a jeopardous immense missile at Caleb. After that, Caleb’s robot fell into pieces, next, Lincoln said ” Surrender or you’ll meet your Doom!” then Caleb said ” Okay okay, I’ll surrender and I’ll go to jail for life”.

So it came to pass, Caleb went to jail for life and Lincoln got a statue of himself on the loftiest building in the town called Metropolis.

WK15: Finn The Peace Winner

In the beginning of the world, there were 2 ornery countries that always fight since the beginning of time. I’m going to tell you a story about Finn The Peace Winner. By the way, Penecus and Genoc were the 2 countries.

There was a astute,fearful boy named Finn that lived between the battle of Penecus and Genoc. Finn was fed up of the battle because all the ammunitions that Penecus and Genoc fight with,it blow up people in Finn’s destitute country called Finsland.

Finn had a plan to stop the battle but the plan failed. The next plan he tried was brilliant but it made the battle worse.

The 3rd and final plan Finn tried was to bring the presidents together and it wasn’t easy but they eventually agreed to come. First, they started to quibble then Finn sang a peasful song ( get it ) called A Song Of Peace next, they somehow became friends. It came to a point where they had to sign a contract that Penecus and Genoc will never fight again.

After that, the feast was over and Finn was very ecstatic that Penecus’s president and Genoc’s  president are friends now.

WK14: Nike Hover Phone Project

Once, there was a normal, benevolent, caring man called Charlie and a irascible, courteous, wall-trained monkey called Cornet that worked for a illustrious brand called Nike. ( Cornet is Charlie’s adherent )

The next day, Charlie and Cornet had to make a Nike Hover Phone but Charlie was sick so he couldn’t come to work.

After that, Cornet had to work on the project on his own. The first time he tried to achieve it, he failed so he was very sullen that he nearly abdicated his job but he counted to ten  then he decided to continue next week when Charlie will help him.

One week later, Charlie and Cornet accomplished the project and found out the secret in the Nike Hover Phone so the phone will be available in the year 3017.

WK13: City Hall Opens

Once, there was a sinewy, strong and energetic superhero called Nicort. Nicort had a heinous insidious villain called Zoocarus who can control animals. By the way, Nicort lived in a town called Appletopia.

Zoocarus had a plan to rule over the world by making animals in the City Hall to kill the mayor and the people of Appletopia when the City Hall opens. ( which it’s tomorrow )

The next day, Nicort wore an unsuspiciously clothing so that he could catch Zoocarus at a blink of an eye. When Zoocarus started his mission, Nicort was distracted by an alluring Australian kangaroo statue.

After that, Nicort realised that he was distracted, so the first thing was to get the people of Appletopia out of the City Hall before the animals hurt them, but the tiger was blocking the escape. Thankfully, there was an exit behind the City Hall so they quickly ran to the exit before then animals blocked and they made it.

By the way, Zoocarus got killed by the animals because the got to deranged.

WK12: The Christmas Mission

Once, there lived a spy called Sportacus. He was skinny,astute and energetic. Sportacus had a mission to stop a villain called Rottenish from extincting Christmas. He was the opposite of Sportacus.

The next day, Sportacus blotched Rottenish’s white time machine that runs on battery. He went inside sceptically and he saw but by the time he came to the time machine, Rottenish teleported himself and Sportacus to the first Christmas Night.

After that, Rottenish was the first one out of the time machine so he ran as fast as he could so that Sportacus couldn’t catch him. Next, he tried to kill Mary and Joseph so that Mary couldn’t born Jesus but God shook lightning and fire on him then he fell to the ground.

Finally, Sportacus found Rottenish then he hurried back to the time machine and he teleported himself and Rottenish to the future. After that, Sportacus arrested Rottenish and he was never seen again. Then, Sportacus had a lovely sandwich to celebrate his victory over the mission.

WK11: The King’s Quest

Once upon a time, there were two vigorous audacious men that worked for a king called Conradh and they were in a land called Porcipiqous. By the way the two strong brave men are called Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben.

Conradh the king heard that there was a treasure in a weird-looking viking statue. Conradh sent the two vigorous audacious men to accomplish his quest in the dark scary forest.

The next day, Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben set off to the dark scary forest. They had to face some traps like hole traps and imperceptible traps but thankgod they’re vigorous and audacious so they overcomed it.

After all the traps, Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben finally found the weird-looking statue and there were 10,000 gold coins in it. The two men brought the gold coins to the king to complete his quest. The king was happy that he gave half his land to them.

WK10: The Treasure Chest

Last week in Waterford City, Joey,Ben,Cole & I were looking for a treasure chest, but our exasperating tricking antagonist called Thomas is looking for the treasure chest too.

We were walking down Navy Street looking for the treasure map, next we saw a digital treasure map and it told us where the treasure was.

After that, my friends and I were at the Antonia Cave where the treasure chest was. We had to face some traps but thankfully we subsisted.

After  the traps, we finally found the treasure chest. There were €100,000 in it then Thomas came along and tried to peculate the money but we ranaway. My friends and I wanted to hide the treasure from Thomas then Cole said     ” but where should we hide it all ?”, I said ” we shouldn’t hide it so that we should fissure the money at my house”. My friends acceded.

