WK16: The Scary Creepy Hand

once upon a time there was a boy called max and he was walking to town to get a game in gamestop. before he went in he saw a creepy scary hand ahhhh said max  there is a creepy hand the creepy hand was from underground max ran to gamestop .we went to get a game ok i will get black ops 3  its only €25:00 .ok lets pay ok lets go thank you bye ok lets go home the creepy hand was on him ahhh  max got him and threw him threw a house ok lets go ok  im saved misson completed.

WK9: The Awesome Kid

once upon a time there was a boy called johnny and he was 8 and he lives in a hotel with his mother and father and he was going out in his bike for 30 minutes with his friends one called sam another one was called joey and they were haveing fun when johnny came in there was no people in the house he checked everywhere it was creepy he was getting scared and he had a baseball bat someone was behind him it wasna ghost he went ahhhh a ghost he melted the ghost his mam and dad were back he was happy thats all enjoy my story