WK30 the crates

It was a late Saturday night I had to clock in to do overtime. A new shipping truck had arrived so we unpacked it. We counted 34 crates after we opened one a strange aroma started polluting from the other crates. We were on crate 13 when we opened the crate it was full of mannequin’s. So we opened another more mannequin’s and every other crate was filled with mannequin’s. I realised we got the wrong truck “when did it arrive” I said as my boss came out laughing it was April first 2am he pranked us we all had a laugh then my boss said so who wants fifty mannequin’s?

WK 29 The spooky grave

I frantically ran trying to outrun the strange figure.I shouted hoping someone would hear me through the thick crimson misty graveyard.Suddenly the strange figure appeared hovering over a grave.He had a jet black face torn robes and a strange grin.Why did this have to happen on my birthday.I started to run again somehow beating this deadly being.Suddenly I got my leg caught on a bramble thorn.I thought “this is my end im doomed”.The strange figure hovered over me. “CUT” the director shouted as i failed to say anything during the scene “do it all again but try and put more character into it”.Well I guess it’s time for take 2

Wk18:Metal people

Welcome to the secret society of the metal people.The tall metal man spoke “welcome if you want to be here you will have to be a metal person”. A small child peeped up and said I want to be a metal person.So the large metal man picked him up  and dangled him above a large vat of metal.He dropped him the other people looked in horror as the child crawled out and looked like a metal person.Then the rest of the people had the same thing happen to them.After all of this happened they invaded the surface.Suddenly a wizard popped up and un metalafied the people and froze the evil metal man.

Wk:17 Red and his new friend

Red is a boy of 10 years old.Red cycled to school every day.Before Red finished his breakfast he looked at the clock.Red was LATE.Red hoped on his bike an cycled as fast as he could.Suddenly Red had to stop there was a baby snake on the road.Red loved snakes.The little snake did a toung flicker to say to Red mommy?Red took up the snake and help it in his arms.Red rushed home to show his mom.Red’s mom loved it as soon as she saw it.Red got to stay home to help take care of the snake.The next day Red went to school he told all his friends.But no one   Believed him.

WK16 Handy Manny

There once was a young man called Mandy he was handy man.Mandy he was called out to a factory to fix a giant vat filled with super moulding clay.While Mandy was fixing the vat he fell in.He was pulled out but it was to late he had moulded into a giant hand.Mandy had decided to become a super hero He would know be know as  handy Manny.Manny’s first heroic act he stopped a bank robbery When he caught them he found they had heart wrenching stories 1 of them had a very sick son.So handy Manny let them off with a warning.

Wk15 the little caveboy who could

There once was a caveboy named Daniel.In the beginning of Daniels life he saw lots of dinosaurs everywhere.Daniel always wanted to tame a dinosaur but Daniels parents told him he couldn’t.Daniel tried everything he tried feeding them.Daniel tried shouting at them.Even though Daniel tried and tried he could never tame a big dinosaur.So one day Daniel tried a much smaller dinosaur.Daniel gave the dinosaur the fish he caught for his dinner.Daniel and his dinosaur went everywhere together.One day Daniel went outside and his dinosaur was giant.Daniel loved his dinosaur even more.one day Daniel went outside and his little well big dinosaur was dead Daniel cried everyday for two weeks straight.

Wk 12 Phil the vegan

Once there was an energetic vegan called Phil.Phil was tired and went to kitchen.He screamed in shock for he saw a white bread sandwich with meat.He hurried to the fridge but saw no brown bread.He grabed his full battery iPod played some music and ran to the store.When Phil got to the store he couldn’t find any vegetables or brown bread.He broke down and started crying in the store.He was kicked out of the store.He banged the door but they wouldn’t open it.He walked home in shame.Phil slumped over and then realised he was in the wrong isle.

