Ok so right now we are in the bank so let’s go into the place where the money is so let’s go!!! Ok OK! Alright we got the gold so let’s get Into the van but boss I told you there were cops all over the place!!! Well we need to find a way out COME ON THINK THINK THINK!!!!! Ok I have an idea let’s call a chopper to collect us it might be easier but what if the police see us and if they,catch us???well perhaps we should hide the gold and get out of here but where should we hide it all???just let’s go ohh damn they saw us SEE BOSS I TOLD YOU THAT THEY MIGHT SEE US!!!!!

Wk 7 – Loftus Hall

Hi my name is Damien and I went to laftos hall to have some fun. so I went to Wexford to laftos hall and I was in there for one hour and it was very very!! Creepy so I went with my whole family and at the start a man leaded us up stairs and we began to look around and we heard something and as the door slammed I knew that there was something scary to happen and then we kept going so we went into a creepy room where the card dropped and it was very interesting so we were all very very scared because we felt like some kind of ghost or something was behind us it was creepy!!!.

WK5:My interesting thing that I love

Ok so I’m gonna be talking about something that people celebrated in 2016 and now people are very very interested now and the people that were in the thing I’m talking about was Joseph plunket,Patrick pearse,James Connolly and more and there were a couple of places that people died in like the GPO and there is more.So back then as you can see people were battling a lot and this was on Monday after Easter Day so a lot of people died and it was really horrible back then so some people survived and some didn’t so thats all I will be talking about today I hope you figure out what it is???

Wk4: The Secret FBI Agents

There once was a dog that was a FBI agent and his dog team was helping him.They were kind of weird because they were wearing black suits black ties, and the dog was wearing glasses.

So they were on a lot of missions and they to send some people to jail and stuff like that but there was this one that was really hard for them to get and it wasn’t just a regular human being it was a dog!!! So they were trying to find him for the past two months already so at the end they found him and put him in jail and the FBI agents just kept on going over and over again.


Hi my name is Mike and i just started school and you know some people realy do want to go to school after summer holidays right?but not with anoying people in your class like me i  have some anoying people in my class and the worst one is called jack.He calls him self jack the crocodile because he realy does like crocodiles.The thing i realy hate about him is that he draws a profesor with purple crocodile slippers who does that?When we do our friday test he just moves a bit over to me and cheats i always catch him at the end and say what are you doing and he just says its difficult its a joke right?



There once lived two men in a house and one of them was a scientist and the other was a spy so the spy was always trying to take his freinds things because he was very jealous of what his friend has been doing.The scientist was making bottles of position and the positions could make more strength and energy for him and the scientist had a weapon that was called the shrinker and the spy never knew about it so he ended up finding it and the spy accidentally shrinked him self his friend and all the things around him so they ended up with nothing so they tried to fix every thing but they couldnt☹️THE END