Week 4 the broken car

one day there was a boy and his dad got a new dog and his sons friend has a dog for hunting and then the boy wanted to get a dog. After a while of thing he got the dog so then that went hunting and on the way back there car stopped working so thay where there for like 4 hours when it just wooden the take off.A car drove past and tray got a lift home what that did not know it was the farmor and he said stay away from my field the end.

Week 3 The Tall Boy by Dylan

One day there was a really tall boy that got a yellow bicycle. But he was too tall for the bike and he was desperate to get a bike the right height. His mum warned him that he was too tall for most bikes. He greedily shouted at his mum. So that set off on an adventure to find a bike that would fit him. He ended up going to Ireland first and then to America and had no luck. The next day they went to Canada and there they found a bike in the end.

The multicolored men wk18 Dylan

One apon a time there was a normal city with ordinary citizens.They did what normal people do.Like shopping,and all the other stuff that people do.But far far away.There was the multicolored people.In a planet called MULTICOLORED 2.0.They hated humans.And I mean hated humans.The multicolored army had a plan.To wipeout mankind.It was horrible.But they didn’t care.So as they got the rocket ship ready they loaded guns.While Earths army wanted to attack them so they got there rocket ship ready they loaded the same things.It was time for battle they both went different ways and caused mass destruction . They both had no planets .It was a disaster .The end

Wk2-the Gas mask

Once back in WW2 ,in Aushwitz concentration camp ,there was a teacher named Ms Mauve .She had a pond with an alligator in it.All the Jewish people were sent to a concentration camp.There was a boy named Vladimir.He tried to climb the walls, it was very tricky.One day he got caught and he was put to death by gas.53 years later he woke from the dead.He had a gas mask on him when he woke.He went and killed the kkk because they did the Hitler sign and now anyone that does the Hitler sign they will get killed by Vladimirs ghost.

Week 4: The best Christmas ever

Once upon a time it was Christmas I woke up I saw my presents there the dog was wearing red glasses the dog was gone crazy  because he wanted food I gave him that then I opened my presents then I got black ops 3 I was so happy I played it in my bedroom we had Christmas dinner then I played fetch with my dog he was funny then we had fun   we all had fun then so  we went to the park to play my dog then I gave him a bone he buried it we went home the end

The scary ghost

I was in a house I heard freaky noises I heard a ghost then he got closer I got so scared I hid he was trying to find me then ahhhh I went I ran out of here it was so scary the ghost scared the hell out of me then I hid under the table so the ghost doesn’t now where I am then I ran out of the house I called the police then they arrested him then I ran home than I hugged and kissed my family I really missed them that the end of my story The end

crash course x origins part 1 by dylan

me and my friends were exploring a cave when we found a massive space ship.the door opened and we decided to enter.In the flash of lighting i saw a cute little robot he said “hello im alpha 12 descendant of the legendary  alpha 5″.I said “take us to your master please alpha”.He said “sure”.We walk through a massive door and inside was a massive glass chamber.suddenly a beautiful being appeared inside the glass chamber she said “hello i am karona i am here to guide you five i will train you to become the legendary crash course.(A devise appeared in our hands) thease are your morphers  they will help you in battle i will reveal more at a later date”.  to be continued 

The adventures of mix up girl

  • Mix up girl was running from magic hunter Corey who was after her magic he could walk through walls when he was young he put his hands through a hamburger restaurant and stole a burger!Mg charged a mix up blast but missed Corey he got away mg(short for mix up girl)went searching for him but found a spaceship wreck she opened th door and looked inside inside she saw her evil clone girl up mix.gm faded away few it was just a hallucination.suddenly Corey dropped a net on mix up girl she tried and tried to get out but she could not!……TO BE CONTINUED

Slice and dice by dylan

One day  I was playing Xbox with friends.”This level is sooo hard”I said to my friend Sean.”I know it’s like totally impossible”said Sean.Suddenly we get sucked into the game.Sean has a camera and I have a sword.My friend Abbie has a brown rug.”what are thease for”i said.”dunno”said Sean.Suddenly a beautiful fishiwisi apeared and sang”I is fishiwisi I love to fart lalala.I got worried and thought we would never get home.Then I woke up in bed.It was a bad dream.Suddenly a big unicorn named danicorn did a poo on my floor and my mam made me clean it up.The we all are Chinese food but danicorn had horrible diharia after his special curry. The end

the rise of anikono By Dylan

Lexi was walking in the park.She stopped at her favorite tree.It was her favourite tree because it was were she defeated anikono the giant he was sent 400,000.000 feat uder ground.Suddenly a massive hand rose up and picked up the tree.”I HAVE RETURNED AND THIS TIME I WONT BE LEAVEING”said anikono.”yes you are”screamed Lexi. She teleported  onto his hand and flung an electromagneic wave blast and anikono exploded into 400,000,000 pieces. The world was safe it was all because of one girl.lexi was forever known as the greatest hero EVER.BUT SUDDENLY ALL OVER THE PLACE MILLIONS OF HANDS STARTED TO BURST OUT OF THE GROUND……to be continued

The adventures of spoyngo boyngo 2


Hi im spoyngo this is my second adventure.It was a dark and stormy night spoyngo was sitting on the toilet but suddenly he heard a bang “Oh crap I wonder what that was let me finish going to the loo then I’ll go check”said hspoyngo. Spoyngo rang his two best friends jiminybillybob and Dylan.(by the way I’m Dylan).(the rest of the story is told by dylan)I ran to the boyngo house hold.I ran into spoyngos room and the on the bed was a strange rock on I turned around and started talking to the lads but as I turned around it changed shape into a baby….…To be continued 


The adventures of Spoyngo boyngo

Hi my name is sproyngo this is my adventure.I had just finished eating my Chinese  food when I first saw the orange crocodile within two minutes he was gone I thought he was super slow then I remembered I had to help my granny fish her knickers out of the loo.So I ran to grans and I saw a man in a van who was called dan.He was trying to catch the crocodile.I went into grans house and helped her get her knickers out that were very wide.Suddenly the crocodile jumped out of the loo and ate granny. I collapsed on the floor and never woke up. The End

Mi high adventures ep1

It was a dark and stormy day It had been 3weeks since Alan and titamonto had invaded earth but now titamonto`s cousin potaslegas was here(by the way potaslegas is a plant pot with legs sticking out of it).I said”please not another alien invasion  just go home”.potaslegas says”sure thing I just came for a can of coke”. Then potaslegas went home.just kiding.He started to blow up stuff then the boy from my last story called Habib blew him up with an RPG….The End.Please in the comments let me know if you would  like to see more mi high adventures.

Return to mihigh a new beginning p1 by dylan

It has been two years since I had worked for mi high and today was the day I returned to work with a new team yay!Today my mission was to just get used to the new school.I was standing at my locker when a man in a purple suit with a titanium glove.And another man wearing a purple bikini.The man in the purple bikini walks into me and says “golsj jeudj iej fh. I say to my self what did he say.I take out my spypod and tranlate it and it say we must get there quick.”but where were they going”I say quietly to my self………….

fight to survive by dylan

(The spider web was interesting. Lexi liked it.she was differant than anywhone she new.she had great powers that would only get stronger as she got older.she was going to have to fight for her powers someday thats what this story is about)lexi had finished her gardian training and she went home suddenly she was attacked she charged a fire ball and threw it back at the attacker.she had been hit with an enegrt crystal which can kill nomal human with one hit!.she was dying she only had one hope to find her old friend skyler…….the end for now…………….to be continued next week