Week4: Apollo 11

NASA is sending a brand new rocket to the moon they tested it for years. NASA called this mission Apollo 11 everything was safe. “We are ready to take off “ and so they did everything went smoothly with the take off. Three days later they heard the news “we touched were on the moon. Those words made every one happy. A day later NASA  heard bad  news that the rocket would not take off. Over in NASA they had an argument they said  to use emergency launch the pilot yelled “I can’t “. When it would not take off when NASA sent an emergency rocket but when they got there the people weren’t alive

Week3: The mountain adventure

Once there was a man that loved extreme sport. The man was warned that he might die. But he never listened “You are just jealous “He would say. He bought a bicycle and went to a mountain with his friend. There was a jump the man wanted to do but his friend said to not. But the desperate man jumped but he fell and died. His friend greedily took the bike and painted it yellow so no one would know. A couple days later they found the body of the dead man and in a couple days later they caught the friend of the man and arrested him.