The next thing we did was to runaway from Thomas then go to my house and we did that, so that was the end of the treasure hunting.

WK9: The Patropotist And The Hypnotation

On the 10/10/14, I was walking through the City Square then I saw human ghosts around me in my vision. I was scared and I quickly ran away from the ghosts. As I was running, I went into my friend’s house to cool down. After that, I was in my friend’s house and my friend James said ” I could sleep in his house for the night”, I said “okay”.

The next day, I went back to the City Square to face my fear but  my fear was just in my mind. The funny thing is that I was hypnotized by my worst enemy the Patropotist. All the things I wrote aren’t true.

WK8: Joey’s Party

On the 30/10/13 at school, my friend Joey invited me and his friends to his party tomorrow night to celebrate Halloween.

The next day, I was at Joey’s party wearing a white cloak feigning to be ghost and his friends were wearing other spooky costumes.

Joey’s party were illuminated with bats, ghost and e.t.c . There were lots of activities like swimming, bobbing for apples and e.t.c .

I went to see the fireworks blows into flames outside Joey’s house. Joey’s dad James light up the fireworks in the sky and it was ravishing.

At midnight, that was the end of the party and everybody enjoyed it.

WK7: The Spooky Trail

On the 31/10/15, my family and I went to Tramore  in Waterford to have fun at the fair. My parents gave my brother and I €50.

My baby brother wanted to go to Friendland, while I wanted to go on the Spookytoral so we fissured  the money and we got €25 each.

When I got to the Spookytoral, I had to pay €10 then  I penetrated into the seat. After that,the ride initiated and when I was in the Spookytoral, I saw spooky things like bats and ghost then I saw a door and as the door slammed I knew that it was meant to startle somebody but it didn’t scare me.

After all that,that was the end of the jaunt.

WK6: Hurricane Maria Comes To The American Continent

My name is Fortune. I am a news reporter. I am reporting about Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria was developed from a tropical wave then a tropical storm after it became a hurricane on the 16/09/17 in the east of the Lesser Antilles.

Hurricane Maria is smaller than Hurricane Irma. The 13th named storm,the seventh hurricane and the second category of 5 hurricanes is, Hurricane Maria.

 Maria came to the American continent on the 19/10/17, destroying houses in Puerto Rico, Dominica, Dominican Republic, USA’s Borders, USA’s Virgin Islands, Haiti, Bahamas, Guadeloupe, Turk And Caicos Islands, Martinique and Lesser Antilles.

At least 93 people were deceased  during the hurricane.


WK5: My Smart Precious Thing

 My special thing is a living thing.My thing is a he.He likes to eat Chewy.He likes to chew newspapers and and eat shoes.

My precious thing likes to go to the park to play fetch and other games .He is very thin,smart and active.When I come back from school he is very happy to see.

My precious thing knows a lot of tricks like,shake a hand and lots more.On my birthday,he likes to eat my birthday cake on the table.Whenever Chelsea score a goal,he always bark.He likes to play with my family.

.My family loves my precious thing very much.


Wk4: The DNA Dog

On a day called Polar,a group of lab technicians called the BrainiesThey were examining a birdie’s DNA with a cat’s DNA.

After that, one of the Brainies called   Sam,inadvertently drop the two DNA.Next a big tall dog came out from the DNA,then the dog started dismantling houses.After the dog went to a shop called Dooley’s,to get glasses to protect his eyes.

Next he went back  destroying houses and eat people,and the dog was wearing glasses while he was doing these things.

Finally the dog destroyed all the houses and ate all the people,after that,he was sad.Then the dog decided to put the colour red all over the city and it was’nt  red paint.

The Weird Professor

There was once a tall professor called Einstein and he lived in a large country called France.The professor decided to create a human.

The next day Einstein put the human DNA  in the science bottle  then he haphazardly put a animal’s DNA  inside the science bottle but he did’nt perceive.Then he mixed the DNA,after there came a huge fat twisted crocodile.

 2 weeks later, the crocodile started destroying houses then Einstein had a plan.He searched for the purple potion and he found it,next he threw the potion at the crocodile. After that the crocodile dematerialize  and he was never seen again.

The Famous Trick

There was once a small town called The Hover,and there lived thousands of people.Every year pirates come to the small town and steal lots of treasure.So someone called Wizzy had a plan,and told the whole town and the people of The Hover agreed to trick the pirates.

So the next year, the people of The Hover gave the pirates a treasure map,so the pirates set off looking for the treasure then they came to a cave and they saw the treasure chest and inside was a note that said “you have been tricked  that a bear is coming to eat you” so the pirates  ran quickly unto their ship ? and sailed and never came back.

And they all celebrated.

The Prince Fine Life

The was once a king called Venus that had a wife that was very young and her name was Annoyia.

13 years later the king’s son George,had to marry the king’s wife. On the
wedding day George was smiling until he saw the wife’s face that she was ugly.
After the wedding George took Annoyia to a tall hill then George pushed Annoyia
after he pushed her he went back to the ground and saw red on the ground and it was not paint.So what lies ahead,George was very happy then he married a beautiful girl called Precious.