30wk I Made A Mistake

In my street there’s  is a really ugly postman called Sam but people call him ugly  Sam. One day ugly Sam arrived at my house ”when did it arrive i said while i was sniggering at his face in my head i was saying what an ugly man with long pointy nose and his triangle head ”I said thank you. ” Ugly Sam stared at me very anxiously  he said what’s  funny i said nothing suddenly i smashed the door on his face he stated banging on the door that was the day i made an enemy.

WK29 Creppy Harry

One creepy and misty night I went to the grave stone of mad harry they say if you say his 5 times and he will come back to life. I shouted his name 5 times in a flash an explosion he was standing there shaking acting m mad he started following me I stared running frantically he grab my hand and crimson stared dripping from his mouth. He pulled me trying to put me in his grave I was crying saying stop but he wouldn’t let go he hit me with a shovel and put me in his grave and no won new I was gone.

Wk18 don’t mess with me

One day a ugly smelly grossly looking man called bush man made a michine  that will turn people into stone but they didn’t know that he will turn them into his slave. People think that they will going on vacation one day later all this came and tried it out everyone tried it but this African women said no no oh African Olodo Rabta what are you trying to do here oh .You go into it then I will go oh bush man said no the women took powdiyam from here bag and threw it at him eyes he got knock out then stud on him and ate jellof rice and ruled the world.

Wk17 Demonic spirit and santanic court get out

Suddenly  a women called Stella walk in and looked at a red clock out of the blue Stella so her son in a snake coustume. She creamed and said santanic court who this ojo your son it’s a lie oh said Stella she cycled to church and  said this idiot has killed oh she went home and brought a bible and a belt with her. She hit him then said demonic spirit santanic court she stared praying oh my god forgives this boy she did one big hit to him he got knock out five hours later before he did anything his mom slap him again.

Wk15 I Am Mad at you Oh

In the beginning of Christmas Eve I went out to to get present for my family but the only thing I could noctice is the homeless people .I was really sad so I made a company to help the homeless from the cold and the people who don’t have anyone to celebrate Christmas with .I went to towns looking for homeless people I found hundreds of homeless people but in the distance. I so a homeless person getting pushed around I ran to help Her i push the guy away and I brought her to the shelter and we all celebrate Christmas together.

Wk12: Tommorrow is today

Today is going to be the best school day because every week I have the worst week. She went to school after school she said OMG!this was the best day of school suddenly a shooting star came past then she said I wish school was always like this she woke up and saw her brother was eating a sandwich like yesterday .She said what’s going on she shake her head went to school when she was walking she saw her energetic best friend whering a whit t shirt like yesterday .When  he was running he drop his battery of his phone he hurried to be  first in class out of the blue he ran into the white cubbord she ran home and wished that it wasn’t like everyday out of nowhere she woke up and saw that it was a dream.

Wk11: The Creepy Man Who Wore A Dress

One day a kid went to bed he was about to go to sleep but out of nowhere he heard banging at the door.The person said johnny JOHNNY he ran to the living and check through the window a creep man with a black stress was waving at him do you want to play little boy he said no aggressively and went to his bedroom and said it just a dream .He stared to approaching the door and saw the man walking to him with a knife he was breath so fast red stuff was dripping from his mouth  the man said johnny go to sleep JOHNNY GO AND SLEEP! out of the blue he woke up and started praying to god.

Wk10:The Overweight teacher With A Hairy Stomach and Small Head

On Monday the first day of school we had a very slim teacher called Johnny    Suddenly the  bell was about to ring all the student were happy.Then we so a huge fat hairy stomach everyone started to laugh one person said this he just like a pig the class stared saying oink oink the teacher look down at his stomach and saw it the bell rang the teacher went home and hid for the next day.The  teacher was in class eating a bunch of sweets the children was about to come in he said but were will I hide it all he put it all in his cupboard. The children came in and smelled sweets out of nowhere his shirt ripped people said his out of shape and a punch of sweets came out the teacher left the school and none saw him again.

