Wk7 the scariest story ever

Once upon a time there was a young boy called joey and he was at home .I day he went for a walk and so a freaky house .He wentinside he heard noises and he was terrified and when the door slammed I knew that it was going to kidnap meson I ran and hid it was freaky then 30 minutes later I was glad no one was there my family came home and it was a really good day until I almost was kidnapped so I was happy then I watched tv and enjoyed myself so we had a great time

The falling man

Once upon a time there was a man called joe he was walking to a pond and he had a 7up in his hand he was drinking it while he was walking then he keeped going then he fell in the pond by tripping over a rock and he drowned some people came to save him  they got him out so they sent him to the hospital to make him survive they tried and it didn’t workout then he’s family was sad that he died so then he never came back alive ever again it was a sad sad story

crash course x origins part 1 by dylan

me and my friends were exploring a cave when we found a massive space ship.the door opened and we decided to enter.In the flash of lighting i saw a cute little robot he said “hello im alpha 12 descendant of the legendary  alpha 5″.I said “take us to your master please alpha”.He said “sure”.We walk through a massive door and inside was a massive glass chamber.suddenly a beautiful being appeared inside the glass chamber she said “hello i am karona i am here to guide you five i will train you to become the legendary crash course.(A devise appeared in our hands) thease are your morphers  they will help you in battle i will reveal more at a later date”.  to be continued 

The adventures of mix up girl

  • Mix up girl was running from magic hunter Corey who was after her magic he could walk through walls when he was young he put his hands through a hamburger restaurant and stole a burger!Mg charged a mix up blast but missed Corey he got away mg(short for mix up girl)went searching for him but found a spaceship wreck she opened th door and looked inside inside she saw her evil clone girl up mix.gm faded away few it was just a hallucination.suddenly Corey dropped a net on mix up girl she tried and tried to get out but she could not!……TO BE CONTINUED

Octavian fratres By DylaN

we had broken rules all the ruleotrons were after us but luckly my friend Austin knows how to hotwire them to help us.Suddenly a tiny ruleotron comes up to my friend ava and says”mama”.Ava says”aww he is so cute?”.Suddenly he starts shooting lazers all over the place.I say to Austin”but how can somthing so small cause all this destruction.Austin hotwires the ruleotrons and they all explode now of to the presidents evil spooktorian lair.The president is called Octavian fratres.He thinks rules are the best thing ever.I hate him and he better watch out cause WE are coming.

Break the rules by Dylan

..so that is why I’m always last out of the school.I had just told my best friends Austin and Ava about my secret lab under the school.Suddenly ZAp I got zapped by a ruletron.Ruletrons make sure you don’t break the rules.”That’s it”I said to Austin and ava.”It’s time to BREAK THE RULES.We run to my underground lab and grab some stuff and start breaking rules.the only reason we wanted to break the rules is because our new president has way to many rules.I hotwire the ruleotron to explode and all the Ruleotrons explode.Oops I guess that means no test on Friday.YAY?

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