The Mystery Ghost…..

One misty midnight.Myself walking down my dads farm by a graveyard.Some of the grave stones broken but one of them scared the lived heck out of me so much that I fell scraping my knee.Then something popped out of an grave something very bright.I quickly ran away but it was on my tail.So I ran to my dad farm he wasn’t there so I hid frantically  breathing heavily.My knee had a crimson from my fall.The mysterious character shouted something scaring me and he said”SON COME AND REVEAL YOURSELF IM AM YOUR FATHER”he shouted.And it countinued

The Mighty Core of Tecton

One very dark day in New York, a group full of superheroes were ready to go against there nemesis Thanorus the conquerer of Gavewill a planet were the superheroes in the team are from.The super heroes are Tecton with his healing powers and his laser hands,Catgirl with her 9 life’s and finally the two (Normos who can still help).The next day a very odd day Thanorus was once again causing trouble.Everyone tried to run away but Although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress they still ran though.Tecton and the of the team appeared sliding down to Thanorus will he defeat  than ours or get heavily defeated by than ours to be continued

WK18:The african family

One Morning a nice day in Zimbabwe we were going to  KFC to have some lunch then as usual my sister was picky.And BTW Zimbabwe parents are STRICT so she realised she messed my mum said to her “Aaa GET THE CHICKEN POPCORN YOUR THE HORRIBLE VERSION OF GORDON RAMSAY *TSSSH* IDIOT GIRL WHO IS SO DUMB YOU CANNOT EVEN SPELL IQ IDIOT”I then had  to laugh I could’nt even resist it “HAAHAAA ITS TRUE YOU CAN’T SPELL IQ HA”I said.So then my mother looked me and then said”JESUS IS LORD CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT KIDS I HAVE JESU”I said but she said “AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO”And it all ended there……..


WK17:Ojo the Idiot

One day me and my friend Ojo where hanging around in his house.We were getting ready for a party.But there was a downside Ojo was dumb and he did’nt have fashion sense he wore red with black.It was nearly nine o’ clock in the evening and Ojo said “Aaa where are we going again?”he said next I said “JESU USE YOUR BRAIN IDIOTIC BABY IGUANA!”So then I decided that I should lie to Ojo and tell him there is no party!So I cycled to the place.”HA the Idiot Ojo Is to DUMB for ME”I said before seeing someone actting like a snake behind me.The  person said “BABY IGUANA HUH SHUT OF YOUR FAT MOUTH IDIOTIC MONGOOSE”.Then I said “Aaa your so dumb YOU CLIMBED MOUTAIN DEW idiot”Then he dissapeared…..

WK16: The Ugly Hand

Once there was a hand so ugly And creepy that God didn’t even accept it to this world! But it’s journey was to become beautiful like me. So the Ugly creature had a human face with big lips and the creature was very frightening. So it’s journey was to find the magical youth fountain drink it like a slurpee.Then find the Ugly downanator use it you will look beautiful right what day was the downside if you couldn’t make it before sunrise then you would look ugly forever so when got to the fountain the ghoul realised he turned even UGLYEIR! He then realised he went to the fountain of UGLYNEISS!

WK:15The Fortnite umbrella journey

In the beginning myself running getting out of the circle grasping for a medkit for health.Third circle others building forts and the I finally decided to try to get high ground five left some people had snipers so I had to be extra careful then I decided to sneak up for an easy kill.The guy had very good loot so I took it all.Three people left.I quickly ran to my fort and built higher till I coul see you people I kilt a guy then I got shot at so I then shot a rocket then knocked two people and won the umbrella.

WK12: The Time Machine

One day I was at school in the cafeteria  where I was about to eat my lunch.I had a sandwich for lunch. It wasn’t a normal sandwich. It was very white and I had made it a month earlier. I thought I had made it  that day so I decided to eat it. I was almost finished eating the sandwich when a battery fell out of no where. I realised was in the 80s! I heard songs. One of them was by A-ha – Take On Me. I was perplexed and I wondered where was I. For some reason the sandwich made me so energetic. I hurried outside and asked what year and it was? 1987, I thought? to be continued….


WK11: My wits end

Once there was a out of this world myth that if you lit six candles on fire a mythical savage would  appear in a black cloak with a staff.So me and my friends where up to do it.We got the six candles and some matches and we then started to light the candle.The moment we lit the last candle an huge fire came bursting up and almost  burnt us.We panicked horribly and we heard a voice it sounded like The,Reaper?The reaper said “I will rush upon your souls who summoned me?!”And one of are friends started to laugh and said”its a PRANK!”he shouted when he was laughing and were all at our wits end.

