WEK30:when did it all end

FORTNITE… The game that took over kids teenagers and even adluts the world needs to look around to see what they have done. It s like a  earthquake  and on the background music it’s the best day ever song epic games developt the game by a few days moilions of players . By 2 months 20 moilions played fortnite I ordered V-bucks is the currency for fortnite I did when did it arrive I said it’s basically like save the world. You gotta kill the husks build sheild,s wait were do we pick off if u play the game your not coming back in the real world but. When did  it all end!






Crazy Jeffy was so crazy he went to the graveyard and dug up someone’s grave and licked there bones .every body hated crazy Jeff he Jeff was act frantically in school  crazy Jeff. Was makeing bird noses jeff jeff hahahahahahaah. Ur name is Jeff “I’m jeff was craking like a killer my is Jeff  they ran away the ugly bullies ran my name is Jeff hehe . Jeff ran as fast as he his face liked crimson jeff shouted I’m my name is JEFF!!!!!!!!  It became misty jeff looked around I’m jeff. Hi  I’m jeff he shouted I’m jeff  omg jeff

[19WEK]ultra TV

A crazy sinetist was working on a Project that was a TV that can transfroms .From pucket size to lap size to TV size. The sincenetist was crazy for him to be crazy for his fame to boost up he kept on buging people to buy. Only one preson bought it the sinncenetist made the price too exspensie 7000 pounds At one put he filiped out soo much he all must droped his plutomeum he whent to someone and said one last time ” do u what to buy the ultra TV” “No”and down the drainpipe he went. He dropped his plutomeum BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good bye White houe

WK18 084281 SpAcE sHuTeL emergency

In 2025 October the fifth. A space  shutel crashed down in to the earth it was a it was like a meatheor it wiped out Europe all country . The fuel tank was a Qauter full the space shutel didn’t even get out of the aspmissfer hbdsbhdkjhds sorry the connection got lost for a sec . NASA got sued and the Bissnues shut NASA had to pay trillions now the earth is down to 4 billion people now we are lucky the shutel didn’t. Crash the moon we would have all died no way  NASA is gonna and another  ship hjhjkhkckbuXkhajdj no I’m losing u ibdcwweedee connection lost

Dairy of the cool kid

There was this cool kid he has the 2 nicest brothers and a nice mum  and dad . He was soooooo popular in school. Everyone  liked him it was coming up to hallawen he was with is friend chase they were planning to go trick or treating with the gang at school and they plannning to through the devils park so chase said “I think we should not  be here in the night” a bird went through a  tree cool kid screamed “AaaaHAAA” said  cool kid in the beginning a cool kid he was not scared up to now




Something future 2065 on planet earth 500,000,000,000,000 humans lived .But on earth it was war in north Kera USA. furtureristic one soldier was Danny all the soldier has a special move it was ripper he sliced and diced enemies all day .but Danny didn’t know about this device called DNI he heard a soldier talking  about with his friend Danny said I need one but the soldier said he can,t he didn’t not unlock thrust so he can’t have DNI so he seen every body talking about and he heard this were but were would we hide it all and he followed him and then some one took him but were ?

WEK9:splatoon ghosts

In World war 3 that Donald trump started in the year 2023 . Trump became president at 6 years ago in 2017 .20 million people died .it ended in 2030 trump got assassinated on New Year’s Day. the 20 million people who died every two years on New Year’s Day ghosts rised up every two years the ghosts pick a country to haunt and the ghosts leader Donald trump goes up in the sky the humans can,t see him he says what country he and the ghosts are gonna haunt but one craken/humans get a ink gun and ink bomb they scare the ghosts away this is not ghost buster world war 3 edition the craken name is splatoon

WEK7:Bradley Hunter

Bradley hunter had a dream he was playing for Manchester United . He was playing against Bose yesterday. 4-4 was the socore it was hunter socored 2 his friend Roy walker socored 2 . It was the best 2 goals he did .when they were young.Hunters mum and dad did not get along as the door slammed I knew Bradley knew something bad happened . Bradley walked out of his room his mom was there but his dad wasn’t there. Hunter was sacred he ask his mum were was his dad was she said he left the house. Hunter did not see his dad for so long to get over it he played football with Roy walker .it was the journey stared now

WEK:6 Strom opila comes to IRELAND

Storm opila hits Ireland on Monday 16th . It was a red alert it was horrible .200 trees was down and more . 3 people past away.One old lady it was her birthday on that day she was with her mom.The old lady was 50 years old her mom was 70 . The incedant happens in Waterford her mom was hurt .And one man in a county he was a helpful man and he was clearing a tree but.A big branch fell on him and he was using a chanin saw and he fell and the changing saw hurt we did,not have this bad  weather in 1967. And there was a man in the sea the wind he landed in the sea he’s boot was sticking out

WEK5: my thing

my thing is something u can play FIFA 18 on it. It’s the world best selling thing. u can go on YouTube and u can go google it’s the 4th version .it’s made bye sony and I share it with my older brother he’s 17 .I got it on this date 5/1/17 it’s beautiful it’s might be valuable to some people but for me it’s a blast I play it on .Wednesday ,Friday Saturday,Sunday all day long it .might be unhealthy but I love it to much I play it with my friend Dylan Dale and much Much MUCH MORE I got for 400 Euro or pounds . I love it so much it’s the best.


In a gameing world.A planet is called,GAME STOP. The world GAME STOP its full with every gameing console ever made it has PS4 .XBOX ONE .NINTENDO SWITCH .WII U.DS  .PS VITA. And more. I like the PS4 my self it’s a good console .I find this game weird it’s called dog bog in the game this is a weird it has this sentence this the sentence and the dog was wearing glasses I do not know what that means. Well I’m going to play FIFA 18 on PS4 I better not meet arsenal with özil I’m a MU fan I do not even will like Liverpool  BYE

Crazy town

In an crazy town there was a mad perfesser every day the perfesser would do something crazy the craziest thing he did was maked the town purple  it was a diffaclit town to live in people will never go visit the town it was how can I tell you today I was worried because the perfesser didn’t do anything crazy yet so i,ll be so worried I’m thinking of moving out of this town to be updated



Space sugar rush

In space were in galaxy hover in over the earth a weird space ship they were two close there getting sucked into the atmosphere the ship crashed in Ireland the county Waterford some one fond the smash ship it looks like sweet,s he took a bit he went on a huge sugar rush it was so bad he went to space he went ballistic he smash the moon in half  he was able to take a   Breat  he  he smash in to the earth then hi body was so hyper he went in to the earth core and he want in the lava and died


My name is johnny even I am a u YouTuber .and I post game play so people love my video I’m play a new game called twin tower hero it’s about the sad advent in the U.S.A . So the game is about save To save people so less people die u can pick ur player you can be a ploice a fire man or a brave man or woman its a game I’m doing this becasue the special day for people how died for people 9/l1 is a day people will remember sorry I was late it was t
Two day ago I will pray for them the end