Wk:29 The Special Potion

One friday evening a crazy scientist created something that emitted poison that was very misty. It’s was supposed to increase your strength, but the side effect was death. This thing was then called a potion. After you drink it in the next 10 days parts of your body become crimson red. It would spread across your body and kill you. The first victim of it called Kyle shouted help me in the first 9 days. He was frantically jumping around like a fish. When he died they took him to a special grave. His family misses him a lot. Maybe the scientist is targeting someone else now?

Wk18:The Teapot heads

Once upon a time there was a family of teapot head monsters that would be stone at morning but alive at night so they’re kind of nocturnal.

When it was night they would attack you if they are awake and steal your TEA especially the green tea and you know we all I love my green tea.

And then at morning people would drink tea from their teapot looking heads, but at least I can take my tea back in the morning, beacause I brought like 20 cups.

It was very very worth it the green tea is the best, Drink it with sweets.

Wk17: The snake I hated but now I eat.

Once upon a time lived a race of red snakes that tasted nice. I would hunt them for my soup. I would eat them for my tastebuds, I would swallow them whole too. It just had this taste to it that made me happy. But before when I was young, I HATED IT. Any time they are in your house they cycled around your clock, it made it really slimy. They could possibly even eat your food. And foods really important so stay away from these red snakes unless you eat them. I opened a shop about these red snakes, come to it.

Wk16 Donald Turnips Turnip Hand

Once upon a time lived a creepy hand that resembled the face of Donald Turnip. It was made as a statue but a wizard mad it come to life. It was located at the top of Turnips Tower. It was a nocturnal hand that went out at night and stole Turnip, well of course he did. When he stole your turnips he would make MEGA-TURNIPS to eat. When he eats MEGA-TURNIPS he grows like Donald Turnip he kinda has a lot of width, no offence. But one time they set a trap and they caught him RED HANDED good joke right?

Wk15: North Korea

In the beginning of Korea was terror. A lot of fighting was going on there. The north part of Korea wanted to separate. So they had a Civil War. I went on from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. The leaders of the war each wanted to win, but the South Koreans made an agreement North Korea had well North Korea and south had south of course. But North Korea is mean there dictators were a family race called THE GODLY KIMS. Everyone knows KIM-JONG-UN. That guy is a bully that kills people for watching tv that comes from ANY continent. Pure evil. Don’t go there.

The magical TOD

Once upon a time lived a delicious sandwich from the SubWay Jungle Gods. It was called The Energetic Sandwich. You have to travel a very long way to find it, and at some points it might troll you and have find a white battery. It looks good. A lot of people hurried to the jungle to find it. But there was a person called TOD blessed from the gods. He easily finds stuff. TOD found the sandwich BUT got trolled and had to charge it. So he had to find The WHITE BATTERY again. So he found it but can he find The sandwich again?

WK11: The Mythical Beings

Once upon a time lived a being called ο apxaios He killed his victims slowly and they don’t realise it. One time they tried to kill my mom. A mythical creature called ο σπουδαίος is a being that can  heal any victim of ο apxaios, but you need to say the words of gods to summon him. My mom knew those words, but she was under the affect of ο apxaios. He can control your body. When he was controlling my mom he brought her to a forest. He stood in front of her and said DIE. But just at that time ο σπουδαίος came and killed o apxaios.

Wk10: The Mastermind

On one day there was one mastermind that craved ALOT of money. His identity is a mystery. He always go into bank heists with the mechanics he makes. The police always wonder why he gets away. But one time he was on a heist at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of Japan, The richest bank in the world. He was going in casually but at one point he went into the vault fully armed. He killed about an estimated 20 SWAT units and 50 police units. He ran in the vault and got 1 Billion Yen. That is about 15 Million dollars. But where would we hide it all?

