Week-10 The pretty snail

There was once a pretty snail (the odd yellow snails thought that not me.) All of the odd snails were strolling after him. He was hiding behind a turkwis brick wall . He came out the snails saw him but he didn’t know that so they started strolling after him again. He got away again but this time he was in a zoo. He heard a lot of screaming . He could see a large animal in the distance it kept on getting closer and closer and closer know he could tell what it was. It was a gorilla running at him and the gorilla stepped on him . The odd snails never saw him again.

The haunted house-week 9

Once upon a time on Halloween night in 1910 . There was a haunted mansion . There was a 12 year old boy that wanted to explore it. I went up to the door and wondered what was behind the door. I wasn’t scared and I went in . I started to get a little bit scared because there were creepy and earaping noises. Nothing was downstairs so I went upstairs there were one door at the end of the corridor I went down and opened it and I got the fright of my life it was my friends playing a prank on me. The end

Week-3 Oppisite day

Once upon a time on the 59 of March when it came 12 o clock the clock hands should of been going forward but it semmed to be going backwards. But that didn’t stop him living his. When bob went to the supermarket with his mam he got a  packet of Doritos were 0.01 which actually means €1. So when he was going home eating is crisps he tought of an idea so he said to his mam “mam is it not law to what ever the price say you have to give it them”his mam said yes. So they drove to lambogeiny shop and one €10

Week 2- Jimmy trump

Once upon a time there was a ninja named  Jimmy trump (there is no relation in mauve ugly American president). Many many many years later he decided to show donald whos the real trump . So he climbed trump tower and went in from the top. On 57 floor he so an aligator chillin in a pool with John cena and decided to bring john with him. And on the 21 floor he saw donald trump with a scorpions tale the teacher Labron James. So John cena crawled under the seat and RKO out of nowhere. But it was tricky because donald trump it is so fat

                                                                                    THE END.