Week 17 Apple city

Once upon a time there was a thing called Billy .   One day one I guess they’re cheap from the firm and the family will be hundred euro.  What do you want me to send it to from them.   But how could she  disappear  and people would of went find any but she never turned up so would they can only seem to go get the army to find her .  So they had this fella got up and find she found some sheep and a dead body a brother back to the hospital or a fixed DM

Week 3 The match

It was  July 11  Liverpool vs  Chelsea FA Cup finalrl in the first half 0-0  Sala had a ball he was  run me up the wing   He passed  mane  seconds later Gary Cahill saying all that I need and he and he slightly Apple Mac man I am man is in and he got very passionate man he’s in hospital it was one name is Chelsea at 10 PM and then I don’t mean your lace over the ball and he lost the ball it was it was it it was all it was a sad day he came back  he said he fell backwards