Pongo the Alligator wk2

Once upon a time there was an alligator named Pongo.This hurrendous name came from his owner Mr Bongo who worked as a teacher in a school in Florida. Everyday Pongo had to wear a maeve hat, scarf and gloves and Mr Bongo let the students come and see Pongo and they all laughed. Pongo thought about escaping. One idea was to eat Mr Bongo, this backfired because Mr Bongo has a very big bottom and farts all the time. Pongo had to climb over the fence and into the river he jumped. He swam and swam and never wants to see Mr Bongo again.

The Weird Story about someone eating a Cheeseburger by Eoin

Once there was a man called Peter, who LOVED cheeseburgers. One day, he went to Mac Cheeseburger (a fast food place) in his town, but he started to swell up. Everyone started to panic, put Peter had no idea what was happening. He just kept eating his tasty cheeseburger. He had no idea he was about to blow up. He finished his cheeseburger and ordered 3 more, but he was about to explode. Peter was in grave danger and he didnt even know. Peter ate 2 of his cheeseburgers, but blew up by eating too many  with the 3rd in his hands.

The worlds best Food

I was on my way to get my daily KFC until the worst ever news broke my small town. KFC SHUT DOWN!!!!! It was the worst day ever. That was until the next day a new fast food place moved in to where KFC was. I decided to try their food, since KFC was my only food source. And it was AMAZING!!! I just couldn’t taste something so tasty! I went to the kitchen to ask for the recipe when I found out they stole the new KFC chicken recipe! I ran to the nearest KFC and everything turned out ok.

Slimey Monster

One night, a UFO crashed in a field and a weird blob came out and attacked everyone. I’ll tell you the whole story.

So, when that slimey blob came out of the UFO it just started attacking everyone for no reason, and all I knew was that I had to do something about it. So I tried attacking it, but it was too strong. So I got the whole Army to help. But when we went to find it, it found us first. The slime dripped through the wall and almost killed us all but it couldn’t breath properly and died.

The Haunted Dimension

I finally found it. The secret portal to the Haunted Dimension. I received a hint that criminals were going to open this portal, and I had to stop them. This portal could somehow camouflage though, so    when people went through it, it looked like they went through the wall. (2 HOURS LATER) The criminals were finally here, and I was ready to stop them. I grabbed my gun and blocked the 5 criminals from opening the portal and leaving out the ghosts. We fought for HOURS until I threw the criminals into the Haunted Dimension, never to be seen again.

The Revenge by Eoin

It was time. 20 years ago, I was framed by my old friend, who was the one who stole the diamonds. But I’m out of prison and it’s time for my revenge. I got my camera, with all the evidence I gathered and ran to his house. When I got there, he opened the door and I hit him on the head, HARD. Then I stole some beautiful brown diamonds on his desk and ran. I was really worried because I thought he was running after me, but I got to the police station in time, showed them the evidence and my old friend was put in jail.

The Worlds Smallest Hero by Eoin

In a town, where criminals ruled everything, there was one man, who was born to safe the city, that the people trusted. But he was very small. He was fantastic, but how was something so small going to save the city? The man was confident though, despite all the criticism he was getting. And one day, he did something that will make the people stop giving him criticism forever. He sacrificed his life for that small town. And now, he will never be forgotten. Well, he’s not dead! But he was kicked out of the town never to be seen again, but still, he won’t be forgotten.

The Olympic Problem by Eoin

One day, in Billybeg, there was a terrible problem in the Olympics, and there was a possibility that the Olympics would be cancelled. But a runner, named Bob said he would save it. And he did so very quickly. “So this is why I am always last” he said as he videos the other runners paying the referees to make them win.  But the other runners see him, tie him up and steal his camera. “I need to get out of here” he said, but luckily enough he didn’t have to, as his friends came along with the camera. ” The Olympics are saved!” he said.



