WK:30 The time paintbrush

I was at home reading a book as my mum told me to come downstairs. I said what happened now my mum said a delivery came when did it arrive I said? My mum told me the story there was a knock on the door your dad opened it a strange man said this parcel was for you I said ok. The next day I opened it . It was a boring paintbrush my mom and dad were going to a party my childminder Jen had to take care of in the night we heard glass break. Downstairs we took weapons I took my paintbrush and we attacked my paintbrush glowed and said say go back in time and I changed time!!!!!

Wk:29 The end of the world or is it

The world was coming to an end because of the soul stealer a girl called zia was running frantically to find some where to hid. From the soul stealer from stealing her soul  but the soul stealer had wings and he was very fast and caught up to zia and stole her soul after he stole zia’s soul the soul stealer shouted with laughter when zia woke up her eyes were misty all she saw was skull person and loads of them having party’s when she got up she saw  a crimson skull and went to the skull she said she had to go back to the earth the skull but she needed the life soul to be continued…..

WK:18 The Sacrifice

Once apon a time a evil lady called Medusa ruled the world who ever didn’t listen to her will turn to stone she lived in a castle of stone and the people lived in a village of stone sorrunding .Medusa ‘s castle. But three people never listened to her there names were Alex, Mia,and sally. They always steal food and make trouble so Medusa had a plan freeze them to stone so she kidnapped them alex said”that we must escape so they did but Mia stayed to look at Medusa’s snake hair and turned into stone so did sally and Alex but it didn’t go to vain.

WK:15 The crystal collector

In the beginning Mia hated crystal now she loves them it was on her birthday she got a present from her mother and father it was collection box she had to collect crystals she loved it. The next day she went to the cave beside her house  she saw lots of crystal like amyethsts jaspers and pearls in the cave water she collected them she saw a diamond a pink diamond she was so happy.

WK12: The magical Christmas

I hated Christmas so much until this day I was in my room getting away from the Christmas party my mum came to my room and was talking to me she said that why don’t you like the Christmas party because of the person who Santa Claus! . Go down stairs and get a leftover sandwich I said NO and I hurried back to bed something opened the door it was an energetic snowman lets go I saw a me celebrating Christmas I was so angry that I went back to bed and had but I wasn’t angry any more I was happy!!

WK11: The mythical book

There was a book that was protected by a myth monk it was a book that special people go in everyone wanted the power inside the book was myths about monsters and magical people. A cadet who was in training had a task to  bring back the mythical book for the highest museum she saw a monk that was protecting the book. He saw her and attacked! The cadet he used he’s powers to suck her in. The cadet saw mythical monsters and the monk! He said what mistake I made! He brought the cadet back and hide him and the book to a different location?

WK10: The Insects Who Steal Money

There was insects who like stealing money from big people banks aka humans the insects call them that because they talk so loud!! The name of the insects who like stealing money are Jess the butterfly and Mike the dragonfly they are the most wanted but people don’t no what they look like today they are going to steal money from the highest bank in Ireland  Mike said that were going to get some money yay said Jess let’s go said Mike they made it there let’s go in they got the money but where would we hide it all said Jess while they were thinking a cadet in training saw them with the money she captured them for good



WK:9 The time travel

It was Monday a really scary day for the human race the alien apocalypse was all over the world many people ran for there lives as some others waited for the aliens to take them to capture them. Me and my friends jack the inventor Amy the healer and me the speedy time traveler we found a secret base in an army base we were trying to stop the disaster from happening so I decided to go back in time Amy used her healing powers before I went jack used his inventing powers I’m ready so I accidentally went to a ghost world to be coutinued



Wk:7 My mum scared me

Today I was at home using my phone and my mom and my brother’s went out of the house with out telling me because I was to busy using my phone. I was watching youtube then I heard the door shut Frist I jumped of my bed with a fright I looked out my window and saw my mom my brothers going in the car and driving off then I saw someone with a mask I quickly went under my bed but I forgot to lock the door. As the door slammed I knew she was in my house I heard climbing up the stairs the mask person opened my door and revealed her face it was…. My mum!!!

WK:6 The boy who got pulled in

Breaking news some people found a boy unconscious in the water some people said that he slipped others said he got pulled in the police are investigating what happened to the poor boy. Finally the police found a lead on something some diver men found a doplihin swimming in the pond the divers were amazed but why did the dolphin pull the boy into the pond after that the police went to the and asked the boy what happened so the boy told the police that while he was walking he saw a figure swimming so he went up to him and pulled in the police are still investigating

WK5 Have you guess it yet

I keep lots of secrets in it about school and even about my adventures it is kind of book everyone keeps there secrets in it . Have you guess it yet no you haven’t lets keep on going this is a book about your self and everyone you met. You can write about people you hate and write about people you like or something good happening around you and sometimes your personal stuff.you can write about your favourite thing in the world and the bad thing you hate in the world so have you guess it yet

Wk4 roro the robot dog

Once there was an origination of dogs who make potions to transform ever animal to robots.There was a dog wearing a jumper and the dog was wearing glasses nobody know what that dog was doing here so tru the boss asked security to capture the dog that nobody know he’s name or where he. Came from so security chase to the pool of blue pool of the potion he jumped in the pool of robot transformation. Two years later the dog finally got out of the blue pool of the potion he wasn’t an normal dog an more he was a robot dog by the way he’s name was roro the boss tru asked him do  want to go on a mission to be continued…

The robot animal adventure the lost bulb

The army commander said that microp has hatch another plan to destroy the factory. Send in the animal force to defeat microp said the commander. Meanwhile in microp black panthom the leader was talking about a mysterious bulb with lots of aliens in it that’s going to crash on tectonic where everybody lives we have to capture it before it lands on tectonic fire up the spaceship wu ha ha ha. We have to stop microp before they let’s go said the dragon wait stop them we know that said the tiger but this is serious the are going to capture the bulb full of good aliens they are trying to make them evil let’s go said black   panthom