WK:29 african espionage

Day one,a day you’ll never forget,is a cruel crimson dungeon such as doing something small and unaffective like when you shouted’hey whats up’to your friend and a afro headed woman who looks like a pig  did her make up comes and slaps you with a cane in the bum.I ran frantically to find the quickest misty thing to ware out the pain,nothing did,.You see when an african espionage teacher or parent gives you an enchanted slap its like your already at your grave but you have not arrived yet. And the worst thing is they know where to hit you because they have this kind of espionage sense. so beware.

WK:27 indomie noodles

As I was on my phone i saw this man selling free indomie,as you all know I love indomie. This man was only allowed to sell these noodles only if he was to run the African food marathon,this happens every year. He runs with other people although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, but he won. The net day I was really happy because today was the day he could sell these delicious noodles. I  ran and surprisingly there was nobody in the line. I asked where the people were to the man and he smacked his lips at me, really weird like mtsw. I went home with a really sad face but then kfc cheered me up when he said free chicken for everyone go quick .And  after that I went home happy again.
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WK:18 Johnny oh johnny oh

One day johnny was getting married to a woman called yemi  Alade and they got married. The next day jhonny went to another woman talking to her without yemi knowing,and after went to another girl and did the same. The next day he went to a news reporter and announced that he was the new boss of Lagos community centere without the real boss knowing, johnny was becoming a lier nower days. The next day all the girls came that Johnny had cheated on including yemi and chased him because he was cheating.The news reporter came and said these girls said u have been cheating now they,re going to beat u so I suggest u run. They chased johnny and beat him till he turned into stone.

WK:17 The father that loved his son so much

As I was walking down the hill coming from school I saw my dad waiting for me. He said to me “Paul how was school his face was red as a red snake. I looked at the clock on my hand”it was before 4.He knew that I misbehaved in school he just didn’t want to embarrass me in front of everyone,We entered the car and he said Paul come and sit in the front seat why are you sitting in the back seat. Then I went and sat in the front seat, He was smacking his lips at me the whole ride home I was surprised he didn’t say anything. We enterd the house and said why did you misbehave and slapped me so hard I saw two bananas behind his head. He replied remember I’m only beating you because I love you and left to go to work he cycled I was relived

WK:16 The dancing hands that came in handy

Long ago there were a couple of hands that lived in South Africa ?? . They are famous for their dance the gwara gwara. Sixty days later their king said in the hand accent” thee gwara gwara iss faymas in southh afrrica wee shouuld makke ittt comme inn hendyyyy he said. Then they went to make their famous pounded yam food. The next day the kings son makorokozza was in trouble with forrenor hands the forrenor hands came to South Africa from Zimbabwe ?? because their king told them to come. The next day the Nigerians ?? Came and did the same except the queen came and said HO IF I SHOULD SLAP U TODAY YOU DIRTY CORRUPTED CUCUMBA HEADED CROCODILE . Then the king of South Africa son came and stoped the fight and had an African renunion.

WK:15 The night of the living dummy and demons

In the beginning a little boy called Roland was being picked on every day just because he had teeth that looked like sticks. So one day he got tired and just left school and never retuned. He decided to creat a book full of monsters and demons with scary names to frighten people. He started to create at the time of Halloween the first monster was a living dummy. The dummy was to watch you over the night and not move an eye. And he wrote about many other demons and monsters. So one day the monsters jumped out of the book and tried to invade the world and Roland was shocked and used the power of the book and sucked them back inside but slappy escaped.

WK:12 Santas broken sleigh

One day as santa was getting ready to go to earth to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. His sleigh had been broken down. His wife said”Oh SANTA YOU HORRID MAN YOU ARE SUPPOSED DELIVER THE PRESENTS YOUR SO LAZY BUZY EATING A SANDWICH. Santa replied “but my sleigh has broken down. Mrs Claus had an idea she was going to build an energetic battery to fix up santas sleigh. She said to Santa “I am going to paint your sleigh white and no excuses you already made enough busy eating sandwiches. She hurried so Santa wouldn’t be late to deliver the presents. Santa made it in time to deliver the presents but one little girl wanted a doll house but he delivered a toy car.

