WK:19 Training to be a sword master

Hi my name is Connie and this is how I be came a sword master. It was when  Steven saw how good I was with a sword . I said it was nothing but Steven is very stubborn I have any idea said Steven ask pearl I saw her go to this magic sewers it came down drainpipe I said what swords! so ask her. so me steven went to pearl she said are you sure I said yes we went to the floating arena were I trained day and night pearl said that’s all I can teach your official a sword master yes I said. Steven came with a rose coloured sword he said I earned this yes I did.

WK:16 Mutant gem hand

Hi I’m Zoey and I love gems I have a gem on my chest it’s a rainbow quartz. I went to the gem cave it’s where an ancient rose quartz statue was laid. My dad took me there on my birthday I had a mission to stop a mutant gem hand it use to be a gem like me and other gems around the world. But the apaite gem fell into a radio active pool and now he’s a mutant. So I was off he’s in a lab trying  to get a diamond I used my axe to poof him it did not work he broke the glass and was off with the diamond I promised that I will catch him.

WK10: The Insects Who Steal Money

There was insects who like stealing money from big people banks aka humans the insects call them that because they talk so loud!! The name of the insects who like stealing money are Jess the butterfly and Mike the dragonfly they are the most wanted but people don’t no what they look like today they are going to steal money from the highest bank in Ireland  Mike said that were going to get some money yay said Jess let’s go said Mike they made it there let’s go in they got the money but where would we hide it all said Jess while they were thinking a cadet in training saw them with the money she captured them for good



WK8: The Lucky Charm Ring

While I was walking through the forest I saw a ring in a tree it looked magical so I picked it up and I put it on my finger I felt a wave of energy go around in the forest it was purple the. next day in school I wished that the whole class went swimming my teacher said that where going under water as an joke the whole class celebrated when I got home I saw a flame of fire outside I wished that the fire went a  when I turned back it was gone then I saw a misteryous figure wearing a white cloak it came closer.

Kid normal

hi my name is mike and I always move houes because my mom always gets new jobs.This all happened cause my dad had an car accident.so everybody knows that if you move houses you will have a new school well I had loads of schools it is difficult for me to fit in but for my brother it’s so easy since he’s in college he doesn’t have to move college. I have to go to a new school tomorrow the next day my mom  woke me up so I went to use the toilet but my mom who twisted and angry. We drove to school mean professor croc  who was a villain hafe crocodile wearing a purple suit this going to be fun ha ha

The robot animal adventure

In a factory far away animal robots were made for the army . While making the animal they were attacked by microp company the evil side.So the factory workers and the army decide to make five elite animal robots to defeat the microp company . So they made a dragon tiger horse goat rabbit after finishing the robots they test them and they worked so they went on the mission lets go said the said the dragon what lies ahead of us we must know