Wk9: The Forgotten Souls

Once there was a haunted city in America. The name is unknown, only the C.I.A know about the origins. The sacred state is inflated with gas so any one that goes there will surely die. It is a place where 3 souls layed and rest. The souls where angry that their families and their country had forgotten them. They soon had revenge on their country by terrorising them and scaring the two living hells out of them. The C.I.A had to release the story or the souls will be forever in a angry spirit. The C.I.A soon told the story it says DIE…

Wk7: The Haunted Horrer

Yo what’s up guys. Today we are in a haunted house. Right now I’m with Jake and for new subscribers I’m Anthony. We are in the haunted house now. For some reason it’s really warm in here, and it smells terrible here well I guess that’s obvious.Well we are back again and Jake just found a dead body. Guys get ready we are going into the Death Room, wait a second is that a Mad Man? Wait no he has a axe, NO HES COMMING RUN. I fell down, so I crawled out, but as the door slammed I knew it’s over for my life…

Wk6: The Deadly Hurricane Wilma. October 16 2005

Hello I am Jake and I’m going to be sharing fantastic news with you. Today we had a terrible dissaster. Hurricane Wilma killed about 62 people, one them actually made a man fly into water! It has hit near Jamaica, The golf Of Mexico, Cape Romano and Florida. Wilma’s intensity slowly leveled off after becoming a Category 5 hurricane, and winds had decreased to 150 miles per hour (240 km/h) before it reached the Yucatán Peninsulai. Wilma was the twenty-second storm, thirteenth hurricane, sixth major hurricane, fourth Category 5 hurricane, and second-most destructive hurricane of the 2005 season. This is Jake and we are signing off from The Daily News.

Wk5 My Lovely… By Excel

You have it, I have it ,we all have it. You need it, I need it, we all need it. You love it, I love it, we all love it. It helps us all the way in our hardest troubles. When we need them they are there. They may have come from the past but they are like angels sent from heaven. There are multiple of them, more might come when you’re here. It keeps expanding like the universe, but when they’re gone you’re in tears. But when they are still here for you love them till they go to heaven and finally they are your…

Wk4: The Funny Dog

Once upon a time lived this Dog that had bad eyes. Well like any other dog, just me guys? Oh come on. Any ways when I finished school I walked my dog. He wouldn’t follow me properly. I brought him to SPECSAVERS! And then this man came out he was MR SPECSAVERS! He gave my dog majestic glasses. He put them on, and the dog was wearing glasses. Majestic Glasses! Then the dog sang “I can see perfectly now the rain gone” when in reality it’s his eyesight. He he started to jump like with a hyena voice saying “I can see perfectly now the rain gone”.

The Twisted Professer

One twisted day a very powerful professor escaped from a high security prison. He was Mal. His parents named him that before they died. He was in rage. He decided to make a powerful mutant mixbreed. It was a combination of a crocodile and cheetah. He called it Crichee. It was a purple destructive rage-enduring speeding hybrid. It way to difficult to kill. It can decimate anything in its sight. He decided it was time to take revenge on the people that killed his parents. The professor had a mental illness. It was personality disorder. His second name is Josh and he found out HE was the killer…

The Light bulb sweet and a man

Once upon a time lived a very fat man and his wife. They are a happy couple and have this light bulb that brings out sweets. The sweets are very colourful. They taste wonderful and are bursting with flavour! But one time his wife had enough of having a fat husband. She got a hammer and slammed it! Her husband was mad. He quickly got a bucket and legged it! He said “Ha I still have the sweets”. His wife was furious as chased after him like a horse. She was about to stop him but he ate all the sweets. And he was laughing like a donkey.he said “LOL”

The Fallen Titan by Excel

On wonderful day many rich and poor people have strolled on to this wonderful big ship called the Titanic.It will be remembered for being the biggest ship in the world.As soon as I came onto the Titanic I knew it was going to be a very special ship.The service was good and the food was better!Me and my wife Juliet were watching Television and at the same exact moment I and my wife heard a big BANG! we were scared everyone shouted in fear.We all went out to the ship harbour and blocked of the poor people. Unfortunately we all got on a Life boat it was a unfortunate day for mankind so,what lies ahead of this is that… WE CELABRATE ???