The Tree Stealer by Eoin

One day, a giant from under the ground named Heinz, started stealing trees. He was grabbing the roots of trees and pulling them into the ground. But one day, his hand got stuck in the ground, but was slowly sinking into the underworld. I had to stop him, but I didnt know how to. I failed multiple times trying to stop him, but I finally made a Freeze Ray to freeze his hand in the ground.But the Freeze Ray was stolen by a squirrel (who was friends with the giant). But the squirrel betrayed the giant and froze his hand, and never stole trees again. (Well, he couldnt anyway!)

My Funny Cat by Eoin

My cat is very funny. She is a really playful cat and loves running around the house. One day, she ran in and out of the house for a whole hour! And my dad got SO annoyed he locked her in the house for a whole day and said to her, “Try get out now!” Another thing my cat loves to do is climb. She climbs on EVERYTHING! On the chairs, on the kitchen table, in the trees and even on my dad when he sits down! Then one day, my cat fell out of a tree and I didn’t see her climb since!

The Haunted Theme Park by Eoin

Many years ago, in a forgotten island called Bobby Island, a whole theme park exploded, with the millions of visitors sadly parishing. The owner of the park made sure no one knew about it, but I found out and I’m about to go there and explore the haunted theme park. 2 days later, I finally made it and I made my way to the Terror Tower ride. But suddenly all the lights went out and I was absolutely terrified. I heard noises coming from the tracks and went to find out what it was. And I saw……

Irish Civil War by Eoin

I was in my room, peacefully sleeping, until suddenly, I heard a huge explosion. BOOM! The noise was so loud, I felt the whole house shake. I ran downstairs to ask my parents what was happening. “We are not safe here”, said my mam. “Another Cvil War is happening”,  said my father, petrified. “We need to leave Ireland, its not safe here.” Me and my parents quickly ran to Dublin Airport, to try find a way out of Ireland. My dad said,”The airport is closed, but I know how to fly a plane.” my dad continued,”If there is a plane here, we could fly to America” Then we safely made it to America.

The Mauve Monkey by Eoin (Prompt in Capital Letters)

One day, in a place called Bananaland, a strange monkey was born.The monkey was actually completely normal, except his skin was MAUVE.The monkey loved playing around, and swinging from branch to branch.But one day, a robot made completely from STEEL, was hiding UNDER the branches, and started attacking everyone. The monkey, not knowing about the powers that he had, ran away extremely hastily.But after hearing voices of anguish, he had a vision. He saw a TEARFUL monkey feed him a magic CARROT, but that was it, and he finally realised he had powers. Then out of nowhere, he used superhuman strength to beat the robot, and kicked him as far as anyone could imagine.


Storm in Pizzaville by Eoin

One day,in a completely normal place,something terrible was about        to happen……KFC WAS SHUTTING DOWN!!! Just joking,KFC wasnt shutting down,but something bad was about to happen,because the weather was terrible at the moment in Pizzaville,and a horrible storm was coming.A week quickly passed and the storm was about to arrive.The people of Pizzaville were really scared.As the weather changed,they all stayed in their houses,trying to keep safe.KFC even shut down, which is bad because everyone in Pizzaville loved KFC.Anyway,let’s get on with the story.In the end,it turned out that everyone was safe because it was just a giant above them making loads of noise.

The Paris Saint Germain Dream by Eoin

One day,I went to Paris on holidays.I loved playing football and my dream was to play for Paris Saint Germain. The next day,I was at a PSG match,and at half time,there was a competition,and the first person to hit the crossbar could play the second half for PSG!I was the first up, I looked in front and behind,which way do I kick the ball?I was so nervous I was confused, I didnt know what to do.I kicked the ball, and much to every ones surprise, I hit the crossbar! (PSG went one to win the league that year.)

