“Dan was walking his yellow bicycle back home from his friend’s house.”Said Dave to all his friends, they were in a circle listening to his story.”He was one block away from the door when he heard footsteps behind him, he turned around but no one was there.Dan looked around and saw a man wearing an executioner mask, he lifted up the mask and smiled greedily at him.Desperate to get away, Dan got on his bike and cycled home.Dan got to the door, turned around and saw a noose hanging on a branch.”Dave warned Danny to be careful.”Haha.”Said Danny.He left and walked his yellow bike home.

WK29 Stupid hero

There once was a man called Dave he had a cat which was crimson red due to a disease called red atitis. When Dave was he kid he always wanted to be a superhero he forgot that tho. But one day his brother Larry found his drawing that he drew when he was a kid. When he did he shouted NO WAY! So what he did was he made the suit that he drew and called himself Paper Bag Man or pbm. And one day he tried to save a women who was getting robbed so he jumped in and he was in grave danger but it was misty so he was searching frantically and he got beat up so he is now instead of super hero he’s a stupid hero.

WK17 The mans dream which is not a dream

One day someone found a snake he was red but that snake could talk but then the man went home and thought wow I must be dreaming. He got home and his clock was acting all weird it had letters instead of numbers .  The  man outside had cycled to work but he never walks or cycles he uses his car. But  anyway before he met the snake he heard his grandfather say “reach out” but he was watching a film a good series but it was strange and he fell asleep and started to dream but it wasn’t a dream . But  he could move stuff without using his hand sound familiar.

WK16 The handless haunter

Once there was a man who was nice and funny and had a great life his name was Jeffo .Until one day a creepy looking man was behind him in his house “HI!” shouted the mysterious man “AH” Jeffo screamed in horror.”who are you” said Jeffo the man replied taking off his robe “I am your father” uhhhhhh ok “just kidding “. And boom the man pulled off Jeffo’s hand AHH everyone heard in the neighbourhood. And Jeffo became the handless haunter he pulled off everyone’s hand he came across and someone asked him hey can I have a hand Jeffo gave him a very cold stare and pulled off his other arm “there you go” said Jeffo eh thanks said the man.

WK15 Why people like Star Wars

Warning this story contains spoilers for Star Wars. Star Wars is a triligy with well none characters like darth Vader and Luke sky walker and a well none droid R2 D2 and c3po.Star Wars has 8 movies the most watched is Star Wars a new hope when Luke meets yoda. Yoda   trains Luke he told Luke there is no try there is do.And Star Wars Jedi and dark lords have the force and lightsabers. And there was clone wars and revenge of the sith but they are all the old movies today we have force awakens and last Jedi where we meet Rey Finn and Poe. Poe is famous for his droid bb8 a bb unit just like bb9e.And may the force be with you always . And in the beginning was phantom menace

WK12 The energetic sandwich

Hi I’m sandwich I’m very energetic I love the colour white.I eat a battery every day this is a story about my life enjoy.One day I was at a shop that was getting robbed I didn’t know what to do so I hurried to the exit and yes I can talk and run crazy right anyway back to the story.The robbers were Donald trump and mr.pencil wow he’s hated big time in this town.They stole hahaha a calendar hahaha pathetic idiots.And I made it back to the bakery where I was made and I saw my siblings and family and ran for 3 hours a day I’m sooo energetic.

WK11: The creeps

Have you ever see something strange in the dark I have.The one I saw was in a robe or was it.There was two of them the slowly hovered to wards me.They say “help us” and I say “with what” he’s a monster they both say.Im puzzled they say ” look behind you” “emmm ok” AGH


.” Who’s that” “that’s you they both say” no it’s not yes it is well then does he like mayomaise “no” ok emmmm.But he’s moving towards me why.”RUN!” what I ask them “JUST RUN”! OK OK OMG.I need help he says i say with what “there’s a monster in front of me” my eyes up very wide he whispers “I need help”.

WK10 Sneaky onion

One day onion was walking through the park thinking I need money my family is sad get it.Now this onion was special he’s a talking onion he can walk and grab things.Now he’s thinking I should rob a bank.So he gets his gear from home “I’m ready” he says.So he got to the bank and through the air vents he goes past the security gaurds.And drills through the safe and takes 100,000 dollars.He goes home safely without being cought.He thinks to himself the money but where would I hide it all.”AGH the pigs yup pigs can fly get it the helicopters and he was arrested

WK9 Inhuman town

In a galaxy far far away now before you think of Star Wars it’s not ok.This is Inhuman town as you can tell they are all inhumans.I am in Inhuman town my name is Satan.There is lots of lights and buildings here it’s a fun place.But there is a myth it’s a ghost it’s the ghost of Twan Killer.He haunts Inhuman town.He has been spotted a few times I saw him once it was at the edge of the town were weak inhumans get thrown off.We have an army but you have to be strong like really strong because we get attacked by humans.This town is known as a myth.