WK10: The BIG bust

Once there was a huge dark alley which no one ever I mean ever go through.But one day three people were willing to rob the liberty city bank.Some people called it the BEST bank robbery that ever happened.The three people were Fred,Johnny and Sam (which is me).They had equipment worth billions and april 3rd 2017 they came in  and Fred said nervously”EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM AND LAY ON THE FLOOR”!He said whilst he put an explosive device on the vault.He then opened it and said”I got the cash remember in and out”said Freddy with his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.Then I came in and asked” but where would we hide it all?”In the back Johnny said.After this robbery  stay on a clean sheet got that?”said Fred we replied Yep”and we were never seen again

WK9: The Twist

Once there was an huge self-alike creature which used to try and rule the city.But there was superman alike superhero who almost got turned into an ghost but in time he mistakenly time travelled to tomorrow.The first thing he saw was another superhero “but he was an ghost”?The superhero was a ghost?Anyways the superhero said”I will serve justice”he said in an manly voice.But the superhero was me?I’ve died and turned into a GHOST??I knew after I time travelled I.MESSED.UP.I died but as I watched the fight my (ghost or me)ghost used my laser eyesight and his ghosts popped and of nowhere and took me and lasered me almost but then I escaped and the non-ghost of me had been caught and then my ghost came and saved me and asked “who in the name of heck are you”???with a funny accent and I replied “you”


WK8: The BIG Mistake

One time there was an event that I wished that it would never happen again.The savage Lizzzaaardddoo previously  was very huge and had an white cloak on with a pair of suit shoes.I knew when I saw toxic jerry can he was up to something.He threw it on the floor and then ghosts appeared.But they weren’t ordinary ghosts they were swimming ghosts.After that he got an evil invention then a huge flame came out and he said “ATTACK MY LITTLE MINIONS ATTACK”!!Then I quickly panicked then I saw a invention that said (DO NOT TOUCH) then I grabbed it next I aimed at him and started to celebrate and I and mistakenly shot myself!!And what it actually was was a  time traveller I was in tomorrow!?to be continued

Wk:7 My different life

Hey my name is Carrington some people think i’m a superhero.But I see myself as normal kid(but with superpowers)just being normal!My superpowers can control people and I have laser eyesight! But then an problem occurred an evil tweenage savage which looked like the abomination from The hulk.And it was Angry so much that it dangered kids so much that they stayed inside.So I decided to investigate and BOOM I said he lives in beverly hills.So I went and sneaked in.After that I came to the place as the door slammed, I knew I.Messed.Up!The beast was as huge as a gorilla.So  I stood on my toes and I briefly asked”Who What are you”?He replied saying this”Imm Lizardoooo”he hissed screechchely.To be continued 

WK6: The Mythical News

Hi my name is Liam and I’m back with the daily news.There has been sightings of an creature who at every full moon he jumps into a pond and absorbs the moss and water.After that the creature gets bigger each time it absorb the pond.People are naming the suspicious creature names like the hog,the creeper and the sadist.Many people have spotted the creature trying to damage the water supply to make everyone his minions.Numerous of people say that they put an pool at there backyard then a day later it was gone.So please if you see this mythical creature please email us.”Daily News have a nice day”.

The prank

So today I was using my stuff and found out that there wasn’t much videos on youtube.I was shocked so I went onto my pc and something went wrong.It was HACKED.I thought at first it was just a prank but it started writing gibberish.Then I put it on charge after that it was beeping like a horn.Next I went to the company  lenvo and one employe said”It seems to be a bit slow we will fix it in no time”said the employe.Tomorrow then he went to the shops and asked”is it done”?The employe said yes and then I went home and switched on the lenovo and it was a PRANK!!! After that I was so annoyed the end.

Wk 4: The Professors impossible escape

The professor looked in at the vault and saw a puppy.And the dog was wearing glasses.But they weren’t regular glasses they were advanced google glasses.Next the professor thought it was just a normal puppy after that he petted the puppy.And as soon as he petted the puppy it ran and closed the door shut.He raged in disbelief And shouted “HELP PLEASE IM STUCK IN THE VAULT”said the professor.The professor was very  irritated.But then heard this big drop sound and it was the spy He said angrily.”DARN IT STUPID DOG”.After that the spy said”you got bitten by a puppy it was a robotic project I made”.Then the professor went to jail and it all ended there.

The Secret Spy

One day there was a secret spy.His job was to receive stolen gems.The secret spy found it difficult.He reached out to his professor and asked him “when are we going to get the purple jewels”the spy said viciously worrying.The professor licked his lips and wondered in his mind a plan to trick the spy.And he said “I think your going to have to wait on that retrieve heist”.Said the professor mumbling suspiciously.Next he twisted around and ran. The professor grabbed his rocket flying invention and stole an laser gun and flew rapidly fast to The bank of Ireland.After that he shot his laser gun onto the vault door. And saw one person standing in the vault to be continued???

The amazing Pencil

One day a pencil was made.Not like all pencils created. It had dark magic but no one knew.The pencil wrote faster than the flash.Until one day I wrote with it.Before I touched the page it cursed me and then I realised that I have been turned into a  Superhero and I had called myself the Amazing Pencil.I could teleport to the  Caribbeans.I could steal people’s souls by looking at them.And had a superman punch power. But then I realised that the pencil was a monster it was 50 feet tall.Then I shouted”ME The AMAZING PENCIL AKA GABRON WILL NOT HAVE MERCY”.So what lies ahead….