Wk29 amayahs partyūüéČūüéČ

Last week it was my cousins party. Her name is Amayah . Her party was on in pirates adventure. It was fun.my aunty Kathy was there late. She thought Is was on at 3:00 when it was on at 2:30. When she arrived she was supposed to be the first one there. But she was the last .said to mi mam. When did we leave I said she said 2:15 Kathy dropped to the floor. She missed halve the party. But then we got on with the party. So we cut the cake and sung happy birthday to amayah she was only 2 . we got some cake and went home.

Wk29 the man that ate to much jellof

one day there was a man and he was mashed in the head. He was thick. And by thick I mean fat and stupid. He was an olodo rabata. He made no sence. He came ¬†up to me one day and started . He said to me would you slap me for a million. I slapped him and I said I sould slap u for free foolish boy . He called his mommy and her name was mommy OJO. She chased me and said don’t u dare touch my son again. Oloshi. I said back to her well to much jellof it runes ure brain. She could never catch me so she went back to her car.

These ugly ugly people that make you blind and deaf

 One day outside a cafe on a nice fine fine day. There was a family that were very very ugly. That if you ever looked at them you would go blind and if you heard them talking you would go deaf I walked past them I looked at them I went blind then next Minuite they said to me are you ok wat happened. Then I went deaf. I could never ever see again and I would never ever hear again. The people were not allowed in public again so they could not do any more damage to other people

Us as Christians are not supposed to lie

One day in ojos house ojo and ojos mama were studying the bible. The core of the bible was red. Ojos mama said us as Christian’s are not supposed to lie. Us as christians are not snakes. Then ojos mama said what did you learn from today’s bible study. OJO said us as christians are not supposed to lie and us as christians are not a snake. Ojos mamas phone rang. She picked up the phone and it was auntie jemihlah before the call ojos mama said to OJO if auntie jemielah rings take the phone and tell her I’m not around. Ojos mama gave her the phone and he said in his head about was he learned in his bible study. And he said mi mama tolled me to tell you I am not around ojos mama started crying and went to bed

WK16: Who Is This Creature And What Does It Do?

One day we were watching the television. Watching Big Brother normal day next minute?? . The television turned off. We looked at the cable outside. She saw a creature. This creature was not ordinary creature?. It was a hand with a face. He had a very big nose . Next minute then in the blink of an eye He was gone. Next day my son went to Tesco and saw a page saying wanted he looked carefully. He said to himself ohhh that is that hand that was up on my gutter . He went home and saw that creature on the gutter again he rang 911 the guards came the next minute. The creature got arrested he got cot right handed and we never had any bother again

WK15: The Mythical Moment

This sunny day here where I live . Wait wait wait a minuite!!! ¬† ¬† ¬†1/12 hours earlier in the beginning me and my friends were just walking on the street normal typical ¬†day wait till I tell you this this is what happens walking on a footpath next minuite . Cracks came trough the ground smoke appeared . Frightening noises to . And you won’t believe what I tell you next . Wind came knocked me and my friend off the ground . A scary figure appeared I blinked it was gone and was never to be seen again . The wind stopped the cracks disappear . The smoke was gone we dropped to the floor and me and my friend were ok and soon wend home and went on with our day

Wk12 the woman that would die for a car battery

One stunning day in county Meath a woman called Jane was in her car eating her sandwich not just any sandwich a white sandwich. Next minute the radio said there is one more car battery in SuperValu. Another minuite BANG janes car shut down. As she hurried to SuperValu she was super duper energetic she ran she knocked down bins and flower pots. Jumped through people’s gardens as shortcuts tumbled down hills to make the process faster. Almost at SuperValu. Next minute BANG I’m here at SuperValu. She went in to the shop there was no car battery’s in there then she dropped to the floor and died

WK11: What is this frightening creature??

One day me ad my ma were walking along the green way. Sun was shining next minute ¬† ¬†BANG a strike of light entered the green way. I saw something ,, something black very creepy. We went over to the creature. I blinked BOOM it was gone . Blinked again BOOM It’s back in front of us. In a quiet scary croked voice I will haunt you . Blinked he was gone we heard sounds very creepy. Just like his voice again he said I will haunt you. Where is this sound me I turned around he is there. Around the tree we hid . I’m not going to the green way again . Today I viewed something that will scar me for life.

