Summer Holiday at zip it by DAN

when I was on summer I went to an adventure park. I went to a place in Dublin called zip it . It was a zip line place . There where lot of zip line going in different directions . There where different colours orange blue red white and green. The green was for 6 year old girls and boys white was the next stage it was about  12 feet in height. The first obstacle was the zip line into a net it was hard to get up on to the next stage . The other obstacle was called the never ending steps it was hard. and I thought well what a start .




3 thoughts on “Summer Holiday at zip it by DAN”

  1. Hi Dan.
    I loved your 100WC. I would love to go to Zip It. I love going on zip lines. It reminds me of a time when I went on a zip line in Tayto Park. It was great. Have you ever been there? Do you like zip lining? Well done again Dan.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork.

    1. Hi Dan
      I love this story even more than I love zip lining and I really enjoy zip lines. I was at zip it before as well but I went to Faran in Cork. Was there any orange zip lines because there were two of them at Faran.
      Bye. Liam,Mrs Boyce’s Class.??

  2. Well done on completing your first 100 Word Challenge, Dan! The never ending steps… that sounds like the stairs in my house when I get home after school!!!!! That zip line sounds like fun – although 12 feet high is probably a bit high for my liking! Good work, well done!

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