It was a misty Halloween me and my friends Jhon Kean and Jake went trick or treating. We came  up to a creepy graveyard and behind it the most  frightening house in the neighbourhood  of mr Burke. Mr Burke lived in the old house of mr Cunningham his grave was in the graveyard we walked up to the house to get are delicious treats. There was a please take one bucket and We got pushed in by emm I don’t know what but we ended in the crimson red hallway. We frantically ran for the door. We shouted as loud as we could what is that ahhhhhhhhhh ………

Wk19 The creature

I looked up there was a black liquid in the drainpipe. It is a creature that can travel quick by turning into a black liquid. I ran for my life. It came down the drainpipe after me. I found a shed to hide in but the creature evolved into his strongest form. I stood back to the end of the shed and it broke the door down . l found a sharp object and stabbed the creature but nothing happend. It charged at me I ran through it’s legs and bulleted down the street. I think I lost it Waaaaaaaaaaa. “Wow that was a dream I thought it was real”.

Wk18 Aliens turned to stone

One day a UFO flue over my head it had a weird letter on it, it looked like a Chinese signal. A flashing green and blue light fell from the UFO. 3 Aliens suddenly appeared and they had a gun to turn people into stone. They started to take over the world all the armies got tanks guns shields and whatever you use to stop an alien. I saw a gun on the ground next to a injured soldier he told me to mind myself and said ” this is like their guns it will freeze them make sure you hit them” I will. I went up to the aliens and I shot them and everybody turned back to normal

WK16: Hand Invaders

It was a normal Sunday evening and my dog started barking. I looked up to the sky and I saw a object flying above me. I was scared but curious what it was, a weird looking hand. “I have a message for all humans, I am one of 100 million of hand creatures if you do not bow down to our king Handkra we will execute every human in the world “. I thought this was a dream but no no no it was the start of a war between the humans and the hand creatures, cause someone refused to bow to the king. The war went on for 20 days but the humans won the war

WK15: Time Travel

In the beginning there was darkness it was silent. BANG CRASH. I woke up confused, what was going on. There was a flashing object. I thought it was a U F O but obviously it was not. ”I am just being silly”. I looked closer I cannot believe it is a time travel device. I took it back inside I did not know what to do. I screamed because I was getting sucked into a different dimension. Where am I. I am in 2005 and in Istanbul. OH I have a ticket to a football match it was he champions league final my team Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties

WK12: The Magical Battery

I ate a sandwich but I didn’t now what was in it. Oh my god. The magical battery. The magical battery is a battery that opens the magical vault. People say that if you find it you can keep what is in it. I hurried out of the house and head to the bank. I got to the bank and went up to the counter the man at the counter was so energetic he screamed at the top of his lungs. The man showed me the secret safe. I had to put in a code on a white control pannel. My mouth dropped there is so much money.

WK11: The Scariest Night Ever

There is this weird statue in the park. But people didn’t know the mysterious tale of this statue.

The statue would mysteriously move around but as soon dawn breaks it turns back into a statue. 2 kids were outside at night in the park bulling a little boy. The statue was just waking  up from his slumber.

The bullies ran away but the boy stood still. ” I am not scared of you” said the boy. The statue screamed and the boy ran away.

The monster went on a rampage  destroying cars trees and even knocking down a school. Everybody found out about the statue by throwing it in acid the end.

WK10: Jim and Ryan the robbers

One day I was walking to the shop. I got a big shock. The shop was getting robbed. Jim and Ryan the robbers were stealing all the money. The robbers had a gun. I was scared.

2 weeks ago the robbers robbed the bank. But now they didn’t want the money, they wanted the diamond that was worth 100 billion Euro.

“Yes we got it we are the richest men ever” said Ryan. “But where would we hide it all” said Jim. “Just in case we get caught your right. We could hide it in our super base,” sound good let’s hide it now”.

WK9: Ghost’s down town

One day I was shopping down town. I felt a shiver  down my spine going into the first shop. I thought I was seeing things moving around. I saw some red glasses I put them on. OH MY GOD. I see ghosts but they couldn’t see me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My mum was wondering why I was screaming. I gave her the glasses. She let out the loudest scream ever. We got kicked out of the shop. I was terrified and my mum said we need to call someone. How about the MAA stands for mysterious actions association hopefully they will believe us.

WK7: The Haunted House

Personally I am terrified of haunted houses. My friend Josh invited me to the night time showing in the haunted house. It is way scarier then the day time one. We went inside slowly. I was very scared. My heart was racing. The sweat was rolling down my brow.  We walked into the first room slowly. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I was frozen to the spot. I went to scream but no words would come out. As the door slammed I knew there was no way out.‎

WK6: Hurricane Ophilia

On the 16th of October a hurricane hit Ireland. It was a red alert. The country came to a standstill. It was called hurricane Ophilia. People were urged to stay inside. Three lives were lost. The power lines were down. JUST IN. A man in his late sixties was video recording in his local park when a strong gust of wind picked him up. He ended up in a very deep bog. Someone saw this from their bedroom window and called 999. It was a struggle but the man got out thanks to the girl who called 999. That is the end of the news on the hurricane Ophilia.

The Blues

You can wear it. I got it for my birthday. I wore it at home and away match’s. When we won a match I would go to bed in it. I wore it with pride. If I lost it I would cry. I got picture’s in it with the players. I also got it signed by some of the players on the back of it. I was  especially happy when we won the league  and when Waterford FC was crowned champions of the Irish first division. I even got the owner of the club to sign it. It means the world to me.

Wk4: The animal play

One day a animal trainer had an idea. He made a play about animals doing funny stuff. A cat had a hat. The horse had a scarf and the dog was wearing glasses. A rabbit had a knife but it was fake.The play was very funny and scarry . The amazing dog done a backflip. After he had to fight a evil villain Rabbit The Crazy . It was very tiering jumping from roof to roof. The dog had a chance to save the beautiful hourse and cat. The amazing dog got Rabbit The crazy on the ground. The curtains went down the crowd were on there feet.

Crocodile madness

A professor had a difficult task. He had to make a potion. He made a potion to make a crocodile change colour. The professor wanted to change the crocodile’s skin purple. The crocodile twisted and turned. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. The crocodile escaped and broke out of the lab and went into the town. Everybody was told to evacuate to their roofs as the crocodile could not climb stairs. The potion made the crocodile very strong. The crocodile was eventually captured and put in the zoo so everybody could visit the crazy purple crocodile .The professor never tried that experiment again.

The big spillage

One day a man was driving down the road in a slurry truck. As the truck came into a village the villagers noticed a bad smell coming from the truck. When the truck was coming to the bridge in the village ,it went out of control and crashed off the bridge and into the river emptying the slurry into the water .The river was now polluted and the villagers could not drink from it . The villagers had to work together to clean up the spill and decided not to leave trucks drive through the village anymore.Image result for slurry truck crash bridgeA valuable lesson was learned that day.

The fun house

There once was a boy named John. He likes the Fun house at the amusements. So What lies ahead of John’s adventure in the fun house.      ” I like all the rides at the amusements” said John. ” Can I go in the Fun house ” asked John, yes said his mother. John had to go up wobbly stairs and swing across a hole. There was a pool of water he had to swim across. But John is not the best swimmer. He was scared but he did it. John was so happy he made it across. He woke up and was not happy because it was a dream.