Wk 30: Devastation

I was cycling my bike down the street one day when I suddenly took a sharp turn and fell off my bike, which also landed on me. I got up and saw that it had fallen apart, I was devastated because I had no bike to cycle with my friends. When I got home I told my parents what had happened, they said “we don’t know when we can get you another one”. So I spent the next week walking next to my friends while they cycled. One day when I got home still very sad I saw my parents with a new bike for me  ‘when did it arrive?’ I said .


Wk 29; Hide and Seek

It was a cold and misty night.   Me and my brother Jack were playing hide and seek because we thought it would be scary.   I started on, I had to count to 60.  We began at our house.    When 60 was up I started looking for him.   I searched frantically for him and could not find him, then I realized I have not looked in the graveyard yet, when I got there one grave really stood out and it was my brothers name , date of birth  and when he died which was when I finished counting .   When I got home on the halls wall it said in crimson red,  YOUR NEXT.      NOOOOO!!! I shouted


I like to watch the stars at night and through my telescope I saw the weirdest thing falling from the sky. I decided to investigate,  it was easy to find because of the cloud of smoke that rising up into the sky. I seemed to be the only one noticed it because i was the only one there.  Right in  front of my eyes i saw two gigantic legs but i wondered where the rest of it was?  I searched the area and found the upper body of it, it was quiet deep into the ground. I called the Police just in case it was dangerous and now the upper body sits in a museum while the legs are still stuck in the ground.

Wk 26 ; My superhero name

“Hi i’m a superhero  in training , And my name is …   and that’s my problem I don’t have a super duper superhero name yet.    To become a superhero you need to do lots and lots of special course’s, and i’m on my last  one  and it’s on in one hour.     When the time came I found out what my mission was, it to save a thin yellow dummy falling into a tiny shiny river ,but something  very unexpected  happened  the person who was setting up the river falling actually fell into the river I thought he was hopeless until  I aborted my superhero mission to save this superintended. I pulled him out of the river and then it came to me my super duper superhero name came to me.    And my name is elastic fish tastic  boy.

Wk: 19 The Magical Potion

My dad was working on a new top secret potion. I really wanted to know what it was and one more thing I need to tell you is that my dog really needs a wash so I went of to wash him. I got the new shampoo that my Dad had brought home, while I was washing my dog with the shampoo he suddenly began to shrink.I couldn’t find him anywhere in the bath all of a sudden the water started to go down the drain, I ran outside as it came down the drainpipe and I knew my dog was in there somewhere. Now I know what the secret potion does.

Wk: 18 The Game

Hi my name is Pawn, but the players call me master pawn because I always win a game of chess for the black pieces, but I was up against two Bishops and a Pawn and I called the Pawn, ‘Lady Pawn’. She is so pretty… but anyway back to the story. After a bit the two Bishops and Lady Pawn got knocked out and i’m three moves away from the end of the board. No Pawn has ever got to the end before and if I do get there I wont have a clue what will happen. I might be the first Pawn to do it. However when I got there I turned into a beautiful Queen and more beautiful than Lady Pawn.

Wk:17 Mr. Sneaky Snake

“Officer this is a major crime scene and it all started when I was in the shop and I bough a beautiful red clock but when I got home it was a disaster I couldn’t find any batteries to make my clock work, so I went off to find some batteries but I had no luck.   When I came back to the clock it was gone before I could look around the house for clues I heard a hiss coming from the living room.  I walk in and see a snake coiled  around my clock trying to make a get away and that’s why I cycled here to report this crime.

WK16: The Hand That Waved Goodbye

I first spotted it on a building one night and it was moving just slightly and I was terrified  so I told the news reporter I said it looked more or less like a hand, an evil hand.   They didn’t believe me.   So I researched this monster myself and I found out it was from Mars.   Since I saw this creature I always had the feeling that it was going to take over the world and I was right.   I tried to stop him but it is just to powerful  and as the sun starts to rise the hand waved goodbye and disintegrated and was nowhere to be seen.

WK15: My Little Story

In the beginning I was just a little baby.  Ever since then I have been on a learning journey.  On this journey I have learnt to crawl,walk, talk, feed myself and  learnt to use the toilet by myself.  I will always remember  the first time I rode a bike with no stabilizers.  My dad was helping me at first but when I glanced back at him I was freely riding and I felt just great.  And I am still learning now in Mr. Russell’s class, and this all started in the beginning.

WK12: Mission complete

I was in the kitchen making a delicious sandwich, after i ate it i felt more energetic and  had superpowers. An Angel dressed in white appeared out of nowhere and told me i had a mission to do. Off i went to complete my mission to find the infinite battery for the hospitals electricity because the  electricity   powered off and the hospital needs the  battery for the machines to work.  The infinite battery was all the way up Mount Dangerous, I quickly hurried up the the Mountain to get the battery when I got the battery I brought it back safe and sound to the hospital.


