Space sugar rush

In space were in galaxy hover in over the earth a weird space ship they were two close there getting sucked into the atmosphere the ship crashed in Ireland the county Waterford some one fond the smash ship it looks like sweet,s he took a bit he went on a huge sugar rush it was so bad he went to space he went ballistic he smash the moon in half  he was able to take a   Breat  he  he smash in to the earth then hi body was so hyper he went in to the earth core and he want in the lava and died

7 thoughts on “Space sugar rush”

  1. Bradley your story is so classic it’s funny I love your story it’s really cool hope you make really cool stories like this by Dylan

  2. I like your story but you should always remember to put your punctuation in the right place and I hope you write more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. Hi Bradley,
    I loved when he jumped into the lava.
    It reminds me of a movie that I watched last month I think,
    Is it going to happen again?
    Goodbye for now.
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

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