WK11: Spyro and the dark golden queen

Once there was a little dragon all on his one just left on the street with nobody abandoned by his parents. Suddenly the president of the mythical world came and picked up the little dragon and said”poor little dragon I will name you Spyro you will be trained to be a Skylander protector of all the realms.But the president of the mythical world master eon did not tell Spyro about his ancestors. Spyro grew to be  strong and powerful and his friends joined him stealth elf,eruptor,jet vac and cinder until one day the golden queen broke out of her cell and insisted to battle the golden queen striker at Spyro striked back and the golden queen was destroyed.

WK:9 The man and the pig

One day far far away lived a lonely old pig on the path way. Never eaten but somehow seasoned. Picked up by a man but which was tan. They lived in Paris with a beautiful Farris. They were both so young but one bit another’s toung. There was no Christmas spirit when they just went and did it. Oh my god that’s no way they should be treated just like the dog with no teeth and not feeded. The man took the pig and said wow your so big. The pig said you look like post malone and the man said leave me alone.



WK:7 Haunted funfair

One day as I was taking a walk with my friends in the night we saw a sign on cork road saying secret funfair . Then we saw a old rusty roller coaster. We hopped inside and of it took us with an unbelievable speed up twisted and swirly tracks. Then we arrived at a door saying beware. We went through the door and we saw something beyond amazing. As the door slammed,I knew this place was haunted. Me and my friends returned to the roller coaster triying to power it up to bring us back home but it was no use. We were stuck for ages until our parents came.then we found it that this place was our parents hide out to keep away from us.

WK6 hurricane Ophelia in ireland

Hurricane Ophelia has hit Ireland on Monday 16th of october 2017. Three people died on M50 of a tree falling over on their cars.

In tramore a man was flying a kite and the wind from the hurricane and the sea was so powerful that it dragged him in to the sea upside down and stuck him in to the sea with his boots facing up.

Hurricane Ophelia has damaged most of the trees and houses in some parts of Munster. Juring the hurricane people weren’t allowed to go out of their houses even with coats on it was to dangerous.

in my opinion I agree that nobody should be out.

WK:5 My precious thing

It is mostly used by the ungarateful flamingo(my sister) that lives with me. There are many high professionals that create this thing. You can get it in many sizes and types in different shops. You use a type of card to get it going. Most people are addicted to it and have endless hours of using it. The company’s of this thing sell it either monthly or all at once. You need Wifi if you want to research something on this thing or more. Young children are unlikely to use this thing because they don’t have the knowledge to understand what goes on on this thing.

Wk 4: The unemployed mongoose and the diabetic buffalo

One day a mongoose was looking for a job. He could’ not find a job suddenly a fat buffalo struggling to walk came along the path. The mongooose saw the buffalo and said an Nigerian accient, ah ah what wrong with you busy walking like shakira, the buffalo replied in an jameaican voice I am eating to many sweets man I’m diabetic man. The mongoose replied ‘I don’t care now help me find a fine job. On they went looking for jobs. They arrived at the goose bar. And the dog was wearing glasses and said ‘what do you want in my bar. I’m looking for a job said the mongoose ok no problem

professor clington

One day professor clington was teaching his class. He was teaching about animals and there natural habitats. He told the children to make up there own imaginary animals. One person wrote about a flying crocodile. It’s natural habitat is stealing purple towels. And eating dirty nasty horrendous stinky socks. Professor clington was shocked by the child’s animal. Another little boy wrote about a animal called the big nosed buffalo. It’s natural habitat is to kill people that are ugly for good. The teacher was so supped that he ran around the class and twisted his ankle and fell in such a difficult way that anyone could fall in.

Halloween gone wrong

One day a man called Ben was planning a Halloween surprise for everyone. So Ben was working on his surprise in his house but suddenly his mom said Ben I’m having some visitors over go do your work in your BB. Bens BB stands for big bulb so Ben was working in his BB so Ben was going to give his extremely sweet surprise to the kids all over the world he started to fly BB and his experimental engine turned on. As Ben was flying with his BB suddenly he crashed and his BB broke. As you can see We have a new situation




The magic wardrobe

One day as I was dressing up for school I opened my wardrobe there was this sparkling sound. I reached out to see what was happening and then I saw this magic globe attached to my wardrobe.I jumped in to see what’s there. I started spinning around and around. Suddenly I found myself in a magical world full of fairys and witches battling.And then there was a little bird who told me where I am. He said I’m in a magical world in every child’s wardrobe in the human realm. I was shocked when I heard the words of that bird. So what lies ahead of these magical wardrobe.