Wk/10 OJO go and bring my green shoes

One day in a African home. My mam said OJO go and bring my green shoes. Ok ma la la la. He brings in a pair of green shoes. My mam said OJO is that green in your eyes. He trough the shoes made a mess. Brought in more green shoes 3 pairs. 2 of them were not the ones. 1 was. She said to me thank you jarey ok ma he walked into the kitchen and screamed HAAAYH. All of the shoes were on the ground. He could not find a place to hide the shoes. HAAAYH. But were will we hide it all??????????

Wk 9 The headless couple

one night me and my mam were at the mears press conference. I saw a couple that were both headless. My mam said that they have this disease called gymnia it is a disease where you are born with the loss of a head. Sorry I forgot to mention that my baby brother was there. The couple that had no heads kind of scared him. He started to cry my mam said that they are only people. My mam tried to give him his dommie she tried his bottle. and there was a brownie stall. So then in the end he was not scared of the couple he just wanted brownies



Me and my friends went to the house of horrors. Waiting and waiting the clock struck 9:00pm it was our turn to go in. We went in it was so dark that we could not even see. We were told there was killer clowns there’re. We went on a spooky train we passed of of the ghouls and goblins. We got of the train and into the dizzy maze. After the dizzy maze we went into a bouncy castle. We all were in BANG as the door slammed, I knew the killer clowns were there I ran out of the bouncey castle with fright . Then me and my friends ran out then went home


One beautiful day in Waterford. Turned into a tragic and very sad day. For the family of the powers. Maria’s father was at the red iron bridge with his friends. He was sitting on the pillar on the side of the bridge. His name was Danny. His friend Darrell gave Danny a fright. And he fell off of the pillar. He fell into the key river. And Darrell, Sean and Patrick rang up the police. With such a fright could bearly even talk. They said my freind fell in the river. They said come QUICK ¬†QUICKLY. The rescue copter came and found his body and sadly did not make it.

WK/5 and it is……?

  1. I have it you might have we might all have it…… ¬†It is very soft its very small. It’s is kind of like a little rat but the only thing it is ginger and fat. It is very very cute but to me when it try’s to squik it sounds mute. I have two of them. It runs in its ball all day. I always try to chase it but it’s very hard. Off its not in his ball he just played in his cage. It constantly drinks and eats. And ¬†he’s nice to put it in hands he’s mi favourite try and guess we will see will u get it right…..

Wk 4: The magic glasses

One night a scientist was making magic glasses . They were special glasses. They made u go asleep. There is a special gas in them that made u fall asleep. They had L.E.D lights on them. His son came into the scientists lab. And saw the sun glasses. He put them on himself and dropped to the floor. The glasses fell off him and went into the dogs kennel. The dog went into his kennel. And put the glasses on. The dog had glasses omg and the dog was wearing glasses. The dog dropped and sadly died. The child made it he stayed sting and lived happily ever after¬† Continue reading “Wk 4: The magic glasses”

the purple professor

one night I was outside and I saw somthing moving in the bushes. It was purple it was a professor looking for somthing. I said to the professer do u need help. He said its very difficult finding a crocodile  . I said to him u can find crocodiles  in the swamp at the end of the road. So he went to the swamp. There was lots down there. The professor said Im getting the nice one or the twisted one. In the end he picked the twisted one. It was so twisted that it walked into the wall so I went home and straight into bed

The candy bulb??

One day two men were at the candy bulb the candy bulb.  It is full up with all candies such as bonbons jellybeans colaballs fruitsalads and candy sticks. The men were taking pics of the candy bulb. They had their dog with them. The dog went behind the bulb he kept on hitting off it. It started to wobble then it fell and shattered. All of the candy was all over the place. The sucurity guard came and they ran 90 up the road. They got some chase of off the sucurity guard. They ran home the and the guard was not in sight anymore. They were just blessed????

The magic slime

So what lies ahead of… One day mi freind told me how to make slime. He said I need shaving foam and pva glue. Mi mam said she will get the ingredients so she did. First shaving foam the pva glue mix well. There was no sign of it coming together. Then a flash of light came in mi window. And gave me an idiasomeone whispered in my ears do said airwick. Mi mam got me its put it in one squirt it came together. I called m magic slime. Everyone loved mi slime and wanted how to know how to make it