WK30 The Raft

This is a very old story. So old, there there were boats made out of wood but let’s not get into that right now let’s get into the survival of this wooden ship catastrophe. One night when this wooden ship crashed, there was one surviver. He started on a small Raft, and began crafting, expanding, he’s Raft. From the wood and leaves he collected from the sea. He couldn’t get far because of the big, fat, hungry shark around him. The shark would keep trying to bite bits of the boat off. But one day there was a real catastrophe of the man falling into the sea, and I won’t say what happened next. But when did it arrive. When did this happen. Well I cannot tell you.

Wk29 The crimson mist

It was a normal night. The street was silent. Everybody was asleep. Well except for me. I was up,watching all the seasons of the flash. Suddenly a crimson colour mist appeared outside. Then I heard a man and woman,  screaming,”help!” I went outside  to see a man, with big cat eyes, and he said “how could you”, “Why?”. He’s eyes went misty. The mist disappeared with a grave that said,”R.I.P Misty, always will be loved and never forgotten, Misty Dextersom”. The women screaming stoped. I frantically ran into my house, and never ever, saw that man again.But the mist came back. Not once!

WK19 Mockingbird

One day a pet called “it” wich was a mockingbird speices. This was no ordinary mockingbird. “It” is a horror mokingbird and it had sharp red claws on its feet, a big beak, ruf feathers and and scary red, eyes.  On this day my dad was coming back form the shop with me, and I heard a massive bang on the drainpipe. I got out of the car and looked inside the, drainpipe…and…first thing I saw…were red eyes and a big beak. And then it came down from the pipe. I got scratched by the red claws. And poked in he eye by the beak. And I Never saw mockingbird ever again!

Wk18 The three flat head stoned penguins

On one very hot day in a poor countery. There were 3 stone like penguins, that lived like a human family. “Oh what a beautiful day to go fishing”, said the daddy penguin. “I thwink so to dwaddy” said the baby penguin. (By the way the baby penguin can’t talk probably). But when there were walking they stoped next to a restaurant, and smelled some cooked,fish. The daddy penguin went fishing and the baby went to the restaurant. Mommy penguin was already fishing. When the baby stoped eating he saw he’s parents with a lot of fish. “Come here” said mommy penguin. They had a good dinner and fell asleep so quickly after eating. The end


WK17 The Human Snake!?!

Well just a week ago, a snake escaped from its owner, the snake got out of a clock-shaped cage, which looked imposible to escape. Anyway this snake was no ordinary snake… *DRAMATIC MUSIC*….It is a….. talking snake.*DRAMATIC MUSIC OFF*. One day the same snake went into a lab and bumped a red potion that said *HUMAN POTION*. It looked like rat blood so the snake drank it and became, a human. And before that the snake got in the lab through the vents. The snake started to go to school. He cycled to school everyday. Well ssssssssssssee ya *SAID IN A SAKE VOICE*. But what will happen next?

WK16: The Hand Of All Hands!

Once upon a time there…was a hand. But it was no ordinary  hand. HE WAS THE HAND OF ALL HANDS! Its the biggest, strongest, fatest and nicest hand ever. The hand lived in hand land, and in hand land…well…everybody was a hand. One day the hand of all hands, thought he will make a trip to the earth. Though when he arrived he was in a trash can, with bannana peel in his mouth. Then he teleported on top of a cargo. He did a celebrate pose with hes handy body. And went to who knows where? Umm do you know here he went?

Wk 15 The day the monkey got hair!

Once upon a time there was a monkey that had no hair! Thank god he had a diaper on nobody wanted to see that. The next day the monkey somehow had hair! Aparently he broke into a labotery and got a hair serum… but in the begginning the monkey had no hair. The monkeys name is Monkey Mark. Later in the day the monkey signed to be a teacher. After a couple of days the monkey was walking back home and then suddenly all the hair fell off. Apparently  the serum works for a few days. Hope he had a diaper on!

Wk12: The crazy scientist and the energetic sandwich

Once upon a time there was a scientist who was very crazy and loved everything that was very fast. One day the scientist came up with an idea of a energetic sandwich. After 3 weeks of work he finally came up of the idea that the energetic sandwich should be battery powered. Though when the energetic sandwich was complete, everything was white in the sandwich even the food inside. The scientist hurried to get home so he ate the energetic sandwich and in a blink of a eye….the scientist was at home he had no idea how he got there so fast the scientist said “I need more of those energetic sandwiches”. And so the scientist made more energetic sandwiches. And mostly ate some to never be late. This is a happy ending. Goodbye and see you soon.

Wk11: The mythical rapper

Once there was a planet called htrae. (If you wonder htrae is earth backwards). There was a mythical singer called The Dark Voice Rapper. He was about to realise he’s new album but he was one song off. In he’s album there were meant to be 10 rap songs but there were 9. This rapper had mythical powers witch lets him,rap at super sonic speed,he uses this power for effects in the rap video,he is the most popular rapper in the planet htrae. So he was gonna make another rap called -spooky rook-. When the rap came out…..it was so popular that it got more than 1000,billion views. The album got realised. And The Dark Voice rapper,carried on with he’s carrier. The end (of this rap story)

WK 10:The candy robber

Hi my name is Sean Godgiven and I love candy. I remember one one day I wet and bought a lot of candy. And when I got home I put the candy on the table and it was getting late and I had to go sleep so I took a shower and went to sleep. The next day I went downstairs to the kitchen and when I looked at the table !MY CANDY WAS GONE! There was a choclate hand print on the table witch means one thing,somebody stole the candy. But outside there was a man with a bag full candy,my candy. And then I heard the man say “This candy….but where can I hide it all?. The man turned into thin air. I heard this guys name is THE CANDY ROBBER. “Well it looks like i need to buy more candy”. THE END

