Wk18 Old Jimbo

There use to be a man called old jimbo,He used to be described as the old cranky monster.He was tired of every one saying this.So then he decide to get revenge,he then went to the lord of the sea and asked “Can I have a favor”the man nodded yes so then old jimbo asked “can I have revenge on everyone” he nodded yes again so they tried to turn everyone to their own plastic and dirt they threw into the water. So they did but obviously old man Jenkins came to the rescue and with his trusty chiwowa he won the fight

the end

The Sorry Boy wk10

Once there was a boy in Samsung S9 Elementary School. There was also his 2 sisters and 1 brother he didn’t like his buggy,irritating,ugly sisters.But he HATED his brother he was always wining over money,toys,and….Vbucks.But his heart was stuck to a girl in his class.Her name was angelic most pretty,magnificent ,and another but she talked a lot and I mean ALOT.Once she said she got kidnaped by a yellow gorilla.But one day she went to far there was a brick house on our street she dared me to go in.I said ok cause I liked her.But I seen something horrifying.To Be Continud……





Week 2- Alligator Life

Once upon a time, There was an alligator his name was Jim.His mom and dad where out all the time but this night was weird. He was in bed and when his parents left he sceddadled down stairs, He heard a noise and he looked behind him.IT WAS HIS TEACHER,whit her ugly mauve head he climbed into his press and hid.It was a tricky situation his teacher screamed “COME HERE BRAT” he didnt respond… She opened the press he jumped out and bit her on the hand screamed as loud as she could.In his mouth was a pencil of her own!? To Be continued!!!

Enter the speed force by Brian

The Flash was gone… After stopping his worst enemy Savitar, he ended up causing an earthquake in the speed force [which is a “prison”] it was happening because it needed a prisoner. So The Flash decided to go in, he knew he wouldn’t get out . He said his goodbyes and left. But I couldn’t let him go so I , Kid Flash went in to save him. Inside it was so weird, then I ran and saved him and we then we destroyed the speed force and ran. We were all saved back together. But then in the flash of lightning I saw a man in a gold and yellow suit. Then…..

The strange monster by Brian

There once was a town called Loompa Land where all the Oompa Loompas live. There had been rumours about a man with no face lingering around the town. One day an Oompa Loompa called Ryan he loved burgers,chips,pizza and hot dogs. One day he decided to go to Loompa Land Cafe. He then ordered a snake and shark burger combo! He then struggled to find a seat because he was so fat. but when he was eating the burger white hands came out of the table… It was Slenderman he the started to kill everyone. A happy ending. [sort of]

The Nuclear lab by Brian

One day me and my friends Ryan and Habib were all going on holidays and we had tickets to go to Austrailia but when we were boarding the plane we accidentally got on one to China, While we were on the plane we started to notice we  were heading for China. Suddenly the plan crashed! we survived and headed off looking for help. And shortly  we came across an old lab we went in gingerly and crept up to the reactor, the slime dripped through, and then it burst! we all got knocked out and a few months later we all got superpowers! I got levitation ryan got x ray vision and Habib turned into a chicken!

Ghost dog! by Brian

One day when I was walking  home from school, I noticed a house that was all grey and black , I remembered  what the house used to look like all colourful and happy looking. So I decided to go in,In the house there were all old and broken and then I heard  a bark I  that bark but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I then continued on further and I kept hearing more whines and bark noises. As I walked into the bedroom It looked like no one had ever used it except it was  dark coloured then I saw a dog when I said hello it ran and walked trough a wall!, then I remembered it was the dog from the family that used to be there!

A Crazy Day at School by Brian

Hello I’M Bongo this was my crazy day at school…Today in school some crazy things happened, our  teacher Mr. Popsicle  told me Eoin and Rylo to go and print some pages. So then we all went over to the office and printed them, but on our security camera we saw a brown bear , we were all so worried exept for Rylo wt meho said it was”beautiful” we went and told the principal Mr. Grinch . Before the bears came in  to our class Mrmussel had already called the animal control when they came they shot a pink tranquilizer dart and brought it back to the zoo. The we got a reward for our hard work 100000 euro!! The end.

The plague by brian

I’m a historian and today i am going to tell you about the plague. It started on a trading town called Caffa, but then they fell out with the local warriors the tartas because they were selling their people as slaves, and then a siege began. Then a plague struck the tartars, and thousands died.  Instead of giving up they hatched a terrible plan to throw their dead into the walls. Many  died but some fled on ships but of course they hadn’t escaped it followed them on the fleas on rats. You may say “how can something so  tiny be so deadly”. Goodbye.

