WK10 Another World

Come here: I want to take you somewhere. “Where?” you ask. To the world of Oz but not the one you’ve heard of. In this one Dorothy is a gorilla, a pretty gorilla.

“Where am I?” Dorothy exclaimed. “You’re in the world of Oz, dumbo,” said a little mouse. “I wanna go home,” cried Dorothy. “If you wanna get hom you gotta follow the yellow brick road,” snarled the little mouse. So she started running over the yellow bricks. She met a banana on the way; her primal gorilla instincts kicked in and she devoured it. The banana’s name was Bob. R.I.P Bob.

The End

Wk5 The Door!

I woke up with start. I looked past my feet to see a shadowy figure in the corner of my room. They began to speak but before they could finish I sprang out of bed and ran to my parents room. But he was in my parents room as well! I checked my sisters room, but he was in there too! It seemed like every door I opened he was there. To further prove my theory I opened every single door in the house except for one. I wondered what was behind the door only I didn’t. I opened the door and there was nothing behind it. This would be a good thing in this scenario but the door was the fridge door! DUN DUN DUUN!

WK2-Gator’s Grub

Mr.Principal invited all the teachers (including my teacher Mr.Teacher) to a night out in celebration of a happy new year, at Gator’s Grub. After the meal… Mr.Otherteacher asked, “What is this special steak made out of, my good sir?” “It’s made out of alligator meat,” the waiter  said casually as if it was normal to eat alligator meat. Mrs.Femaleteacher shrieked and broke her glass, spilling juice all over the mauve tablecloth. Therefore everybody started screaming; Mr.Teacher thought to himself,”This is a tricky situation.” So he climbed onto the table and screamed “STOP!!” So he could save himself the embarrassment of screaming teachers. The End