Wk29 The haunted church

I was going into a church . But i forgot it was well a bit hunted,it was misty and….I bumped in to a BIG grave. I was frantically scared.  But I saw a black figure it had a….a…..a…STAFF!.i was running I was shouted so loud. I ran and ran but the figure it was glowing crimson. There was a grave WITH…MY….NAME ahhhhhhhhhh!  But it was really. My teacher, he gave out to me but will I die here or suffer here ten more hours left I must run now it was like I got followed by the black figure

Wk 18 the stone people

On the first day on earth . Stone people were alive then .  You would see them everywhere but.  There is only there left in the world. So you would see one in your life time.  You would like to be a stone person right. Ok let’s start with close your eyes next spin around and fall.  Then u should fell u can’t move .  But open your eyes and it’s so different . Talk say a word .  Now you fell for my trap haha. I will make a lot of money. Hahahaha  u be my first victim and bye bye see ya.

Wk16 the hero hand

Hi I’m Zag the hand . I was waking to the ring store cause my ring got damage. When I handed over my ring. The shopkeeper said u did a…. Boom a thief went and snatched my ring. I was surprised that he came out of nowhere.  So I went home. I put  a Manley face on.   And my costume. And I go to the bank .    So as I waked past some houses …..I saw the thief he had the ring I jumped on his house. I go through the window I see the ring and I get a ……

WK11: The candle maker

On one night as people are in bed. and us going to the camp we said to each other. Let go into a scary house, ( and I said let’s go to the candle maker shop.I heard….there is thing that goes around). Two minutes later.  We are here I said .(We took out are flashlights). I opened the door .We saw a mist of something.  I was like what ever to the guys,. And we hear a ,glass break: . And we saw my friend body was like a mist.  And we looked and I saw . The black thing it was coming and the door was locked .And  we were goners.

Wk10 Robber fish and fish

On one day as  any  other day but this was no other day . We had to go on a tour with …..are class. I hate my class. they are so annoying they …shout .And speak out loud .And run around .But one day there were quite.I took a glance around. The class room we had to bring up the money…an…hour…..later.we are here at the bank…..   .   .     .   Ok I don’t now what happened as this happened we saw a thief . It was . Robber and mr fish. And they had two sacks money and……they said but where would we hide it all as they said and we had too go back

Wk9 a mist of SOMETHING!!!!!!

One day me  and my family we going to the night time shopping. I got dressed nicely it was night……..time now and we got ready as the door slammed I.knew I forgot my money that was on the table I said open the door!. Some time later we headed to the night shopping it was so beautiful there some fireworks. And lights I had a hundred bucks I felt something go through me I thought it’s was just some mist but how cares . Then when the lights were on I saw a ghost!!!!!  I said to mom can we go please. and she said ok then . And ………. we’ll I got and I went to my room and went to bed!!!! Continue reading “Wk9 a mist of SOMETHING!!!!!!”

Wk7. Me as a cat

Hi I’m alekss and I’m going to the pet shop to get a pet. and my mom said that I’m  getting one pet I .was getting  ready to go and I was excited to get a pet. And as the door slammed,I knew that I forgot to get. My money and I asked my mom to open the door. We are here 5mins later. I got a cat his name was mr spot. And we got home I left him at home . And I was cat i was scared and I woke up and it was a bad dream ahh. Continue reading “Wk7. Me as a cat”

Wk6 the attack

Hi Im alekss. we all have read the latest news so today we are going to someone’s house. And people said something happened . But let’s find out . And we are here and there were police and some news vans so some people said he was running because he saw a moving object. And he tripped over a bottle and fell into a pond. We went to were he fell into and it looked allful and the police thought the moving object throw something like a bottle on the ground and he fell over and into the pond police said and bye.

wke 5my thing

5 months ago something happen and it was bad . We saw some thing bad and heart broken and heart break someone too.and this thing has 4 legs it a family pet we all loved him so much that we were hard to go through the circule but we did are best and he always jump on me and he loved a walk but we can’t now . Because he is dead but we got a new one so we are happy to have one and he so cute and he is black we are back in a circle of life

The portal

on one rainey day. There was a scienctist trying to build a portal to purple world but it was a Difficult taske so he asked for help it took 2 days to do it.all the helpers saw a purple world over in the other side.so my helpers put there suits on so they won’t go into bits and I went to it was like a twisted thing we landed on the ground. there were so many things I never saw animals there were things paintings AND THERE WAS CROCODILE it looked nice well no and the portal was closing and I was lost and THE END

A bomb of bulb

One day there was a bomb. I was going to the statue but I saw a plane going into the bomb. I was scared to run because if you are near u are not to move so .I called Help please but the plane near but someone saw me but they said we have to destroy the bomb so I was scared but the plane was a A TOY PLANE everyone was happy it was not a real plane but I was out so I had to open a shop so I did well THE END

Ahh its a …..shoe?

One day. I was going thorough this Dark tunnel when I saw a shoe it looked cool.then I picked up the shoe I was wonder who left this here.so I went through 10miles. After 5miles I heard a noise.but there was nothing here.then I saw the shoe it had theth scary eyes so,what lies ahead of this shoe I ran and dropped the shoe and it and legs comeing for me.I was in light the shoe went back in the dark tunnel and then I put a signe and do not pick up shoe well the end?