Back from the Dead by Eoin

One day, in a world where a wish would never come true,a boy was at his granddads funeral.This was a weird world,where the New Year was Christmas,and the only time that a wish could come true.”In 2017 I hope,” the boy said”I hope my grandfather comes back.”2017 soon came,and the boy was waiting for days,but his granddad was nowhere to be seen.The boy was still waiting,months after his wish,but still his granddad never came.The boy visited his granddads grave 5 times a week,sometimes 6 times a week,because he missed him dearly.He was down at his granddads grave,when a miracle happened,the boys granddad appeared from the grave!

The Flying Crocodile by Eoin

One night, a man called Mr Muscle was eating his breakfast while watching the news. When he saw the headlines for the morning, he spat his orange juice all over his brother,who was sitting on the sofa beside him.The headlines were that a flying crocodile escaped from Turkey Town Zoo,and flew to somewhere in Chicken Avenue.Mr Muscle almost collapsed after he saw the reward for finding the croc.”15 million euros!?” he said,” I’ll be rich!” Mr Muscle searched far and wide within the country,but couldn’t find anything. He eventually went home and somehow found the flying crocodile sitting on his toilet!”I’m RICH!” he said.



The Weird Looking Giant by Eoin

One day,a man named Pat,who lived in a place called Turkey Town,walked to the local golf club from his home.Pat eventually made it to the golf course,but there was nobody there.”That’s strange,” he taught to himself,”It’s usually packed with people.”He ventured around the golf course until he found a cave on the 16th hole.Pat looked inside and he saw a weird looking giant with a weird face and legs for hair inside the gigantic cave.He then ran away from the cave and found a golf ball with a C4 stuck to it.He then went back to the cave,took out his 5 iron and hit the ball at the giant,who exploded. THE END

A Speech for Peaky by Eoin

Greetings humans of Earth,my name is Peaky and I am Great Britains first robot that was sent into space.I am currently about 35 kilometres in the air at the moment,and I got sent up in a box with a tracker and a camera,which is attached to a parachute and a giant balloon!The balloon attached to the box I was travelling was 1 kilometre wide,but the balloon has now expanded and is now 7 kilometres wide!I should be on my way down to Earth soon,and I’m so excited because I can’t wait to get home and meet you all!But untill then, I’ll see you soon!



A Giraffe became President by Eoin

One day,a boy named Timmy went to the zoo and met a giraffe,that could strangely talk.His name was Billy,and wanted to become president since he was a baby.”Lets run for president”,he once said randomly.”Okay”,said Timmy.The giraffe was somehow allowed run for president,and he was up against Jiminybillybob Jr,Tom the tiger and Bob the Bear.It was halfway through the election and Tom and Bob pulled out,so it was Billy against Jiminybillybob.It was finally the end of the election and they were counting the votes.Soon later,the judges said it was all square,but mysteriously left quickly,but where were they going?Billy followed them to the polling place in New York,and were making fake votes for Jiminybillybob!Billy counted the votes himself,and he won! THE END

The Mutant Spiderman by Eoin

One day,Spiderman was helping his friend Ed the scientist when Ed tried to make a mutation potion.Soon later,Ed went on his lunch break and asked Spiderman to continue creating the potion while he was gone.But a while later,Spiderman tripped and spilled the potion!Spiderman than turned into an enormous friendly spider.Later on loads of people were in danger because ISIS attempted to rob a jewellery shop.Spiderman rushed to the jewellery shop,and tons of people saw him climbing a building to try reach the jewllery shop on time.He eventually got there and trapped ISIS (the robbers).And then everyone was safe. THE END

The Evil Robot by Eoin

One day there was a scientist named Johnny,who LOVED robots,and one day,he said to himself,”I’m really tired from all this work”,so he decided to make a robot to help him with his experiments.He looked amazing.Johnny felt the robot.The material felt like iron,but a lot stronger.But then, one day when he was at home sick and couldn’t come to work,the robot was hacked by a member of ISIS and started destroying everything he saw.The robot was crazy and everyone was in grave danger.Johnny tried to stop him but he was unstoppable.Suddenly, a man called Habib blew up the robot and everyone was safe. THE END… OR IS IT??!!