The Steel Carrot By Jack.M

There once was a boy,his name was Mike.Mike and his friends loved to play in the feilds.One day Mike’s friend,Jim scored a goal in football.This made him tearful as it was his first goal ever, he fell on the ground and hit something hard there were two of them.He picked them up.they looked like carrots.But they were shiny.The friends brought it to a lab to put them under exsamination.The scientist was wearing a mauve coloured jacket.He said the carrots were werth alot of money because it was steel.Jim got to choose who got the carrots because he was the one that found them.Jim got one and Mike got one.Mike sold his for $1000000.Jim kept his one.He passed it on for generations.

3 thoughts on “The Steel Carrot By Jack.M”

  1. Wow! That sure was a lot of dollars for a steel carrot. I’m not so sure if I’d have kept mine to pass onto the next generation! Great work and a good idea to highlight the prompt words too.

  2. Wow – that’s a lot of money to get for a steel carrot. I like the idea of passing one on through generations, imagine how much it would be worth then! Good work Jack, well done!

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