Week 4 the forest chase

The guy was right behind him.Panthing heavily.He just kept running but suddenly.He was out he was in clear sight he ran to the air balloon he was just behind him.The shovel covered in blood.He tried to get away in the air balloon.He was scared when it just wouldn’t take off.Coming up right behind him was a serial killer.He grabbed on to the air balloon climbing in slowly.But he took the guy by the head.He was so scared but without thinking he kicked him off he fell lying their in pain.He shouted ill get you.So all he knew was he was safe he got home and Went to bed under their was the serial killer.

Week 3 Weird Kid

Once there was a lonely boy called Jimbo.He was a weird kid he picked his nose,licked his nose yeah he did everything with his nose.His parents were desperate.He was riding a yellow bicycle he best friend was jimmy he was a rock.One day he went to the shop and walked in an alley a man warned him and 3 masked men greedily took his bag and beet him up jimmy.The rock was in there and Jimbo ran after them but they just walked Jimbo was like a snail.He ran home crying to his dad and his dad did nothing.So Jimbo found a new friend called

Week 3 Hairline man

Once there was a man named Boris.Do you know the superhero called Superman,of course you do.He’s like him but has one more power blinding people with his bald patch.His job was teaching junior infants . During class he got a news flash.”Breaking news ,there is a robery in progress,WHERE ARE YOU HAIRLINE MAN,”the news reporter shouted.Boris said to his class”I’ll be back in a minute,” So he ran to the loo and started to comb his hair.But it seemed to be going backwards.But he didn’t care so he went of and he died.Sadly not many people came r.i.p Boris. The End

Week 2 Mr Boriss journey

Once there was a teacher named Mr Boris.It was another normal day in school until there was a knock on the door.Come in said Mr Boris.In came the creature.It was an alligator,he had mauve coloured scales and a scary grin.Who should I take to my dinner said the alligator.Then the dumbest person in the class called Doris shouted Pick me,pick me. OK,come with then.Then Mr Boris thought to himself, This is a ticky situation .So,Mr Boris followed them. Finally he got to the alligators home. When Mr Boris walked in he heard the alligator talking. CLIMB UP THERE FOR THE ONEHUNDRED TIME he shouted. So Doris climed up there.Then Mr Boris threw a pair of under pants at the alligator. For some reason he died. So they all lived hapily ever aftet r.i.p Doris