The Super Good News by Bartek

Once upon a time I was in my bed and I got a call from someone.The person on the phone said that I won something very rare,and to know what it is I have to come to Richville.I was very lucky because I only moved to this city and I only knew few of the places here.I got dressed I took my key and I went to my car and went of there.I thought that it was a joke…..but there was actually people there standing there waiting for me. My face turned mauve in embarrassment.A man came over to me and said “congratulation you won a diamond carrot”I said to myself that’s weird but still a DIAMOND CARROT. I was tearful in exitment they put me understeel roof and they said you are in live news And I was like I dont care im rich.THE END.



3 thoughts on “The Super Good News by Bartek”

  1. Super story Bartek and I LOVE the name you’ve given to your fictitious town – Richville!!! I’d love to know why you won this extraordinary prize? Well done on highlighting the five prompt words too – makes it very easy for the reader to see them. Great work

  2. Do you know Bartek, I can actually see you standing there smiling saying that you’re rich and don’t care!!!! What a very nice surprise phone call to get. Keep up the great work!

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