The horrible race by Brian

I am Going to be in a race next week I must come last because I have a fear of winning. One time I was doing a school race and we were running I couldn’t believe I was winning. That’s when we came to an old broken bridge most of the other people fell in to the big river, I barely survived with my life and ever since then I have this instinct not to win in case some thing similar will happen in the future. and so that is why I am always last in races.


The war had been going on since time began, between two powerful beasts one could control space and the other could control time.As they could both shapeshift they were hiding on Earth and one day ,they had been awoken. The battle had begun, they were fighting ever since the universe began, and now it was all about to go down.  And then suddenly through a massive purple portal came another beast looking like a black snake with red stripes and then the stripes started glowing. Then it opened up two more massive portals and tossed both beasts into seperate dimensions.

The patch by Brian

Hi my name is Rylo. I’m all about laughter, its my middle name! Let me tell you a really funny story. Once I was watching a Man UTD. match and at the stadium there was a man and his little child was sitting behind him [P.S the man had a large bald patch] I was really enjoying the game especially when Pogba scored[ who’d a thought turkeys could play football! So a bit more about the man. So the child was asking his dad something and his dad turned and you could see his bald patch, and Some Arsenal player took a shot and missed and got him in the bald patch!!

The old tower by Brian

I had heard rumours about this mysterious place. Me and my friends  were going to lavender town to see if the tower really was haunted . When we had arrived a man came over and said that the tower used to be the man’s house and he said”one night I was in my house and I was attacked by a horde of faceless people!” we finally went in and I went first and they locked the door and ran away! So I was all alone in there I heard noise coming from the attic so I went upstairs and suddenly all the lights went out and I heard a scream.I knew that voice,it was mine! I went in and saw………..

The hack by Brian

I was looking on my new computer , at Dantdm,pokemon and the flash. Then one day when I was watching an episode of the flash. And something came up and said “recommended rarest pokemon ever” so then I clicked on it and a massive beeeeeeeeeep came up the noise was so loud my ears popped and it said “you have been hacked by dabhack98!”      then I called my uncle Glen he came with me down to the computer shop and got the virus out and my uncle said that “they are all just a bunch of losers with nothing to do.

Brandonium part 2 by Brian

So it was him …  the artist he had made fun of. Conorito had somehow been given the power to control steel,and now he had become Baldinio!. As quick as a bullet he went to the Blue house where President Evan lives. But when he had got there Evan was not there but Baldinio was it turned out that the Blue house that was right there was a hologram. And behind it was full of little steel ships and people were tied to them and before Brandonium could even comprehend what happened Baldinio started throwing exploding carrots at him. What will Brandonium do now ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TO BE CONTINUED

Brandonium VS Baldinio by Brian

Once Brandonium was searching the world for crime from the sky and he saw someone robbing a bank. When he swooped down he saw a load of tearful people and  he saw a man made of steel and was wearing a mauve and silver costume and he said his  name was Baldinio and started throwing exploding carrots  and with that he flew away Brandonium came after him but it was no use he went back to his base under his house and searched if there were any reports and one said his name was Conorito and one more said he was going to attack the Blue house where president Evan lives!!!! and he  ran like a bullet.                                                                                                                                               To be continued.


Pokemon Adventures part 3 by Brian

On their way to Kanto Brian and Jack finally were on their way to the Pokemon Palace. As the weather changed they went faster and in time they arrived at the Palace and Jack said “I’ll go first” and in he went to face the elite four.The strongest trainers in the world. Then Brian heard that Jack had become the champion. And he came in and also defeated the elite four and went to the champions room and was ready to challenge Jack, on Brian’s team he had Ditto, Pikachu,Scizor, Charizard,Vaporeon,Umbreon and Onix.”Let the battle begin”said Jack.                                                                                                                                                                       TO BE CONTINUED

Pokemon Adventures pt 2 by Brian

Now that Brian and Jack had finally caught Ditto the transforming Pokemon,they were on there way to Kanto to challenge the champion Maksim but they had heard news that he had been defeated and now the champion is Ryan. While they were talking, a legendary Pokemon Dialga the temporal Pokemon appeared and took them to show them all of time and Brian looked in front and behind.Which way he thought as he saw all of time pass by him, Dialga brought them to a time where they saw their future selves and in the vision they saw each other battling each other in the champion’s arena. And when they came back they realised that only one of them can be the champion. TO BE CONTINUED[CHECK OUT PART PLEASE]

