The Scary Day by Bartek

I was talking to my mam about an abandoned house down the street.The house was left there for 50 years and it still looked the same….And that was weird. The next day me and my other three friends Adam,Josh and Billy were at the house and for like 5 minutes we were arguing who’s gonna open the door.And Adam opened it.Downstairs was nothing but stairs.We went up the stairs and theres was several rooms,I don’t know how much because I was so scared I didn’t get to count.We went to the closest room and then it started.The door slammed shut I looked in front and behind which way?then something grabbed Adam I helped him out….I saw a window and we helped our selves out and ran home and acted like nothing happened.

5 thoughts on “The Scary Day by Bartek”

  1. I don’t think I could act like nothing happened after getting a fright like that Bartek! I’d stil be shaking!!! I’m glad that you all got out OK. Great work with your story this week, well done and keep it up! 🙂

  2. Well done on a super story this week. I think you used the prompt very well and described the interior of the house very well. It sure does sound spooky.

  3. Awesome and so cool I loved the description in all of its glory!!! Well done I loved the mystical feeling about the storyline:) 😉

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