WK9: The Forgotten City

Once a upon time in 2016… There was a city with weird looking buildings. This city has been forgoten but on one day in the whole year the city comes growing from the ground and gos down in the middle of the night. There are three blue ghosts in this city. This city has a weird name but let me say it…Bibly Ghostly Fostly City.When the city comes from the ground it is said “whomever stays in this city thats alive will become a blue ghost”. The blue ghosts usally stick in the front of the city. In this city there is a statue of a ghost that made the city. And when the city gos into the ground well…you have to wait another year. The End

WK7: I escape a MEGLADON

I day at the sea side I was walking around and then I saw a sign saying “SHARK CATCHING FOR JUNIORS”. I entered and before I got in the submarine my mom said to me “good luck”. I got in the submarine and looked out of a window of the submarine. There was a massive fish thing coming out. The captain said “who wants to go catch that fish?”. I said “I want to”. I got a scuba tank and swam towards the massive fish. But it wasnt a fish…IT WAS A SHARK!! A megladon. As the door slammed,I knew i was alone. I slammed the door open and I was still alive.PHEW! The End

WK6 Status Yellow rainfall warning issued for 14 counteis thursday 19th

STORM OPHELIA HAS come and gone but Ireland will be hit by another bout of heavy wind and rain over the next few days-but its Not STORM BRIAN yet! A status yellow warning has been issued by Met Eireann,with heavy rain and wind forecast for a number of counteis. Your countie  might be one of them! The warning-witch applies Munster,Dublin,Carlow,Kildare,Kilkenny,Louth,Wexford,Wicklow and Meath-Forcast heavy rain accumuations  of between 30 to 50m in some areas. A spell of heavy and possibly thundery rain will fall across the country thursday 19th october tonight with lowest temperatures from posibly eight to eleven degrees. Hits on thursday 19th october in 14 counties. The End of my report.

And it is a…….

This thing is not alive. It used by Adults and chilldren. It is useful for learning and finding. Its an electronic divice. Chilldren like to play games on this. Adults use this not alot. It is a thing you use a mouse for. The first letter is l and last letter is p. This can get a virus. You can watch a DVD on this. You can search websites on this. You have google on the divice. So what do you think it is. You use internet on this. So what so you think it is? Well….. it is a…….(read the link to  this story) Bye!!!

Wk4: Mr Real Flip

One day there was a teacher named Mr Real Flip. He had a dog called Tim and a cat called Filipino. Mr Real Flip had massive glasses witch made him look like a fool. The next day at school Mr Real Flip brang his dog Tim. And in the class room Mr Real Flip lost his glasses. Mr Real Flip was looking for his glasses every everywhere but just can’t find them. Then he looked at he looked at his dog…and the dog was wearing glasses. Everybody was laughing at Tim the dog. Tim’s eye’s looked massive. Mr Real Flip at home he looked at his cat. And the cat was wearing glasses. Then he looked at Tim he was not wearing glasses. Woof woof or that mean’s The End!!


Assassin 105

Once in a desert. There was a city. The city was called ‘assassin city’. And in this twisted city. There was a assassin called ‘assassin 105’. And assassin 105 was the best assassin ever. 1 day assassin 105 had a mission to assassinate professor crocodile. Assassin 105 was wearing a purple ninja suit. Assassin 105 was at the professor’s lab. It was difficult to get in the building with all the camera’s. Eventually assassin 105 got in the building and shot the professor. The police came. And thank god assassin 105 got out. The next day there was a paper’s around the city saying twisted assassin on the loose prise of catching is 111.0000000 what will happen next??? The end for now!!!

The sweet with a mind of its own

Once on a hallowen. A kid was trick or treating. He droped a sweet on the floor. 2 weeks later it was a stormy night. The Lightning hit the sweet. The next night a man was going to his freinds house. The mans nose was bleeding and a blood drop fell on the sweet. The sweet began to grow legs. Then a kid (who looked like hes in college). Saw the sweet move on legs. The kid took the sweet to hes college. Then with hes lab partner he would not beilve hes eyes. They went to the lab. But……before they get into their white clothes (they use for when they do something in the lab). The sweet had no more legs no more legs or eyes….The End…Yay!

3am madness part 2

Last time on 3am madness a boy called Jack was In a hotel and a crazy i mean crazy killer was on the loose. But the cops caght the killer. So now be ready for part 2 of 3am madness now we are going to a church the preist was still in the church then the was a woosh sound “so what lies ahead of me a man with a knife?” then a echo comes the preist says “that sounded like a echo   someone said yes”. Then A voice comes and says “I hope you lived a good life”. And then bam the preist was dead……………to be continued…in the church….

3am Madness part 1

One Night In A Hotel Room A Kid Called Jack Heard A Weird Sound Outside The Room. The Time Was 3am. Jack Slowely Opened The Door Then There Was A Loud Scream Coming From The Ground Floor. Jack Walked down The Hallway And Went Down The Stairs. When Jack Came Down The Whole Ground Floor Was Red. Jack Called 911 The Police Came. When They Went Into The Hotel The Only Thing They Saw Was Red. Then There Was A Guy Holding A Knife And Before He Could Take Another Step…The Police Were Right Behind Him They Caght Him Put The Killer In Jail THE END…So What Lies Ahead…lets see next time….