Week 4 the huge boat

Once apon a time there was a boy named John and he was going on a holiday to France.He was very exited.He was on a beautiful boat overnight. He had never been on a boat before. When he got to the boat he unpacked some stuff when it just wouldn’t take off . The boats fuel was empty. They had gone out to sea with no fuel they were stranded on a huge boat in the middle of the ocean. They would never come back to land again they would not survive without food. They were all doomed.         The End

Week 1 – Framed

Once in 2429 Jim and Bill (the robots)were just hovering along and suddenly two FBI agents started talking to them on hologram mode and told them to stay where they are,and so they did they waited for two hours and then they got hungry and ordered dominos pizza and then the FBI agents took them to jail but what did they do nothing there arch enemy’s billy and jimmy framed them for robbing mc Donald’s Jim and Bill decided that they would break out and so they did and they finished there dominoes but the FBI agents knew that they would break out so they covered them in quick dry cement while Jim was giving Bill the last napkin