Demon attack

once there was a happy planet but one day a giant rock from space fell from the sky plummeting everything in it’s path once the rock stopped it slowly brought in haft unleashing darkness. across the world as three stone looken statues slowly emerged from the rock once a single foot landed on the planet the entire planet. turned into stone and everything touching it turned to stone as well. 100,000 years later. The entire world slowly crumbles to dust leavening nothing but dust as the demons leave and another planet to turn in to dust

Wk12: The energy sandwich

Once there was a kid who was so energetic that he could not stay still for a single second. But one day he was eating his lunch but little did he know there was a battery in his white sandwich once he took a bite he passed out 1 day later…. “what happened said the kid” you have a battery in your stomach “WHAT!!!! shouted the kid” when the kid got up he ran so fast that in 1 second he was on the other side of the world “what’s happened to me said the kid” the kid ran so fast that once he hit a wall splatter r.i.p the kid…..

The bank robbery!

Once there were three robbers who very much liked diamonds and gold so the only way they could get diamonds and gold is to steal it from the banks of banker valley the town that has the most banks . One day the three robbers were out at night looking for a bank with all the diamonds and gold finally they found a bank that had mountains of diamonds and so they waited until it was midnight the darkest time of night so they quickly went to the bank but little did they know that there was a trap waiting for them they broke the door down and got caught in the trap when they got caught and put in jail the end

Wk:9 Ghost Town

In 1321 there was a town in ROME but when the town was built a explosive bomb was set off killing 3 quarters of the town . 279 Years the town is in ruins nobody lives there except the ghosts of the town legend has it that ever night the ghosts would be seen by mortals but most people don’t believe that legend.500 Years later the town has finally fix the town and a few ? people moved in but they still are  afraid of the ghosts so they a gold cross on there doors but one day a person forgot to put a gold cross on there door an a ghost came in and told the person everything so the person told ever one about  and the ghosts and people lived happily ever after.

Wk:7 The cursed door

It is 3459 when humans have just discovered alien existent. But it caused a serious war against aliens. But humans we’re more than ready to deal with aliens.       Using live stealer. There were a young man called Mashta he was born strong and fast . But one day he was trying to save his friend from a falling plane Mashta used his super strength to but he just made a hole to save his friend. Mashta quickly found a open door Mashta quickly went in and found is friend injured as the door slammed, I knew that Mashta had to get out now . Mashta quickly got out and drove all the aliens out

Wk6 Animal that came back from extinction

1982 a big eyed Lemers were thought to have been extinct. But at 2003 an archaeologist group were looking for big eyed Lemers just to show the world that big eyed Lemers are not extinct. The archaeologist have been in the Amazon rainforest for several days but the next day they have heard a weird noise coming from the forest they quickly got out of there tents . Suddenly they saw a family of big eyed Lemers feeding on mangoes. They quickly took a picture of them . 1 year later after the archaeologist group discovered that big eyed Lemers were not excited.

My object

My object is not a living object . Most archeologists use this item for uncovering bones in the ground. I got  from my grandpa as a gift on Christmas. I use it mostly for a secret bank but my brothers have no idea that it is a bank . It is a gold looking thing but for my dad it looks silver . I hope that I will never lose it . It would be awesome if it could have more archeologists tools in it I really enjoy digging with my object. I hope one day I will find a real dinosaur bone one day

Wk4: Ahhhh it’s a dog?

One day a little boy named Jinx. Jinx was going for a walk one day went stumbled upon a weird looking stick it had a strange word on he picked it up a flash of      light struck Jinx . He started to feel weird Jinx started to glow he suddenly saw a dog he grabbed the dog but . another flash of light but it hit the dog when Jinx was starting to get up from the ground and the dog was wearing glasses after Jinx passed out 1 hour he woke up he quickly ran home leaving the stick . Then he herd a voice and when he woke up he then learned that it was all a dream the end

The Professors purple crocodile

Once there was a twisted professor that was messing around with different shades of purple with a few animal D.N.A . But it went wrong when he tripped and fell dropping one purple shade and a ancient crocodile egg but the lucky injured professor the egg landed on his chair but so did the purple shade capsule and spilt on the egg bringing it back to live. But still the injured professor was having a difficult time walking so he called 911 the ambulance they pick him up and drove to the hospital and quicky removed the broke bone. 5 months later… the ancient crocodile egg hatchs it goes on a rapepage distroying every thing after an hour it found a way out but it was a trap the ancient crocodile fell in a lave pool and died …..the end.


The Animal Invasion ??

One day the scientists were messing around DNA. But one of the scientists fell and threw the two different types of animal DNA and both hit the most important person the smartest person in in the world. But nobody new so after night the smallest person in the world. His DNA started to be released out of his body in the morning he had become a half man and frilled lizard when he woke up. And went on a rampage releaseing all the mutated animals from there cages ; Let’s take over the planet said doctor animal; But be for he could of reacted he got shot in head but nobody knew suddenly a group of women started to shot killing all the mutated animals THE END.

Monsters come from the void 2

When Fillip touched the black water his hand started to get consumed by it “HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP”- said Fillip,”EVERYONE PULL NOW”-  said Luke . Everyone pulled but it consumed his heart -” help me please”- said Fillip . The black water slowly sucked him up but something started to come up -“RRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN NNNNNOOOOOOWWWWW “-said Yoche . So everyone ran in to a cave. It looks like somebody was living here- thought Billy. Inside the cave was a bed,some painting on the walls and a cage.”Get in the cage”- said Yoche ! While Luke,Noah and Billy were slowly getting in the cage , the monster was planing a plan “So what lies ahead of my way to kill MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”- said the Monster ….


to be continued ….



Monsters come from the void

One day there was a volcano called Mont Devil,  but nobody really know why its called Mont Devil, because everyone who ever… “N00000! Uncle are you okay?-talk to me please ! ;_; ;_; ;_; – Find out why everyone is disappearing….

Filip 29 years later…- “now i can finish what i started”- Filip and his friends Luke,Noah and Billy went up to Mont Devil,they climbed higher and higher,until they saw scatteredbones every where and more higher they went more bones there was.They got very scared. So what lies ahead of us said Filip .When they reached the top and looked down in to the volcano heart – there was no lava, they just saw a black water ….

to be continued.

Thank you