POKEMON ADVENTURES part one by Brian

Brian is training to become a Pokemon master. Along with his friend Jack they dreamed of defeating the champion Maksim,in Kanto. Then one day a Pokemon trainer named Gary, he told them  that there was an easy way to beat the champion, was to catch a ditto the, transforming Pokemon.So Brian and Jack went off to to travel to Unova to catch him. And there he was in the abandoned lab when they turned round it changed shape in to their Pokemon! And finally after battling and trying to catch him he split in two [but was still alive]so Brian and Jack both caught him. So then they both set off on their journey to Kanto.                                                                                                         TO BE CONTINUED


It was finally time to go to the zoo. Brian was so excited there were all weird animals like orange Zigzagallygoons and blue  Fizzfazzelers and there was only one normal animal, the saltwater crocodile from Australia and he had a wide  evil grin on his face. Later on when he and his family were going home. But  he had this feeling within him that something bad was going to happen.And then a bold boy broke the crocodile out and his dad screamed like a little girl and collapsed on to the floor. Soon the animal control had to come in and put the crocodile back in its enclosure.

Brandon vs peppa pig BY BRIAN

This is the story of how Brandon saved us all from Peppa Pig. There was a spaceship the size of England [1000000000000000000000000 times bigger than Jack M]shaped like a porkchop came towards us and said”greetings humans of earth”the started firing slices of explosive ham at us.Then we had to call in Brandon the superhero and Brandon had a massive fight and Peppa was about to lose.BUT she said “suprise!” and an evil Ryan superpower appeared and they fought for a long time and Brandon made friends with him and they threw Peppa to another galaxy.THE END

CATCHING LUGIA a Pokemon story by Brian

Hi,my name is Brian I am training to become a pokemon master, I have three pokemon. Charmeleon, Eevee and scyther. Now I am going to a pokemon gym[a place where you battle pokemon]  to try and get a gym badge! So now i’ll teach them some attacks and moves to learn,now I’m going to the gym.But now they are all running away on me and I thought where were they going, so I followed them and they led me to a legendary pokemon Lugia! So I said Charmeleon go! The battle was great and we won and I captured it. And then Charmeleon evolved into CHARIZARD!!!!!!!                                 THE END

The Haunted House by Brian

So then we got to the house.Bob said he didn’t want to go in and he ran home like a little girl and screaming. So the rest of us went in, we had no idea what to expect. Then we went inside, but the place was so old it looked like it could crumble any minute.We walked carefully up the stairs.But we could smell something and we walked inside and it was full of smoke, it took a few minutes but as the smoke cleared it was actually Bob dressed up as a ghost.so we just ran out of the house back to home                                  THE             END


It is Halloween. Me and my friends had a dare that we had to spend the night in the haunted house on the edge of town.So we walked gingerly through the graveyard however I got lost there and I was so scared because I was separated from the rest of the group.There were about a million thoughts going through my head and then I saw monsters coming towards me so I ran as fast as I could but then I tripped and they were coming closer to me…but they were just my friends looking for me. It was remarkable that they found me they said they recognised me by my yellow Pikachu costume. To be continued.

Ed’s Invention by Brian

Once there was a man named Ed. He was a very crazy guy  who came up with a mad invention,  he created a gigantic robot spider. Inside there was an RPG launcher that was manufactured by Habib . So he climbed inside and went to destroy his enemy Brandon, Brandon was a superhero and his weakness is Bradnodium so Ed covered his spider in it. So when Brandon attacked it did nothing expect hurt himself. So Brandon called in his friend Ryan Superpower and Ryan used his laser eyes to destroy Ed’s  giant spider.Then they put Ed in jail and threw the spider into the sun .THE END

Area 51 by Brian

Hello my name is Brian.Today I am going to travel to Area 51 to see if I can catch any rare or legendary pokemon in pokemon go.It took a long time but I got here in the end.I just got past the guards. I will turn on pokemon go I’ve just checked my nearby list and OMG there is a Mewtwo nearby.Wait what my phone turned off It ran out of battery.Well I came out all this way so I wont go back without going in so I found a key but the material felt like nothing I’ve felt before so I opened up the door and guess what?.They were creating real pokemon!!!