Wk10 The idiot robbers

The day was as boring as any other.Jim lovely father of 3 was in a financial crisis.Jim desperate called his buddy Ryan and they planned a heist to steal a million euros.So in the middle of the night they both snuck away from there wife’s and family’s.Then the two men got away with the heist. Jim said “were rich Ryan” then Ryan said “but where would we hide it all” Jim said “who cares”.So they suddenly became rich two men living in small houses to mansions.So the police Checked the fingerprints they matched the two idiot robbers got arrested and a grizzled cop said “crime never pays boys” then he laughed.

WK9 the day time stopped

On a warm Saturday evening I was strolling through town.When suddenly I clicked my fingers and everyone stopped moving.I clicked my fingers again and people started moving again.I had an idea I clicked my fingers and ran to the nearest shop and stole a tv.It’s time to prank I said.I went to an ice cream stand.I went to the owner of the ice cream stand took a big scoop of ice cream and dumped it on his head.Then I clicked my fingers and he started screaming.I clicked my fingers and I pulled someone’s pants  and clicked my fingers but time didn’t start again.

WK7 the lair

It was a normal day in my lair.After I woke up I the mechanist decided to make some robots.As the door slammed I knew today would be great.I went to the building station.I am currently makeing a new line of synthetic humanoids.Im going to work on a17-v45.I loaded a17-v45 to the work station and I powered him up.A17-v45 started walking around.Suddenly I got an idea I made a17-v45 a worker synth he started makeing synths come to life.Now I have a synth army that I will use for good.So I sent synths around the world to cure illness plant crops and help poor children.

Wk6 Freak accident or murder

  • Hi I’m Caoilan with galaxy news.Today we have a story.24 year old Davi Davidson was found dead in a pond yestady October 18th.Some say it was a skydiving accident but will sky diving give stab wounds.Davi Davidson may have been stabbed or after falling into the pond he hit something sharp.Davi Davidson’s family is devistated.Apperantly Davi Davidson was scanned to find two 45 caliber rounds in his skull.It has been confirmed that Davi Davidson was murderd. Chief of police Davi’s uncle Jones Davidson ran a fingerprint scan.The murderer was Davi’s mother Rebeca Davidson.Rebeca was recently arrested after holding up in her house.Galaxy news signing off.

WK5 my special friend

Shes small and shes not worth much.She wags her tail when I get home and jump around.She is very fluffy and very white. She digs in the dirt.She never lets me down.She digs in the flowers and always cheers me up.we got her when she was a little baby.Maybe some may hate her and think shes ugly but i love her.Shes very messy sometimes and i have to shout at her.I will always love her as long as shes alive.She may not do much but she doesn’t do much for us.Shes a small white and fluffy friend.She always try’s to eat my dinner to.


Wk4 The world of puppers

Welcome to a world where humans are pets and dogs are the master.Dingo the dog has just gotten accepted into a greaser gang.The leader Spike and the dog who was wearing glasses also known as Mindy.The greaser dogs all wore sun glasses and black leather coats and loved working on cars.It’s Dingos first day and he brought his tool box and his 1950s rover for repairs.When Dingo got to the greaser garage he found out the greaser dogs had vintage cars he’d never seen before.Like a car so old he’d never even heard off.he became a part of the greaser gang family.

the prank gone wrong

It was a hot summers day at the Adams house the father and the mother    leave there 2 kids alone with a big bucket of neat things. The youngest child Billy is trying to prank his brother buy putting the bucket of neat things on an open door and he waits till his brother walks along and asks him to get something from the room. His brother opens the door and the bucket tips spilling all over the floor but billy got the wrong bucket it was his toy bucket.Suddenly all his toys shatter billy was devastated. And his brother was dyeing laughing while billy was crying in the corner.


the amazeing adventure

We start with our 4 young heroes in a dungeon were they meet a wizard called zeneth he knew magic that the group wanted to know.The group find out that zeneth isn’t here who really is here is a giant troll he starts to speak ”i am gorbo i won this dungeon from zeneth in a bet why are you here” the knight starts to speak ” we are looking for zeneth do you know were he is” yes the troll said were said the knight at the end of the dungeon so what lies ahead for our heroes find out next time