Bomb out in Australia week18

I was on my holiday to Australia. The plane ride was awesome because the plane had it’s own computer’s-built in to it. I got to my hotel room and my jaw dropped. There was three army  men right there in front of my eyes.”I’m teribbley sorry sir but we’re in the middle of a war with the plastic in tans“.what. The plastic in tans.what is that.”You mite think it sounds stupid but they are bombing us“.have a look out the window.I saw a bomb coming threw the window so I jumped I landed on the ground but luckily I was not high up. I saw a plastic man and ran and ran and ran.

The mystery week 17

it was a wet stormy night. Sarah was walking down the alleyway coming home from the shop. She saw a bin rumbling and she went to investigate. She was scared but bravely approaching the bin. The lid opened without Sarah doing so. I…it grabbed her pulling her by her hair all I saw was big fat greasy hands and the girl screaming for help. I went to help her but it was to late. I turned in horror to see another one. I ran around it back home and climbed into the bed. The next morning the police were asking but how could she just disappear???

Week9 the animals

On one Halloween night little I was in bed sleeping.He was dreaming about little ducklings riding on turtle backs with gorillas around them betting on them racing.Further in to the jungle there were pidgins pretending to be vampires.Then little I was awoken by a big loud BANG.He was shivering in his PJ’s.He was so scared. I lept out of bed to get his baseball bat that I bought only formoments like these. I went downstairs to see what exactly what was down there. I wondered what was behind the doar.The kitchen door I never thought I’d be scared of going in there.I saw in the sink a little duckling on a turtle.Then a pidgeon came and flew them away

Week 2 The school tour

It was nice sunny Tuesday morning.The kids were moaning because of what was going to happen. It was there school tour to the reptile zoo. They were looking forward to the zoo just not the bus drive.The bus driver was the WORST.He was a fat ugly farting burping anoying person.Even the teacher hated him but she tried to be polite.Once one of the kids climbed on to the top of the bus it was tricky bout worth it until he fell off that is.the kids made it out alive.they went into the mauve building.The bus driver went in aswell.The children were so tired of him they pushed him into the alligator

The end