WK7 The alien invasion

One day I was in my house just chilling and suddenly as the door slammed,I knew there was trouble.As I went over to the door there was aliens but very unusual aliens.As in really funny one was eating his feet they call them selfs Ogbog and Ogborg.”Get your feet out your mouth! shouts Ogbog.I ask them where did they come from they play smart and said somewhere.They tell me about themselves they are from Bordorclock a small planet like myself to be honest.I just can’t stop laughing at Ogborg he has his feet in his mouth again.”GET YOUR FEET OUT OF YOUR MOUTH Ogbog shouts.

WK6 Ireland news

There was something that happened on Monday the 16th of October storm Ophelia hit Ireland.Some houses were out of electricity and roofs blown of a stadium and Lidl.some people were killed by trees one tree fell on a car and killed one and three injured.A man was helping with the trees he was cutting down a tree and the chainsaw blew back at him and the tree fell on him.And storm Brian is coming to Ireland on Friday night.I hope nothing bad happens or any one gets killed.Good look on Saturday.

WK5 my favourite friend

I got my favourite thing in comic con it is in a horror movie. I have had it for three years now and it is in my room on my shelf. It cost loads of money but it was worth it. It was used by Michael Myers it’s made of aliminum and leather. And used by Jason voorhees it’s good for cutting stuff but it’s huge and you might want to be careful with it.I have it in a glass cage so no one can get it. I keep it shiny all the time because it’s so special to me.

Week 4: doggo and friends

Doggo loves his friends there is baba a sheep he was wearing a hat onion is an onion and the dog was wearing glasses. Doggo of course that’s his name they love going on adventures there favourite one is Doggo and friends the jungle animals. This story is Doggo and friends Sahara desert and onion hits a cactus yes onion can walk he is an onion with stick legs he is a magical onion. Anyway they meet a leader of a pyramid onion thinks it’s huge because he is tiny.And they learn about the pyramids.

Professor Crocodile

One day at a lab in America a syintest made a potion. The potion was to make you a crocodile. And he drank it and then he became Professor Crocodile. All his life he loved super villains so he said why not be one. And he destroyed all of America”hahaha no one can stop me says Professsor. “I’m twisted but I like it ohh a purple store.” Its very hard being a villain lets go somewhere to eat oh yeah there is none aghhh. So he went home and made another potion. What could the potion do.


Rainbow Man

It was a beautiful day. Jake and Logan were playing football. Jake accedently kicked the ball in a dark cave. “Really Jake says Logan. “Sorry says Jake. “I’ll go get it says Logan. He goes over for the ball. And he gets bit by a lepercorn.”ow says Logan. And Logan drops. Jake brings him home “mom mom crys Jake “what’s wrong says their mom. Logan is knocked out.”what happened says their mom. A few minutes later Logan wakes up and something amazing happens. He gets the power of rainbow. One day Jake and Logan were playing with Logan’s powers. And Logan kills Jake with his power.

Jason’s brother

It is a beautiful day. And James and Jason are playing in the grass. After a few minutes their mom calls.” We are going to the lake boys. They both say “I love the lake the lake says Jason.”me too says James. Jason has a secret the secret is he is the killer of the lake. He doesn’t want to tell his mother or brother his secret.”its time to play says James.”yay says Jason I love playing. “Lets jump in the crystal clear water. Now Jason has killed many and injured many. But Jason has not killed everyone and inured everyone. So who lies ahead of the other people

The Magic Man by Adam

Once there was a Magic Man named Julio. Julio was a very kind man and wanted to help the poor. He saw starving children on the streets and wanted to give them food and everything they needed to live. So since he was magic, he gave all the poor people food, water and a home. But there was one man didn’t get one thing. A magic burger. So the magic man gave him a magic burger and then the man was happy. But he couldn’t give everyone what they wanted. There are still people that are starving in the world and Julio couldn’t help them all. But remember it’s the small things that count.

The Horrible Restaurant by Adam

It was a lovely day so me and my family decided to go to a restaurant. It was only one star, but we said we’d give it a go anyway. We went in and it didn’t look that good. We sat down and a waiter came and asked”what would you like”. We said we’d like the chicken. “Ok” said the waiter. He came back with what looked like a load of rubbish. “EWWWW” said my sister. “It’s disgusting”. I just couldn’t eat something so revolting. We left straight away and never came back. We reported the restaurant because of its poor conditions.


