A Speech for Peaky by Eoin

Greetings humans of Earth,my name is Peaky and I am Great Britains first robot that was sent into space.I am currently about 35 kilometres in the air at the moment,and I got sent up in a box with a tracker and a camera,which is attached to a parachute and a giant balloon!The balloon attached to the box I was travelling was 1 kilometre wide,but the balloon has now expanded and is now 7 kilometres wide!I should be on my way down to Earth soon,and I’m so excited because I can’t wait to get home and meet you all!But untill then, I’ll see you soon!



3 thoughts on “A Speech for Peaky by Eoin”

  1. Hi Eoin. I like the way you outlined the journey that Peaky has taken. I’d love to know what kind of adventure Peaky had in Space.

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