WK11: Statue Run

One day me and my friends Billy, Ryan and Gordon were all playing a game of hide and seek in the park.  First Gordon was on, when I was all settled down in my hiding space behind the tree I saw something mysterious looking  it was a statue but it was moving, it talked to me and it knew my name I was terrified.   As I ran away I thought what could this monster do.  I ran to my friends and said there is a monster in the park.  We rang the police as it slowly approached us ,   when the police came all I saw was a statue.

Wk10: Robin Banks

Hi my name is Robin Banks and I work in a bank.  On my first day of work we had a robbery and I saw the thief.  He looked very suspicious he had tight jeans, a long leather jacket and a grey woolly hat and it was the middle of summer.  I went outside to see where he was going and he was putting a big bag of money into a car.  He wasn’t alone he had a get away driver who was screaming “hurry up I can hear the police sirens.  I heard him say” but where will we hide it all?as they sped away.

WK9: Run run

It was a cold Winters day, the wonderful time of the year where everyone is stuck inside but me and my friends Bill, Billy, Bob and Joe.  After all the snowball fights Billy saw that there was other kids outside.  Bob went over to ask to play with us.  Bob went to tap the first kids shoulder but Bobs hand went straight through his shoulder we screamed and shouted for help and ran the whole way to my house and told my dad that there were ghosts outside.  My dad looked outside and all he saw was kids playing outside,  where what we saw was ghosts.

WK8: Trick Or Treat

On Tuesday me and all my friends celebrated Halloween.  First we went trick or treating and afterwards we went to my friend Rudi’s house.  We helped light a bonfire and set off fireworks.  When we put some sticks in the bonfire it sent up a huge flame.  We sat around it and told scary stories and roasted marshmallows.  Some of the stories were very scary like Zombies, Skeletons and Witches swimming in our lake. Later on we set off the fireworks and the colours were amazing, red, blue, green, yellow and white shot up in the air.  I would love to do it all again tomorrow.

WK7: Room swap

As the door slammed,  I knew there was trouble in the air my sister had just come in.  Please don’t tell her but I took her pram and doll.  You may ask why I took them   The story began a year ago when she took my play station four and we kept on stealing from each other.  I would take her diary and she would take my match attacks. We have hidden them from each other until now because now my room have turned into my sisters room and my sisters room has turned into my room and that’s when we swapped room and started again.

WK6: Ophelia come’s to Ireland

The 16th of October was  the day when Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland.   It was the worst storm ever in Ireland since 1961.   Met Eireann tracked it from where it formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Through out the storm there were lots of wind, rain,floods and fallen trees. There was a Red Alert for all of Ireland for the day. It was very rare as Ireland never had a Red Alert before.  The storm lasted a full day, it hit the South of Ireland first and went the whole way through the country.  Hopefully Ireland will never get a storm like that again.

my thing

I have it ever since I was born.   You can’t see it but you can hear it.   I have it since the 17th of June 2007.   My mam and dad gave it to me.  Not everybody knows it but I can tell them what it is.   My friends do not know it that long but my family know it for longer than they do.   It is used to get my attention. Some people have the same as me but they are not the same as me.   Mine is very special to me and I will have it until the day I die.

Wk 4: Izzy and the nuts

Once was a dog named Izzy,  Izzy was no ordinary dog, she was a secret agent. Oh and the dog is wearing glasses but they are special glasses they were spy glasses.Izzy was trying to find Doctor Nutty the evil squirrel who lived in a secret bunker under the trees in the park. Doctor Nutty wants to control all the squirrels in the world by stealing all the nuts he can find. Izzy searched everywhere in the park and by using her x ray glasses she found the secret bunker and the millions of nuts that he had stolen. She looked for Doctor Nutty but he was nowhere to be found maybe she can capture him another day?

The Professors Adventure

Professor Fancypants had the most difficult job to find the rare purple crocodile.  To find this crocodile you have to make your way through the twisted forest, then you have to climb up and down the up and down mountain. Finally you’ll reach the dangerous swamps of crocodile rocks.  The professor spent many days and and many nights searching for this crocodile but still no luck.  He was a tired and miserable professor at this stage.  As Fancypants was about to give up he heard a rusting sound in the bush next to him, could this be the rare purple crocodile ?……

The Ghost House

It was Halloween night me and my friends Jake, Kayden and Bob went on a massive trick or treating hunt. We got so many sweets that our buckets were overloaded. We needed somewhere quiet to stuff our faces with sweets and chocolate. Kayden suggested to go to the abandoned house near the graveyard. As we walked in the floorboards creaked and we looked at each other with fear but we still continued on. We had just settled down to eat our sweets when we heard glass break and a loud scream . The lads turned around laughing because the scream had come from me.

The journey you’ll never forget

It was April 15th 1912 when the Titanic began it’s great journey.   The captain said “so what lies ahead of us in this vast Atlantic Ocean”.   As they set sail from Cobh, little did they know that a  gaint iceberg was silently waiting for them.  ” Women and children first “yelled the captain as the chaos built all around him.  People  screamed and cried as they made their way to the lifeboats in hope they would be rescued.   The water was beginning to fill up in the ship as the captain watched the madness.   The lifeboats filled up as the band played on.