The Titanic Ghost by Adam

When people were on the Titanic, they noticed something very strange. There were glasses,plates and all other things moving. Then suddenly they felt a tilt on the ship. THE SHIP WAS SINKING!!! Everyone was racing to life boats. But there were two people, who got there first, because they could walk through walls. They were ghosts! But the ghosts turned away from the life boats and flew into the sky.  People were absolutely terrified. They felt the ship sinking deeper and deeper. There was no hope of survival unless you were on a life boat. And to this day people think those ghosts made the ship sink.

The Magic Player by Adam

A brilliant player named Lionel Messi came into the footballing world as a young kid who’s dream was to play football/soccer. When he first played for Barcelona he wowed the crowed because of his brilliant foot work. Other players thought  he was very small, but how can something so tiny, compared to other players, run and skill players with such menace. And still today he shows his skill, pace and everything that a player would wish for. He battles for trophies against other good players like Ronaldo. So with a player like that , he has to be in the players hall of fame.

Canoe Race by Adam

Hi my is Daniel and I LOVE canoeing. It’s almost like a hobby. So one day I decided to join a canoeing club. When I joined the club it was the day of my first canoeing race,and everyone was getting ready for their race’s. When I was getting ready I turned around for a couple of minutes to talk to my friends. But what I didn’t know, was that somebody was sabotaging my canoe so it couldn’t float properly. This happened’s to me every year so that is why I am always last in every race I go to. But after a couple years I won my first title! 🙂

The Devil From Hell by Adam

One day God was very angry and wanted to take out his anger. So he looked for an area that wasn’t populated and therw a big huge rock. When it hit the ground the ground shook. And guess who felt it. THE DEVIL HIMSELF. He was so mad that he came up threw the ground. A big hand came first then the other. When his full body came up he threw the rock back at him. But nothing can match God so he blocked it and the Devil was so scared that ran away with fear. The Devil was never seen again.

Cat v.s Owner by Adam

Once there was a cat named Fluffy. He loved to eat. One day he decided to eat his owners lunch. When his owner came back all of his lunch,was no longer lunch it was crumbs.  So the owner was thinking about a plan to get back at the cat. He set up a trap with Fluffy’s favourite food,Tuna! The cat couldn’t resist,he ran to the tuna and BANG! The trap shut. But he was not trapped There was a hole! He escaped and the owner came to the trap and it was empty. Out of know where, the cat jumped on his face and started to hit him. The owner was left speechless after that.

The Ghost by Adam

It was a dark night in Pennsylvania,people were in their homes and it was silent. But a little boy named Jake was very curious. Jake had heard a ghost story about a haunted house down the road. So he decided to explore,(but not on his own of course.)He called his friend Jim. And off they went. They got to the house and went in. The lights were on.  But suddenly all the lights went out. Jim said, “it’s a GHOST”!!! Then they saw the ghost for themselves. They ran for their lives but the doors was locked and the boys were trapped and were never seen again.

Stop All Wars by Adam

It is horrible how people can fight for so many years. There are people that run away from home because people just can’t shake hands. There is one time of the year when everyone stops fighting. If we can do that for one day, we can do that for the rest of our lives. And it’s not just wars. It’s also children starving in different countries. So in 2017 I hope that all wars and people starving will stop. If we carry on the way we are doing now, we will never have peace. These poor people are giving there lives to end these wars, and it’s wonderful how nice people can be.

The Weird Egg by Adam

Once there was a boy called glob. He was an alien. Glob did not know his,alien dog,was having a baby. So they went to the hospital. But all they saw when she gave birth,was a rubix cube like egg. They were confused. But it was her baby so they had to keep it. They brought it into the house and put it on a table. They thought it would be ok,but as I turned round it changed shape. The egg hatched and a baby alien puppy was born. It was so slippery and slimy but it was still very cute

The Five Euro Note by Adam

Once there was a boy call Jim Bob. He was a very happy boy. One day when  walking with his friend Stan they found a five euro note.  They picked it up and carried on walking….but where were they going? They spent ages trying to think of the best way to spend their lucky money. Stan wanted to go to a sports shop and buy a football jersey but Jim Bob laughed and said “Jerseys are way more than a fiver”.  Jim Bob wanted to go to the corner shop and get loads of sweets. They got to the shop but they had spent so long deciding how to spend the money, the shop was closed. The boys would have to keep their money for another day.