Stop All Wars by Adam

It is horrible how people can fight for so many years. There are people that run away from home because people just can’t shake hands. There is one time of the year when everyone stops fighting. If we can do that for one day, we can do that for the rest of our lives. And it’s not just wars. It’s also children starving in different countries. So in 2017 I hope that all wars and people starving will stop. If we carry on the way we are doing now, we will never have peace. These poor people are giving there lives to end these wars, and it’s wonderful how nice people can be.

2 thoughts on “Stop All Wars by Adam”

  1. That is SO true, Adam – people can do so much good and be so nice. When they want to be. I hope, like you, that people try to do good in 2017. Great story, well done!

  2. I have to agree with you Adam. There is a lot of good in people. It would be wonderful if the world was a peaceful and happy place. World hunger and War are huge issues that impact so many.

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