Wk9: The Crazy Adventure

A long time ago there was a town called Atlantic there lived  a boy called Nathan  people were scared of him because he has a scar that means the devil is coming. All the towns people chased him out of the town thunder struck in a flash he left and towns people turned half human and half ghost.An adventurer advanced to a  unnatural  woods he looked back to see if anyone is following him suddenly he bumped into a  sign called The Town Of  Atlantic but he didn’t look careful . Then out of nowhere he so an abnormal thing he went to see what it was unexpectedly it bit him and he turned half human and half ghost he lead them to where he explored they all became a human ghost.

Wk7: God Should Punish Wicked And Evil Devil

Today is the worst  day of my life because where I come from they don’t celebrate Halloween they say it’s the devil birthday I thought it was unimaginable. On Halloween day my mum said don’t leave the house I didn’t listen I was too busy play video games. When my parents went to bed I went out to go trick or treating Suddenly I opened the door as the door slammed I knew the devil is in my house in a flash I was gone. My parents woke up they got frightened they went to my room to see if I was there they search everywhere and didn’t find me this is why you shouldn’t celebrate Halloween.


WK6: The worst and unforgetable moment of my life

2017 the 16th of October was the worst day for Ireland because hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland.Many of the peoples houses got destroyed also trampoline ,fences, cars and much more, some people regretted going outside when they weren’t supposed to go out. All schools were closed and 3 people died in Ireland. Several people had their electricity broken plus their satellite, still polices officers risked their lives because some unique people didn’t listen to the alert. Through out the storm there was rain and wind. Now hurricane Ophelia went to the north west thank god bearly any people got injured.

WK5 The screen

The controller, called Gamepad, has a built-in touch screen. And the system can wireless to both the Gamepad and the television at the same time. So you can play games in which the player has to change between the two screens. Or multiplayer games in which some players look at the TV while others look at the controller. Or you can just play games on the controller and forget about the TV  which we were surprised to find might be the most interesting  way to play on my favourite  system .

Wk4 The Dog Undercover

One day a evil scientist was experementing on his sidekick known as snuggles.The dog jump and exdently hit a pot it all spilled on him he began to fly,run,fast Suddenly he broke the wall.Meanwhile at a undercover spy agent for dogs they found out what happened agent Pete the best agent was ment to catch him. He was on the loose snuggles was at a dumpster he herd his footsteps he waited for him he punch him and ran away .He used a rope to pull him down he used his super speed to run away Scarlett the leader of the agent fired him for not catching him and the dog was wearing glasses to be undercover to catch him.



The Dna of Animals

The Professor was trying to discovered  how to give people animal Dna so they can have powers. The Professor ask some hunters to get a crocodile in a tropical rainforest. A few days later  one of the hunters twisted his leg, Joel was one of the hunters, He said it was difficult to catch the crocodile. The professors assistant   Johnny was the tester. In a flash Kyle turned purple and he got sharp long teeth. It worked but his skin colour changed, It went on the news and other people wanted to try it out. He did another person and he took a bird and gave it’s Dna to his friend. It didn’t  work and he melted . 

The Prankster That Got Cursed

One night two teenagers wanted to do a prank that people won’t forget.  They thought for a minute finally they got idea to destroy the first bottle that was made in the world . In a tale who every breaks it will be the same size as it and will very ugly,  They didn’t know about it. They sneaked to town, Took and destroyed it.  They went home, After they went to bed few hours later they woke up saw that the bed so big. Suddenly  he looked at himself in mirror and say he was tiny and that he was uglier then a pig he never told anybody and nobody ever  saw he again. 

The Giant Who Came For Revenge

Every year a Giant comes for revenge for the royal family. One night thunder struck a tree it went on flames, people came to check it out in a flash a Giant appeared out of nowhere. They all ran to the kings castle and told him all about it. Knights went to defend the king’s castle. The giant jumped over the trees and killed them, he took the body’s. A women came a across some red paint. She went closer and saw that it wasn’t paint.She ran away. She was running, She saw the giant, He took her The king said kill me instead for the kingdom they agreed nobody saw the giant again.